Hospital Request(HR) Day Determination (2)

MidMichigan Medical Center-Midland
4005 Orchard Drive
Midland, Michigan 48670
Approved by:
Jan B. Penney RN, MSN, BCRN
Director Critical Care, ER and CV Services
Department: Nursing Service
Procedure: X
Date: 12/08, 12/09
Subject: Hospital Request (HR)
Day Determination (Nurses)
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To clarify and expedite determining which employee(s) shall be assigned a Hospital Request (HR) day,
promoting consistency in practice.
HR(s) are assigned by the unit manager or their designee (shift supervisor or nursing office staff
person) based upon patient care needs on the unit, and the desired staff mix necessary to
maintain safe and effective patient care. The manager has the right to honor or deny requests
for an HR.
HRs may be given in increments of 4 hours. The employee must report to work after the
assigned HR time has elapsed unless notified by the manager, shift supervisor or the nursing
office. Failure to report to their unit will be counted as an unexcused absence, and CTO will be
deducted from their bank to cover the time off.
Employees who are in, or will be in overtime will receive an HR first.
Part time employees that have picked up an extra shift, but won’t be in overtime will be
in line for receiving an HR.
Casual status employees will be given an HR before regularly scheduled full time or part
time employees.
Requests: Full time and part time employees may request an “HR”/’time off’. When
there is a casual status employee already scheduled to work, the request for time off may
be granted and the casual employee allowed to work. The employee requesting the time
off must use CTO. The time off will not count as HR time.
If an HR must be assigned to a regularly scheduled/status employee following overtime
elimination, extra shift requests honored, and casual employees HR’d, it will be given according
to turns. CTO/COB use is not required, but may be requested by the employee.
Employees may be offered the opportunity to work in a unit other than their own, to avoid
being assigned an HR, when there is a need/available work.
When an HR needs to be assigned on a holiday, the employees that are working their regular
scheduled day in their pattern will be the last to be HR’d. If all are equal, then the HR will be
assigned according to turns.
This policy is intended as a reference guide to rules and procedures that must be followed and which govern your employment with MidMichigan. This policy supersedes any
prior policy previously in effect. This policy is subject to unilateral change in whole or in part by MidMichigan at any time.
This policy is not intended to be a contract of employment.