ECE 331 -001/605 Spring 2014 Principles of Electrical Engineering

ECE 331 -001/605 Spring 2014
Principles of Electrical Engineering
Description: Concepts, units, and methods of analysis in electrical engineering. Analysis of
d-c and a-c circuits, characteristics of linear and non-linear electrical devices,
Prerequisites: MA 241, PY 208
Section 001: M/W 3:50 – 5:05 pm (Hunt Library Auditorium)
Section 605: M/W 11:05-12:20 pm (Online)
Dr. Elena N Veety
phone: 919-513-0178
e-mail: [email protected] (preferred method of contact)
Office hours: M/W before or after class, or by appointment.
Web page:
TBA, Location: 1029 EBII
Electrical Engineering: Principles and Applications, Allan R. Hambley,
Prentice Hall, 6th Ed/2011, ISBN: 0-13-213006-8
Sections covered: (in approximate order as they will be covered in class):
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Resistive Circuits (2.1-2.7)
Chapter 14 Operational Amplifiers (14.1.-14.4)
Chapter 3 Inductance and Capacitance (3.1-3.5)
Chapter 4 Transients (4.1-4.4)
Chapter 14 Operational Amplifiers (14.9)
Appendix A Complex numbers
Chapter 5 Steady-State Sinusoidal Analysis (5.1-5.5, 5.7)
Chapter 6 Frequency Response (6.1-6.3, 6.5-6.9)
Chapter 15 Magnetic Circuits, Ideal Transformer (15.3, 15.5)
Chapter 10 Diodes (10.1, 10.3, 10.4, 10.6, 10.7)
Chapter 7 Logic Circuits (7.1-7.3)
Chapter 16 DC motors (16.1)
Chapter 17 AC motors (17.1)
Chapter 12 , 13 Transistors (12.1, 12.7, 13.1-13.2)
Homework 10%
Quizzes 60%
Final Exam 30%
Important Dates:
• First day of class: Jan 6
• Last Day to drop w/out grade: Mar 3
• Last day of class: Apr 23
Homework and Quiz Policies:
• Homework (10) See schedule
• Quizzes (5) See schedule
• Email and class web page will be used to make announcements. The web page has
the syllabus, calendar, useful weblinks, assignments, and access to your homework
assignments and grades.
• Turn in completed homework at the beginning of class on due date. No late
homework will be accepted. UNITS are VERY important - please keep them in all
calculations, show all work - box answers, put name/class/assignment on every
• The lowest homework grade will be dropped.
• Five quizzes consisting of 2-3 problems will be given throughout the semester. The
lowest quiz grade will be dropped.
• Late or Missing Assignments/Quizzes Policy: There will be NO make-up quizzes,
and NO late homework will be accepted, except in cases of documented,
university-approved excuses. Documented excuses must be brought to the
instructor’s attention in a timely manner. In case of anticipated absences, HW may
be turned in early.
• Solutions for the homeworks/quizzes will be accessible on the web.
Accommodations For Disabilities
• Reasonable accommodations will be made for students with verifiable disabilities.
In order to take advantage of available accommodations, students must register
with Disability Services for Students at 1900 Student Health Center, Campus Box
7509, 515-7653.
• For more information on NC State's policy on working with students with
disabilities, please see
Academic Integrity
• All the provisions of the code of academic integrity apply to this course.
• In addition, it is my understanding and expectation that your signature on any
Exam or Quiz means that you neither gave nor received unauthorized aid.
• Note: Collaboration on homeowrk assignments (only) is encouraged. HOWEVER,
plagiarism/cheating will not be tolerated. You are expected to understand and
complete your own assignment, even though you may have discussed your
approach or solution with your classmates.
Audit and Credit Only Policy
• University policy will be followed for students taking the class for Audit or Credit
Only. In short, a C- or higher final grade is required to receive credit.
Please send email or use office hours if you are confused about anything!
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