Banner Registration

Banner Registration
August 31, 2009
John Broz
Session Rules
• Audio will only be available for the instructor.
• Questions may be entered in the ‘text chat
window’ at any time during the session.
Banner Registration
• Validation forms
• Creating Sections
• Registration
Validation Forms
The Term Code Validation Form (STVTERM)
Enrollment Status Code Validation Form (STVESTS)
Crosswalk Validation Form (GTVSDAX)
Course Registration Status Code Validation Form
Term Control Form (SOATERM)
Enrollment Status Form (SFAESTS)
Course Registration Status Form (SFARSTS)
Registration Fee Assessment Rules Form (SFARGFE)
Registration Additional Fees Control Form (SFAAFEE)
The Term Code Validation Form
• Setup term codes and make sure that the start and end term
dates are correct before registration.
Enrollment Status Code Validation
Set up the Enrollment Status codes. These codes will be used to describe a
student’s overall enrollment status for each term, regardless of the individual
course registrations for the term. The proper definition of enrollment status codes
and processing rules is critical to the correct functioning of registration processing
and the correct results of headcount reporting.
Crosswalk Validation Form (GTVSDAX)
• Set up the web registration and web drop codes in GTVSDAX under the
External Code for the following rules.
Course Registration Status Code
Validation Form (STVRSTS)
• Set up the Registration Status codes. Set the check boxes to
determine what the various status codes allow (i.e., count in
enrollment, place on wait list, whether the course is gradable,
Course Registration Status Code
Validation Form (STVRSTS)
You can specify an automatic grade that will be placed on the student’s
registration record when the status is entered. For example, a course registration
status of WF (Withdraw Failing) can automatically place a W on the student
registration record. You can also set the Status Type of Withdraw (W), Drop (D), or
Registered (R) as well as if the code is displayed on the web.
Course Registration Status Code
Validation Form (STVRSTS)
• For Self-Service Banner, the required code of Web Registered (RW) should
be set up and checked to display on the web. Other codes such a drop or
withdraw can be set up if a student is allowed to drop or withdraw from a
class on the web at your institution.
Term Control Form (SOATERM)
• Set up Base part of term and web registration on this
form. The controls here affect the catalog, schedule,
registration and fee assessment modules.
Term Control Form (SOATERM)
• For Self Service Registration, the Master Web Term
Control must be set. Click the Process Web Controls
button to setup SSB specific controls.
Term Control Form (SOATERM)
• Here you can change the options for how the grades display,
how the catalog and schedule can be searched, the faculty
and advisor controls, and the ability to change class options.
Term Control Form (SOATERM)
Perform a Next Block twice from the key block to access the Part of Term and Web
Registration Controls window. You can set up individual parts of term here. At least
one Part of term must exist for the semester. At the bottom of the page, you can
set up web registration dates to open Web registration to all students.
Enrollment Status Form (SFAESTS)
• Define student enrollment statuses appropriate for a term and set a
specific date range for each status. Refund rules can also be established
here for each status code. For registration to occur at least one code of
Eligible to Register (EL) must be defined.
Course Registration Status Form
• Define course registration statuses for each part of term within a term and
set a specific date range for each status. Refund rules can be established
for each registration status code. To allow web registration, the Web
Registered (RW) code must be set up for the Part of Term.
Course Registration Status Form
• Students, Faculty and advisors will only be able to register and drop
courses during the dates that each code is active for. Based on the dates at
the bottom of the screen a percentage of the tuition or fees may be
Note: There is a link between the
enrollment status (SFAESTS) and the
student’s course status. When an
enrollment status exists that affects
a course status, that status must be
included on this form.
Registration Fee Assessment Rules
• Create fee rules based on Student, Level, Campus or
Attribute. Rules can be copied from term to term
using the Copy Rules to New Term.
Registration Additional Fees Control
• Define all the possible optional fees that can be added for a student for a
term using the Additional Fees Block on the SFAREGS form. These codes
and amounts will be reflected on the student’s registration fee
Creating sections
Sections can be created by rolling a previous term using the SSRROLL process in
GJAPCTL. (When running processes, please remember to run them in Audit to
make sure no errors occur before running them in update)
Add sections by entering SSASECT and typing ADD in the CRN to add section
information based on a previously created course in your catalog. (Please refer to
the Catalog Creation Wimba in the Archive).
Student Course Registration Form
• Once everything is set up and the sections for the term are
rolled, a student can be registered. You can register students
Self-Service Student Registration
• Students can also register via Self Service Banner if all of the
web controls and statuses have been set up correctly.
Participant Poll
Your participation in this session is important to
us. Please be sure to fill out the participant
poll. Include your name and the names of all
participants in the room with you and the
institution name.
• To create a new or update an existing production down,
business interrupting (emergency) support request, call the
OIIT Helpdesk immediately
– 706-583-2001
– 1-888-875-3697 (toll free in Georgia)
• For anything else, contact the OIIT Helpdesk at
– (self-service support request)
– E-mail [email protected]
Note: Self-Service requires login using a user ID and password. Contact the OIIT
Helpdesk at [email protected] to obtain self-service login credentials.
We want to hear your questions, comments, and
critiques. Please be sure to fill out the survey
following the presentation.