Easy Read Pedometer instructions

Easy Read Pedometer instructions INTRODUCTION Congratulations on receipt of your the easy-­‐to-­‐use light weight Easy Read digital pedometer (step counter). This guide will review set-­‐up instructions o Set Time o Set Calorie Counter o Set Distance o Clear or Reset Stopwatch o Set up or clear stopwatch • How to Wear the Pedometer Once your pedometer has been set up, you can begin using it immediately. The Easy Read Pedometer counts walking or running steps, and is most accurate when it’s attached to clothing at the waist. Remember to remove it from clothing prior to laundering, as the pedometer is not water resistant. PRODUCT DEFINITIONS & TERMINOLOGY LCD The digital viewing screen MODE (M) Press this button to select a type of function to program or activate SET (S) Push this button to begin (start) , end (stop) or save a program or activation RESET (R) Push this button to restore a previous function S
LCD Screen
To SET TIME Press M (MODE) repeatedly until you get to the time screen Press S (SET ) until hour flashes on screen Press R (RESET) to advance the correct hour until the correct hour and time of day (as indicated by an A or P) is reached. Press S (SET ) until minute flashes on screen Press R (RESET) to advance the correct minute until the correct time is reached. Press S (SET) to save desired time The Screen will display: 12:00A 5:00A 5:00P 5:00P 5:15P 5:15P To SET CALORIE COUNTER Command Press M (MODE) repeatedly until the calorie screen is reached The Screen will display: Press S (SET ) to select the weight screen Lb 120 Lb 150 (example) Press R (RESET) repeatedly until you desired weight is reached Press S to confirm/accept weight. Screen will return to KCAL MODE. Kcal 000 Kcal 000 Note: The default weight is 120 LBS and the maximum that can be SET is 300 LBS. To SET a weight lower than 120lbs, you must advance the weight amount to reach 300, and then it will RESET beginning at 50 lbs. To SET DISTANCE (in either miles or kilometers) Command Press M (MODE) repeatedly to SET distance in miles The Screen will display: Mil 1.000 (Example) Press R (RESET) miles. If kilometers are preferred, press and hold R (RESET) for 5 seconds to switch to kilometers. 0.0000 Km 0.0000 To CLEAR OR RESET the number of Steps Command Press M (MODE) until you reach the step MODE screen Press R for 2 seconds to clear steps, calories and distance The Screen will display: 0 Steps 500 Calories Kcal 000 Miles/KM Mil 0.000 •
The pedometer will count steps to a maximum of 699,999 then RESETs to zero. To START OR STOP THE STOPWATCH FUNCTION Command Press M (MODE) repeatedly until you reach the stopwatch screen Press S (SET) to start the stopwatch Press S (SET) to stop the stopwatch Press R (RESET) to clear the stopwatch The Screen will display: 00’0 0’’00 00’0 0’’00 (Example) 15’00’’00 (Example) 00’0 0’’00