Resource Loan Kit Contents Checklist

Illinois Prairies
Illinois Department of Natural Resources
Contents Checklist
Binder - General Information
_____Acknowledgements Page
_____Contents Checklist
_____Correlation to Illinois Learning Standards
_____IDNR Division of Education promotional sheet
_____IDNR Resources Trunks promotional sheets
_____Illinois Learning Standards
Binder - Ecological Information
_____American Bison information sheet
_____Bison vs. Buffalo information sheet
_____Conservation in Highly Fragmented Landscapes article
_____EcoWatch – Prairie Quality Indicators of Illinois cards
_____Elk information sheet
_____Evolution and Origin of the Central Grassland of North
America: Climate, Fire, and Mammalian Grazers article
_____Greater Prairie-Chicken information sheet
_____Illinois Biodiversity CD-ROM activities list
_____Illinois Inland Sand Areas poster guide
_____Illinois Steward magazine
_____Introduction to Illinois Prairies information sheet
_____Landscaping for Wildlife book
_____Mamíferos de Illinois del pasado activity book*
_____Mammals from Illinois’ Past activity book*
_____Prairie Establishment and Landscaping book
_____Prairie Fire information sheet
_____Prairie Parkland; An Inventory of the Region’s Resources
_____Prairie Primer activity book*
_____Project Bluestem activities list
_____The Case of the Greater Prairie-Chicken activity*
_____Track Size Comparison Sheet
_____Types of Prairies information sheet
_____What a Prairie Is and Isn’t board game*
Binder - Peoples of the Prairie Information
_____bonnet pattern
_____hat pattern
_____Los Indígenas Americanos y la naturaleza en Illinois
activity book*
_____Native Americans and Nature in Illinois activity book*
_____Pioneer Clothing information sheet
_____Pioneer Games information sheet
_____Prairie Pages: Early Years of Illinois Agriculture
_____Prairie Pages: Pioneers
_____What is It? activity
Small Container
_____Biodiversity of Illinois CD-ROMs Volumes I, II, III
_____Birdwatching at Midewin booklet
_____bison fur sample
_____Exploring Illinois’ Natural Resources DVD
_____Fishes and Crayfishes of Midewin booklet
_____Illinois Biodiversity CD-ROM
_____Illinois’ Natural Resources Trading Cards Sets I, II, III
_____Illinois Prairies: A Sense of Place DVD
_____Invasive Plants of Midewin booklet
_____Last Stand of the Tallgrass Prairie DVD
_____Listening to the Land DVD
_____Pocket Naturalist – Grasslands Birds guide
Small Container (cont.)
_____Pocket Naturalist – Grasslands Trees & Wildflowers guide
_____Prairie Restoration DVD
_____Project Bluestem CD-ROM
_____Spider Watching at Midewin booklet
_____The Case of the Greater Prairie-Chicken activity cards
_____Wildflowers & Grasses of Midewin booklet
Large Container
_____A Plan for the Recovery of the Greater Prairie-Chicken
in Illinois book
_____A Walk in the Prairie book
_____bison chip
_____bison horn cap
_____bison jaw bone
_____Climate Atlas of Illinois book
_____Explore the Grasslands book
_____Life in Prairie Land book
_____Prairie Plants of the Midwest book
_____Prairie Plant ID Wheel
_____Tallgrass Prairie Wildflowers; A Falcon Field Guide book
_____The Prairie Builders book
_____trundle wheel
_____Celebrating Our Native Grasses
_____Fermilab Prairie Flora and Fauna
_____Grassland Birds of the Midwest
_____Illinois Habitats are Homes
_____Illinois Indians
_____Illinois Natural Divisions
_____Illinois’ Natural Resources Trading Cards Sets I, II, III
_____Illinois Prairie Status
_____Illinois Prairie Wildflowers
_____Illinois Prairies coloring sheet
_____Illinois Roadside Wildflowers
_____Inland Sand Areas of Illinois
_____Jewels of the Prairie; Blooming Heights
_____Jewels of the Prairie; Dry Prairie
_____Jewels of the Prairie; Mesic Prairie
_____Jewels of the Prairie; Oak Savanna
_____Jewels of the Prairie; Wet Prairie
_____Los Indígenas Americanos y la Naturaleza en Illinois
_____Mammals from Illinois’ Past
_____Native Americans and Nature in Illinois
_____ What a Prairie Is and Isn’t game board
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