November 8, 2013 • Volume 10, Issue 18

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November 8, 2013 • Volume 10, Issue 18
Important Dates:
Nov. 8-10
Nov. 11
Nov. 12
Nov. 14
Nov. 15
Props needed for Dinner Theater!
Fall Classic Basketball
@ Concordia Academy
4-6 Boys BB Practice
3:35 – 4:45
4-6 Girls BB Practice
4:45 – 6:00
4-6 Girls @ Cambridge
Christian School 4:45
4-6 Boys @ Cambridge
Christian School 5:45
4-6 Girls Home vs.
Trinity Lone Oak
4-6 Boys Home vs.
Trinity Lone Oak
6:30 p.m. Storybook
Dinner Theater
NO St. Paul Public Bus
Pastor Seabaugh from Bethel
Lutheran presented our chapel
message this week. His focus was
on the love of Jesus in our lives
and how that love should shine
through us and onto all whom we
meet. Our focus should never be
on us, but on those God has put
into our lives who need to “meet”
Help CLS run more efficiently!
For the Month of November we will
be collecting empty 1 gallon milk
jugs (Keep the cap!). They will be
filled with water and used in the
school's walk-in refrigerator and
freezer to help them run better.
Please drop off rinsed out milk
jugs with lids in the bin next to the
Box Tops for Education collection
If you have any of the following
please bring to the music room
marked with your name on it (if
you want it back) by Thursday,
Nov. 14th! Thank you!
White Christmas lights, paper
Japanese lanterns, old lamps,
colored light bulbs, spa items (nail
polish, eye masks, bath salts, etc.),
striped plastic popcorn containers,
glow sticks (various shapes and
sizes, these would not be
returned), books of sleepover
Madlibs (these would not be
returned). Decorating is going to
take place on Thursday, Nov. 14th
starting at 7pm and finishing
touches Friday during the day.
Help is also needed with clean-up
after the performance Friday
evening. If you can help out with
any of this please contact Lynn
[email protected]
Quarter End
Hard to believe already, but our
first quarter ends as of today,
Friday, November 8. Report cards
will go out next week on Friday, the
15th. Quarter grades do not go on
permanent records, but semester
grades do, so if things are not
where we all want them to be after
this quarter, the second quarter
can make a big difference! Let’s be
ready to go on Monday and get off
to a great start!
Basketball Time
The CLS sponsored Fall Classic
Basketball Tournament will take
place this weekend at Concordia
Academy, and our girls’ team and
two boys’ teams will be in action.
Our girls will play Trinity
Academy-Hudson at 6:30 in the
east (main) gym. On the boys’ side
CLS Blue will play Cambridge
Christian at 5:30 in the west gym
and CLS Gold will play Trinity
Academy at 7:30 in the east gym.
All teams will play at least a
second game on Saturday morning,
with game time determined by
whether they win or lose on Friday
evening. Come out and support the
team and enjoy some great
refreshments and a fun
41st Annual Pancake Brunch
When a school has been around for
over sixty years, an event that has
gone on for 40 of those years
packs a lot of history. Sunday,
December 8, marks the 41st
Pancake Brunch at CLS. It really
doesn’t matter how far back your
history goes here, you will connect
with people on that day who are
part of it. Prices are very
reasonable—$3 for kids 10 and
under, $5 for other individual
tickets, and $13 covers an entire
immediate family, and it is a great
day of fellowship. The prices are a
dollar or two higher if purchased at
the door. The event is from
9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. Plan to
join us. Tickets are available from
the school office, as well as from
any of the four association
congregation offices.
Don’t Forget…
Picture Retake Day
Thursday, November 21
Mission Statement
In partnership with home and church, the mission of Central Lutheran School is to make Christian disciples of our students and to equip them with fundamental
knowledge and skills for responsible citizenship in the community and the world.
School Office: 651-­‐645-­‐8649 Website: E-­mail: [email protected]