Permanent Load Banks

Solutions Overview: Permanent Load Banks
• P
ermanent load banks with wired or
wireless remote control that can be
integrated directly into your generator
and facility network management
center via Modbus TCP/IP or SNMP
• L
ow and medium voltage IP
addressable load banks
• N
ationwide support and
maintenance by ComRent
• W
ired and wireless connectivity
via Ethernet ,Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
• A
dd fully integrated load banks into
the network management system
• U
nprecedented flexibility in choice
of load bank location
• M
ake maintenance testing more
convenient and safer for technicians
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Simplify regular testing with wireless, remote controlled,
permanent mount load banks from ComRent®
Regular preventative maintenance testing is vital to keeping diesel
generators running at peak performance. And permanent load
banks provide the perfect solution. But the reality of regular testing
usually means sending technicians out into potentially unsafe
environments – like an icy rooftop of a 20-story building in midJanuary in Chicago. What if your techs could complete the tests
from their desks with a click of a mouse or a few keystrokes? They
can with ComRent.
ComRent specializes in providing load bank rentals for equipment
testing and commissioning. We also sell permanent resistive load
banks manufactured to our high quality design and construction
specifications to ensure longevity and reliable operation.
Safe, convenient and cost effective permanent load
bank testing
ComRent’s proprietary communication tool – EXR – enables
technicians to control the permanent load bank from the comfort of
their offices using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Ethernet connectivity. They can
even perform testing via an application on their Android Smartphones.
All of our low and medium voltage permanent load banks are
customized with electronic controls and an IP address – that can be
integrated into the network management system via Modbus TCPIP
or SNMP.
ComRent’s permanent load bank solution lets you take full
advantage of the latest wired and wireless technology to achieve
business and financial benefits like these:
• S
afer testing environment – You no longer need to send
technicians out in excessive heat, cold, or other potentially
dangerous weather conditions to perform regular equipment
• Save on labor and time – Instead of sending out multiple
technicians to test multiple pieces of equipment, one technician
can test all equipment remotely. Eliminate technician travel
time and cost, since technicians no longer need to navigate
dangerous environments, such as skyscraper rooftops.
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• Make the testing process more efficient – Remote control of
permanent load banks is simply an easier, more efficient way to
do regular equipment testing. Your technicians are safer and can
do their jobs more effectively – at far less cost.
• Increase your flexibility – Put equipment and permanent load
banks in locations you may not have thought of before – such as
rooftops on skyscrapers or other remote locations that are more
affordable or closer to other equipment.
24/7 support from start to finish
Support and maintenance of permanent load banks is also
simplified with ComRent’s 24/7, 365-day support on your side. We
quickly dispatch a technician from one of our 20 centers located
across the U.S. and Canada – and have the problem solved in a
matter of hours instead of days.
Wired or Wireless connectivity
options to fit your IT infrastructure:
• Wi-Fi
• Bluetooth
• Ethernet
About ComRent
With nearly 20 strategically located
centers and North America’s largest
inventory – over 2,500 pieces of equipment and 90 miles of cable – ComRent
can meet a wide variety of load requirements, regardless of your industry and testing objectives. And with
over 30,000 load tests performed and
a 99.99% on site performance record,
there’s no better or more experienced
company in the business. ComRent
is your single source for electric and
thermal load testing.
What’s more, we handle every phone call and Web inquiry personally
with a live follow-up by a ComRent technical salesperson with
the right expertise and proximity to the project. As such, we pride
ourselves on building strong customer relationships on-site, in the
field, before, during and after the project. As a result of our rock
solid commitment to customer service, we’ve earned the reputation
as the load testing company that goes above and beyond to
meet requirements and delivery times for its customers. What can
ComRent do to make your life easier?
Make ComRent your single, trusted source for
load bank testing
ComRent is your single trusted source for load banks – whether
you need mobile units for commissioning or permanent load
banks for your critical backup generators. Learn more about
the ways that ComRent can make any load bank testing project
help you stay on budget and on schedule. We’re ready to partner
with you on your next project. To learn more about ComRent and
our expertise, please contact us at 888.881.7118 or email us at
[email protected] or visit
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