School of Arts and Sciences - University Commencement

May 2016
School of Arts and Sciences
Class of 2016
Presentation of Graduates
May 15, 2016
Greeting from the Executive Dean
Congratulations School of Arts and Sciences Class of 2016!
It’s a privilege for me to welcome you and your families to the School of
Arts and Sciences Convocation as we celebrate the 250th anniversary of
the founding of our university.
Today, we are making Rutgers history. Tomorrow, you’ll make your own
history as graduates well-prepared for the fascinating and complex world
of the 21st century.
The liberal arts and sciences education you have received has empowered
you with the fundamental skills, habits of mind, and discipline needed to
grow and prosper throughout your lives and to meet whatever challenges
come your way.
It’s truly an honor for me to celebrate with you today, to welcome you
as Rutgers Alumni, and to usher you into the next phase of your lives as
graduates, citizens, and future leaders.
All the best,
Peter March
Executive Dean
Order of Exercises
Deans, faculty, and guests process to stage
Executive Dean’s Welcome
Dr. Peter March
Convocation Address
Mr. Bill Moyers
Journalist and President, Schumann Media Center
Individual Recognition of the Class of 2016
Peter March
Class of 2016 Cap Toss
Please remain in your seats until the last graduate
has marched across the stage
Convocation Speaker and
University Honorary Degree Recipient
Bill Moyers
Doctor of Laws
The School of Arts and Sciences is honored to welcome Bill Moyers as
Convocation Speaker.
Bill Moyers’s remarkable career trajectory has taken him from divinity school to
the White House to long success and deep impact as a broadcast journalist—
becoming, in the words of a Washington Post article, “public television’s most
visible intellectual and its most unabashed liberal.” Recognized as one of the
unique voices of our times, he has delivered insightful explorations of critical
issues such as the democratic process, freedom of speech, and the widening
gap between the classes in American society.
After graduating from the University of Texas, Moyers studied at the School
of Divinity, New College at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, and
received his master of divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological
Seminary in Texas. He switched paths in 1960 by joining the staff of Senate
Majority Leader Lyndon B. Johnson and then serving as a liaison between vice
presidential nominee Johnson and presidential nominee John F. Kennedy.
After the election, Moyers became a founding organizer of the Peace Corps
and its first deputy director, then served as special assistant for domestic policy,
and then press secretary to President Lyndon B. Johnson. He was publisher of
Newsday for three years before joining the Public Broadcasting System (PBS)
in 1971, hosting Bill Moyers Journal. He served as senior correspondent for the
CBS documentary series CBS Reports and for five years was senior news analyst
of the CBS Evening News. He is president of the Schumann Media Center, a
nonprofit organization for the support of independent journalism.
Moyers and his wife, Judith Davidson Moyers, have been responsible for highly
praised explorations of death and dying, addiction and recovery, and faith
and reason, as well as the acclaimed PBS series Joseph Campbell and the Power
of Myth; America’s First River: Bill Moyers on the Hudson; The Language of Life;
Genesis: A Living Conversation; The Wisdom of Faith with Huston Smith; Becoming
American: The Chinese Experience; and Amazing Grace. Until their retirement in
January of 2015, they also produced the weekly television series NOW with Bill
Moyers (2002–2004), Bill Moyers Journal (2007–2010), and Moyers & Company
Among the most penetrating documentaries Moyers created was a multipart
series that followed two working-class Milwaukee families from 1992 to 2013;
their stories of financial hardships, heartbreak, and determination were a
powerful and eloquent assessment of the impact of the 21st-century economy
on so many Americans. His other investigative documentaries have included
The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis; Trade Secrets: A Moyers Report
on chemicals and public health; Capitol Crimes; Buying the War: How Big Media
Failed Us; In Our Children’s Food about failed pesticide safety; and Free Speech for
Sale about the influence of money on public discourse.
Moyers has earned more than three dozen Emmy Awards, nine Peabody
Awards, two Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Awards, the PEN USA
Courageous Advocacy Award, the Lifetime Achievement Award from the
National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and the Honorary Doctor
of Fine Arts from the American Film Institute. Moyers’s books include such
best sellers as Listening to America: A Traveler Rediscovers His Country (1972),
The Power of Myth with Joseph Campbell (1991), The Language of Life: A Festival
of Poets (1995), Healing and the Mind (1995), Genesis: A Living Conversation
(1997), Moyers on America: A Journalist and His Times (2005), and Moyers on
Democracy (2009). His most recent book, Bill Moyers Journal: The Conversation
Continues, was published in May 2011.
About the School of Arts and Sciences
The School of Arts and Sciences was created in 2006 as the centerpiece of a
major initiative to transform undergraduate education at Rutgers University,
one of the nation’s leading public research universities.
With roots that date back to the colonial history of higher education in
America, the School of Arts and Sciences upholds the tradition of excellence
established by Rutgers College, and continues the expansion of access to
an outstanding university education created by Douglass, Livingston, and
University Colleges.
Today the School of Arts and Sciences is a globally-engaged, 21st century
teaching and research enterprise, committed to meeting the challenges of
a rapidly-changing world while offering students unparalleled access to
renowned faculty across the life sciences, humanities, mathematical and
physical sciences, and social and behavioral sciences.
The School offers more than 90 majors, a residential Honors Program,
and Signature Courses led by award-winning faculty that explore issues of
enduring importance and new challenges of the 21st century.
With its historic central location on Voorhees Mall, the School of Arts and
Sciences is a major presence throughout the New Brunswick and Piscataway
campuses, from ivy-covered classroom buildings on the Douglass Campus to
state-of-the-art laboratories on Busch and Livingston campuses.
Recipients of the 2016 Awards for
Distinguished Contribution to
Undergraduate Education
Each year, awards for Distinguished Contribution to Undergraduate
Education are given to professors and instructors in the School of Arts and
Sciences to recognize their outstanding achievements in the classroom,
their engagement with their students, and their overall commitment to
undergraduate education.
Louis Masur, American Studies and History
Associate Professor
Andrew Murphy, Political Science
Camilla Stevens, Latino and Caribbean Studies and Spanish and Portuguese
Assistant Professor
Nicola Behrmann, Germanic, Russian, and East European Languages
and Literatures
Teaching Faculty
Donna Cantor, English Writing Program
Teaching Assistant
Patricia González-Darriba, Spanish and Portuguese
Miranda McLeod, English Writing Program
Matthew Russell, Mathematics
Lucia Vedovi, Italian
School of Arts and Sciences
Candidates for Baccalaureate Degrees
As of April 23, 2016
The School of Arts and Sciences congratulates all students whose degrees were completed in
January 2016, as well as students whose degrees are to be completed in May 2016. Official
certification of degree completion is contingent upon final Spring 2016 grades. We offer best
wishes for successful completion of pending coursework to October 2016 degree candidates.
Juan J. Abad
Rimon Abadir 1
Ashley L. Abanilla
Nicholas J. Abate 2
Maleeka Abbas
Sami Abbas 2
Suroor Abbas
Anum S. Abbasi
Sabah Abbasi
Zahra M. Abbasi
Noor Y. Abbassi
Staciann L. Abbruzzese
Rawan A. Abdalla
Sofia Abd Elhady
Matthew M. Abdelmalek 2
Oscar Abella
Logine M. Abouzead
Saife Abouzeed
Nicholas A. Abraham
Ellen L. Abrahams 1
Christopher J. Abramo
Kirill Abramov
Rachael H. Abrams 2
Samantha L. Abrams 1
Vianeli Abreu 2
Mathew M. Abtahi 2
Anas I. Abudalal 2
Christopher J. Accardi
Juan P. Acea
Asia N. Acevedo
Isabella A. Acevedo 2
Joanna H. Acevedo 1
Anna Achampong
Ogechi P. Achu 2
Alexandra B. Ackerman
Jessica A. Ackerman
Luis D. Acosta 1
Carolina Acosta-Gutierrez 2
Stephanie A. Acuna
Danielle E. Adamowitz
Sy A. Adamowsky
Elizabeth E. Adams
Jesse W. Adams II
Octavia D. Adams
Kyle B. Addeo
Abimbola Adegbola
Jason O. Adegbola
Oluwatimilehin O. Adesina 2
Adedayo F. Adetunji
Marina Adly
Alina S. Afinogenova
Hajri Aga
Katherine A. Agbaglud 1
Reeham M. Agiz
Alexandra B. Agnostak
Daniela M. Agosto 2
Yakira A. Aguasvivas
Raul M. Aguilar
Alexander J. Aguilera
Sharon Aguirre
Jacob Agyekum-Kusi 2
Joseph D. Agyemang
Philip M. Ahkao 1
Atif J. Ahmad
Basil Ahmad
Saad Ahmad
Syed W. Ahmad 1
Tasnim Ahmad 2
Omar D. Ahmadi 1
Ahmad N. Ahmed 2
Aisha F. Ahmed 1
Jasmine Ahmed
Omar Ahmed
Raza Ahmed 1
Shadman Ahmed 1
Zarrar Ahmed
Mohammed S. Ahmed Shah
Eunice M. Ahn
Judy Ahn
Fatma N. Ahsan
Jerry Aigner
Brenna K. Aiossa
Eunice Ajayi
Quincy N. Akaba
Zainab Y. Akbari
Shahan Akhter
Modupe O. Akinmade
Kehinde Akinmboni
Joshua G. Akinsanya
Erica A. Akitani-Bob
Onphimon Akkharawasu
Onoriode Akporotu
Sebastian Aksamit 1
Chiamaka J. Akunne
Janna Aladdin
Adebusola Aladegbami
Sharon Alaiev
Frank J. Alaimo
Rania I. Alain 1
Ramsha Alam 2
Shaima B. Alassafi 1
Sarah Alavi 1
Yeny E. Albanez
Kevin Albertson
Naser B. Albreeky 2
Robert S. Alcantara
Daniel Al-Daqa 1
Maya A. Aleksandrova 1
John Alesi
Daniel L. Alessandrini
Aletha V. Alexander
Cora N. Alexander 1
Meaghan Alexander
Nahian A. Al-Farook 2
Tauhid A. Al-Farook 1
Javier A. Alfonso
Alexandria Ali
Brandon I. Ali 2
Hadi Ali
Marilyn E. Ali
Rayad D. Ali 1
Raza S. Ali
Shaan Ali
Shaheir Ali 2
Shan Ali
Zahra Ali
Eric D. Alicea 2
Anatoliy Alkhazov 1
Kayla M. Allen
Unique Allen
Jack R. Allende
Kristian J. Alleyne
Priscilla P. Almeida 1
Skylar D. Alston
Matthew E. Alt
Stephen A. Altavilla 2
Ashley M. Alvarado
Gabrielle Alvarez
Gaston D. Alvaro
Brenda Alves
Daisy Amador
Gioacchino M. Amari
Danielle G. Amato
Katherine L. Amato 1
Armaan R. Ambati 1
Madeline E. Amberge
Francis P. Ambrico 1
Ryan C. Ambrus
Bianca Amin
Himanshu Amin 1
Ishani Amin
Kahini P. Amin
Parth G. Amin 2
Sanam S. Amin 1
Ziad Amir 2
Mishaal Amjad
Sabahat Amjad
Chinemenma A. Amonu 2
Raymond Amponsah
Chikasimar Amu-Nnadi 1
Deirdre G. Anacker
Amneet K. Anand 1
Jennifer D. Anandarajah
Jake T. Andersen 2
Steven J. Anderson
Thomas L. Anderson 2
Tyler Anderson
Shwetha Andiappan
Chelsea K. Andino
Zachary W. Andren
Michael Andresakes
Alexis I. Andress
Andrew Anello
Carissa M. Angeles
Ashley B. Angelucci
Frank G. Angiola
Ryan M. Anglim 1
Adenike R. Animasaun
Trent M. Anisi
Stephanie L. Anismatta
Lisa Y. Ankrah 1
Ron Arbi M. Anonuevo 1
Safia Ansari
Joseph C. Antonakakis 1
Theresa T. Antony
Stefan Antosiewicz
Edna Antwi
Ugochi B. Anyanwu
Erick Aparicio
Nikolas A. Apostolou 1
Andrew R. Applegate 1
Mark K. Apuzzo
Mariam Aqeel
Amalia Aquino
Bryan J. Araujo
Nathaly Arbelo
Diego Arbito 2
Samuel J. Archer 2
Brandon Arcidiacono
Andres Arenas
Katherine C. Arevalo
Amy E. Argila 2
Steven Arias 2
Roberto G. AriasYacupoma 2
Alexander L. Arici
Lanna M. Arki
Diane J. Arlotta
Emily E. Armstrong 1
Jake S. Armstrong
Evan H. Arnay I 1
Meghan L. Arnold
Julie A. Aronson
Sean R. Arpino
Michelle I. Arrendell
Armand F. Arteaga
Oriel Arusy 1
Cerita A. Asante 2
Stephany O. Asare 1
Lois M. Asemnor
George T. Asham
Shannon Ashe
Omar Ashraf
Syjil A. Ashraf 1
Imran Ashraff
Usma S. Ashraf-Khan
Mirza Z. Asif
Reem Asraf
Sarah A. Asraf
Marcela Assuncao
Mergim Astafovic
Mohammad E. Athar
Kaitlin M. Atherton
Esmail A. Attiyah 1
Rebecca A. Augello 2
Joy Augustin
Joanna Augustynowicz
Paige A. Austin
Carlo R. Austria 2
Laura E. Austria 2
Erick B. Avalos 2
Sandra B. Avellan 1
Katharine E. Aveni
Jessica Avichal
Abanoub D. Awad
Farris Awadallah
Prashasti Awadhiya 1
Michelle Axelsson 1
Disha K. Aya
Yadybel J. Ayala
Ama A. Ayeh
Olufunke J. Ayetigbo
Ali M. Azam
Maria Luiza A. Azambuja 1
Mark A. Azarko
Farrukh N. Azimov
Daniel E. Aziz
Claudia Azzam
Karl Azzam
Michael C. Azzinaro 1
Maria G. Baba
Sumeer Baba
Akeel Babar 1
Oluwakonyinsola A.
Babatunde 1
Michael A. Bacallao
Catherine T. Bachmann
Nashwa Badawy
Khermesh Badushov
Che Ri Bae 1
John S. Baek
Kristen M. Baez
April L. Bagley
Sara Bagley
Ahmed T. Bahgat
Aubrey E. Baier
Chad G. Bailer
Jessica D. Bailey
Rachel A. Bailey
Christopher D. Baird 1
Megi Bajraktari
Richard Bak 1
Nialah L. Baker
Amar Bakir
Ainesh Bakshi 1
Sukrithi Balakrishnan
Don G. Balanzat
Kimberly G. Balao 1
Kyle C. Balcerski
Anthony N. Baldachino
Zarana Baldha
Michael M. Ballas
Drew S. Ballester
Valentina Ballesteros
Amy G. Balot
Benjamin D. Bancala
Brinda Banerji
Sae Gee Bang
Jessica S. Bangel
Louis A. Bankole-Jones 2
Humarah Bano 1
Christian Bantigue
Brittany C. Baptiste
Gian C. Baquerizo Correa 2
Rose M. Baradhi 2
Steven T. Barati
Jason K. Barbanel
Lindsay Barber
Jordan L. Barbone
Ian V. Barbour
Julieann Barclay
Rachel L. Bard
Brian A. Bardi
Shai L. Bardos 1
Damian Bargielski
Bilal C. Bari
Craig E. Barksdale
Kalib N. Barksdale 1
Nakea J. Barksdale 2
Jordan R. Barnaby
Halley M. Barnes
Allison F. Baron
Michelle H. Baron
Sarah T. Baron 1
Thomas Barone 2
Michael F. Baroud
Melanie L. Barovick
Amber J. Barrett
Shane R. Barrett
Julia L. Barry
Timothy J. Barry
Sharell Barshishat
Holly Barszcz
Janelle J. Bartley
Tyler G. Bartol 2
Trapa Barua
Sarah Z. Baskin
Elbert G. Basolis III 2
Ariel R. Basso 1
Pitoeff C. Bathelus 2
John M. Batista 2
Walfrin Batista
Brianna A. Battle
Andrew H. Bauer 1
Katherine A. Bauer
Alexander W. BaumannNelson
Dan Baumlin
Alexander Bautista 1
Jasmeet K. Bawa
Rajan K. Bawa 1
Kevin Baxter
Jennifer R. Bayan
Christine Baydar
Sabrina E. Bazelais
Jennifer T. Beacham
Phillip M. Beauchea
Sarah A. Becker 1
Emily F. Beckman 1
Jenna L. Bedard
Adam Beddia
Paulina Bednarczyk 1
Lubna Begum 2
Jasmine E. Behdashti
Yasmeen Beizaeipour
Allegra H. Beletskiy 2
Justin J. Belfiore 2
Matthew C. Belikoff
Brandon H. Bellero
Cody D. Beltis
Anastasia O. Belyakova
Dallas S. Benavent
Michael F. Benavides 1
Linore S. Ben-Avraham
Zahava Ben-Haim
David A. Benitez
Donna V. Benitez 2
Elias Benitez
Laura Benitez
Gregg D. Benjamin 1
Brian R. Bennett
Caroline G. Bennett
Justin Bennett
Mark R. Bennett
Lauren R. Benson
Kathleen E. Bentley
Daniel P. Beran 1
Angela M. Berardinelli 2
Denmari M. Berberabe 2
Christopher J. Berenato
Emily T. Beres
Tatiana Bereznikova
Megan L. Berger 2
Rachel E. Berman 1
Timothy Bernardino 1
Matthew Berner
Oskar Bero
Brandon M. Berrios
Ashley J. Berry 1
Gabriela Bess 1
Avril Betances
Meagan T. Bethavas
Brittany K. Beveridge 2
Joseph M. Bewley
Justice H. Bezyak 2
Kinjal Bhalodia
Vishal Bhambri 1
Ira H. Bhatnagar
Avni Bhatt
Harshit M. Bhatt
Kaushangee Bhatt 2
Sagar Bhatt 1
Kajoree Bhattacharya 1
Haider A. Bhatti
Jay P. Bhavsar
Pankti H. Bhavsar
Lakhram Bhisham
Julian S. Biebelberg 1
Ian P. Bielecki
Wayne J. Biemuller
Alysha Bindra
Stanley Binmitende
Timothy G. Birkner
Matthew J. Bisaha 2
Munirah R. Bishop
Carmen J. Bisignano 2
Erick A. Bisono 2
Justin E. Bitzberger 2
Michelle Bivas
Sarah N. Bizzarro
Ian S. Bjorge 1
Tatiana Blackman
Zachary B. Blackstone 2
Christopher M. Blair 2
Christie L. Blake 1
Conner A. Blake
Annie N. Blalock
Jordan Blancaflor
Jennifer L. Blanchard
Javier A. Blanco 2
Rena Blank
Francesca M. Blazina
Andrew M. Bliach
Alec W. Blihar
Brian B. Blondet 1
Julia M. Bloyed
Jamie A. Blumas
Michael D. Blutstein
Josephine F. Boa-Amponsem
Kwabena Boachie 2
Gabriela G. Bobadilla
Katherine Bobchin
Alexa Bober 1
Gregory A. Bobev
Michael D. Boccio
Louis P. Bodine 2
Vanessa Bodossian
Christopher Boggs
Jennifer L. Boggs
Colin A. Bolehala
Thomas S. Bolen
Mark Bollettieri 1
Mary Bolos 1
Efua H. Bolouvi
Adam L. Bomeisl 1
Kathryn A. Bondy 2
Giuseppe Bongiovi
Lauren Bonham
Anthony Bonini
Luca N. Bonvini 2
Melissa A. Boodoo
Kyle R. Booth
Julia J. Bordelon
Andrew Boreland
Kelsey M. Borenzo
Gabrielle I. Borges 1
Rick Borgo
Katherine S. Borino
Samantha J. Borris 2
Sara A. Bortolon
Joseph M. Bosco
Kimberly D. Bosco
Robert A. Bosco
Agustina B. Bosio
Joel Bosire 2
Nicholas D. Boss 2
Hannah M. Botjer 1
Paige C. Botjer
Erik A. Botsko
Jonathan A. Boucard
Soundous Bouchouar
Panagia Bouliga 2
Randall J. Boulton 1
Angela Bouton
Cara F. Boxer
Jeremy Boyer 1
Matthew Boyer
Brenda C. Boylan
Julia E. Boylan
Dilara Boztepe
Timothy J. Bracaglia
Connor J. Bracken 2
Evan M. Brackenbury
Lauren M. Braconi
Jaclyn C. Bradli
Alison E. Brady 1
Katelyn Brady 2
Kristin M. Brady
Sean B. Brady
Nicholas C. Bragdon 1
Janki Brahmbhatt 1
Bina K. Braich 2
Sean W. Branagan
Lauren N. Brancaccio
Stephanie Brandi
Zachery C. Brandon
Alamdeep S. Brar
Marta T. Bravo
Cassaundra N. Bredbenner 1
Brandon G. Breese 2
Jori R. Breite
Annette K. Breitling 2
Stacy D. Brenes Coto
Abigail E. Brennan 2
Eleanora O. Brennan 1
Nicholas F. Brennan
Tamara Breskic
Jacqueline Brettschneider
Diamond A. Brewer 2
Howard R. Brey 2
Rikki L. Breznak 1
Michael R. Briski
Thalia F. Brito
Savannah I. Britt 2
Shakiya L. Brock
Ryan Brodie 2
Gabrielle E. Brogan
Rebecca N. Brogan 2
Eric Z. Bronner
Ekaterina Bronshteyn 2
Sarah T. Brook
Mackenzie Brooks 2
Andrew B. Broome 1
Lauren M. Broome 1
Emil D. Browder
Jason D. Brown
Marisa E. Brown
Megan R. Brown
Megan T. Brown
Melissa Brown 2
Morris E. Brown 2
Quiana Brown 1
Takia S. Brown
Trevor G. Brown
Chenise T. Brummell 2
Alexandra Brunelli 2
Rachel A. Brunette
Matthew L. Brunken
Anita Bruno
Anthony J. Bruno 1
Charles T. Bruno
Danielle M. Bruno
Travis J. Bruno 2
Myisha A. Bryan
Dominique A. Bryant
Benjamin S. Bucca 1
Brianna M. Buchicchio 2
Emeline D. Buchman
Kevin P. Buck 2
Sandra L. Buck
John S. Buckley 2
Kieran Buckley
Kyle P. Buckley
Bianca Bucuresteanu
Bartosz K. Budak 2
Victory B. Budd
Amy R. Budge
Alexis L. Budhi
Gabriela M. Bulic 1
Alyssa D. Bull
Lucas M. Bullock 2
Lieselle L. Bumatay
Cassandra N. Burdziak
Alexa K. Burger
Daniel J. Burgert 1
Kyle G. Burgoyne
Nicholas T. Burkard
Montana R. Burkholz
Yana Burlachka
Rebecca E. Burlak
Robert M. Burrini
Cassidy J. Burt
Ronika Burton
Jacqueline D. Burzichelli
Anthony L. Bush
Shayla E. Bush 1
Raul Bustamante
Avantika D. Butani 2
Tori L. Butchin 2
Ronald K. Butka 2
Jessica L. Butler
Megan R. Butler
Faizan Butt
Ariel S. Butts
Jacob F. Butynski
Eugene Buyanovsky
Olivia L. Buzby
Glib Bychkov 1
Szymon Bykowski 1
Lawrence V. Cabredo
Louis A. Cabrera 2
Grover Caceres
Melissa L. Cada
Marjorie Cadestin
Christina Cadet 2
Kathleen M. Cadigan
Shaun Cagaoan
Kasey R. Caggiano
Vicka R. Caguindagan
Andrew Cai
Shiqin Cai
Wenqi Cai
Wenwei Cai
Andrew M. Caiazza
Adam S. Cain
Javelle D. Caintic
Andrew R. Calabrese 2
Michael R. Calabrese
Carlie L. Calabria 1
Kristel M. Calderon
Brittany L. Caldwell 1
William M. Caldwell 1
Bryan Calero
Jose A. Calixto
Khadijah Callahan
Marie T. Callahan
Ryan W. Callahan
Julianna Calleo
Erin Cameron
Scott O. Cameron
Alexandria L. Campbell
Dana M. Campbell
Jamie L. Campbell 1
Renee C. Campbell
Craig Candela 1
Graciela Cando
Thomas A. Canize 2
Kelly G. Cannan 2
Raquel Cannarozzi
Veronica Cano
Michael A. Cantalino
Michael J. Cantor
Briyona Canty
Cheng Cao 2
Weiwei Cao 1
Weiwei Cao
Zihuan Cao 1
Kaitlyn R. Capasso
Alexandra R. Capatasto 1
Christi C. Capazzo 1
Cody A. Capobianco 1
Edward J. Capone 2
Kristin J. Capone 1
Samantha L. Caponegro 2
Daniel W. Capraun 1
Eden M. Caprio
David Capriola 2
Matthew D. Caputa
Israel Caraballo Jr.
Charlene B. Caranda 2
Silvia S. Carbajal
Victoria L. Carbalho
Lisette B. Carbone
Heather E. Carboy
Geraldine Cardenas
Daniela Cardona 1
Diane Cardoso
Christian Carew
Angelina J. Carfagno
Melanie L. Caria
Stefanie A. Caria 2
Kevin Cariño
Gabrielle J. Carlino
Jordan R. Carlyon 1
Shane P. Carmody
Spencer Carmona
Tal S. Carmy
John M. Carnathan 2
Shannon E. Carney
Shannon M. Caroccio 1
Patrick D. Carotenuto
Devin K. Carrick
Marc P. Carrier 2
Joshua S. Carson 1
Robert N. Cartmell
Nia A. Carty
Theresa M. Caruso
Zachary M. Caruso 1
Samantha Casimir
David A. Castaldi
Katherine Castillo
Annamaria A. Castro
Cristian Castro 1
Gabriela Castro
Iris C. Castro 1
Sarah Castro
Curt J. Catalano
David L. Cathey
Louis A. Cavaliere
Jonathan Caverly
Daniel Cece 1
Nicole J. Cecere
Luis C. Cedeño 2
Luis G. Cedeno
Jason Cejour 2
Tiffany L. Celeiro
Caitlin D. Celendano 1
Daniel J. Celidonio 2
Alexis R. Celluro
Jeremy E. Celmer
Chiara Cerati
Michelle Cerda 2
Camilo A. Cereijo 1
David P. Cerqueira
Amy A. Cevallos 1
Barbara M. Chacon
Jessica L. Chaiet
Neeta Chakraverthy 2
Julienne M. Cham
James A. Chambers 1
Katelyn M. Champion
Molly E. Champion 1
Shawn D. Champion
Lauren N. Champouillon
Gabriella Champoux
Hi W. Chan 1
Jia Huei Chan 2
Tammy Chan 1
Valerie G. Chan
Reema L. Chandnani
Jonathan Chang
Justin H. Chang
Lauren Chang 1
Lauren Y. Chang
Michael Chang
Nydia P. Chang
Samuel J. Chang
Victoria Chang
Woei M. Chang 2
Luwin A. Changco
Joseph Chanik
Laura M. Chapas
Kendall C. Chapman 2
Zariah Chappell
Caitlin L. Chapski
Daphne A. Charles
Suryateja Chatakondu 2
Jamie K. Chau
Nidhiben M. Chaudhari
Pooja Chaudhari
Andleeb N. Chaudhri
Aasim I. Chaudhry 2
Ikhtesham S. Chaudhry
Rosheen Chaudhry
Jibran Z. Chaugule
Aneesha Cheedalla
Michelle Chekunova
Alan Chen
Austin Chen 2
Christopher Chen
Edward Chen 2
Irvine Chen
Jiazhen Chen 1
Lily Chen
Michael Chen
Michelle S. Chen
Quan Chen
Samantha L. Chen
Shirley Chen
Thomas Chen 1
Xiangyi Chen 1
Yichen Chen 2
Yu Chen
Yulian Chen 2
Li-Wen Cheng
Sheng-Yao Cheng
Shirley Cheng
Daniel M. Chenman
Austin R. Chennault
Sujin Cheon
Nadiia Chepurko 1
Jillian M. Chergey
Elizabeth Chern
Jonathan Chernov
Julia F. Cherofsky
Leslie A. Cherry
Phanindra Cherukuri
Collin L. Chesley
Christine C. Chhatwal 2
Caleb W. Chia
Michael Chiang
Joseph V. Chiavetta 1
Neil M. Chiclayo
Hui-Chun Chien
Joyce L. Chin
Wynn Chin
Andrew Chiu
Jimmy Chiu 2
Jacquelynn L. Chmiel 2
Jeffrey H. Cho
So Y. Cho
Juho Choe 2
Jung H. Choe
Mujtaba M. Chohan
Danny Choi
Edward D. Choi
Hansol Choi 2
Hyun Kyu Choi
Oruny M. Choi 1
Phoebe Y. Choi
Rachel Choi
Timothy H. Choi
Risham Y. Chokshi
Stephen A. Cholewka
Christine Chong 1
Michelle M. Chong 2
Kartik Chopra
Vishal Chopra
Kristen S. Choucrallah
Sonali Choudhary
Farahin Choudhury 2
Mayeesha Choudhury 2
Faddel A. Chouman
Afrida Z. Chowdhury
Chase T. Christensen
Nicole T. Christie
Elias A. Christodoulou
Catherine Christopher
Catherine Chu
Jordan Chu
Nadiya O. Chuchvara
Dhruv D. Chunawala
Allen Chung
Brian Chung
Catherine J. Chung
Hanna Chung
Jeewon Chung
Kevin Chung
Sae Yoon Chung 2
Yunwoo Chung
Daniel Chunn
Kevin N. Churak
James J. Ciampi 1
Megan A. Ciampo
Morgan-Rae Ciani
Randy M. Ciarletta
Nicholas G. Ciccarelli 1
Cassandra M. Ciesla
Leeza S. Cinar
Andrew J. Cinko 2
Alexa D. Cintron
Jasmine Cintron 1
Matthew R. Cirasa
Elikemi Cisco
Jontae Claiborne 1
Michael J. Clancy
Alexis L. Clark
Eleanor R. Clark 2
Jessica L. Clark
Kelby K. Clark
Marsden A. Clarke
Elia D. Claros 2
Alex J. Cleary
Lyndsey E. Cleary
Brie D. Clemency 2
Erin Q. Clementi
Valerie A. Cline 1
Jamie Clipper
Michael R. Clothier
Jessica M. Cody
Patrick S. Cody 1
Lauren A. Coelho 2
Darby C. Coghlan
Ethan A. Cohen 1
Jeremy J. Cohen
Michelle L. Cohen 1
Yotam Cohen
Dylan Cole 1
Rachel V. Cole
Zachary J. Colello
Amanda K. Colicchio
James W. Collins
Andrew J. Collura
Pamela L. Colombani 1
Leslie A. Colon
Amelia J. Coluccio
Rob B. Colvil
Apria J. Colwell 1
Azdren Coma
Jordan E. Commer 1
Jacob S. Compton
Raul J. Concepcion
Kyle W. Concha 1
Gerrober B. Condez 1
Mark E. Conley 1
Corinne Conlin
Nicholas A. Conlon 2
Bridget M. Connelly
Christine D. Connelly
James Connelly
Derek T. Connery 1
Brittany J. Connor
Brian Connors
Sara E. Connors
Michael P. Considine 1
Gabriella L. Constuble
Catherine D. Contreras
Yamel Contreras
Alisa Convery
Esaue L. Conway
Steffany A. Conyers
Jeffrey F. Cook 1
Eric L. Cooley
Samantha Cooley
Stephanie Cooney
Allison E. Coopersmith 1
Carly B. Cooperstein
Nicholas Z. Copman 1
Kahleah L. Copper
John M. Coppinger
Renee S. Coppola 1
Alison J. Corazza
Lucas A. Corcodilos
Ana C. Cordeiro
Liandro Cordova
Samantha Y. Cordova
Jacob C. Coretti
Jessica A. Cornejo
Juan P. Correa De Ysasi 1
Daniela A. Correia
Frank T. Corso 1
Cynthia R. Cortes
Gino A. Cortes 1
John P. Cortez
Ryan P. Cosgrove
Walter J. Cosillo 1
Jeremy Cosmillo 1
Jessi P. Costanzo 2
Theresa K. Costello
Roland K. Cote 2
Paul L. Côté
John Cotton
Walik E. Cotton
Cristina D. Couceiro
Alea Couch
Linsah E. Coulanges
Daniel Couri
Joana M. Couto
Jocelyn M. Coutts
Kevin P. Cox 2
Michael T. Coyle 1
Sarah L. Coyne
Mary E. Cramer
Ray D. Cratch 2
Anthony W. Crater 2
James M. Crawford
Jessica M. Crawford
Jonathan E. Crawford
Justin R. Critelli 1
Meagan Cronin
Courtney A. Crosby
Elyse M. Crotty
David J. Crowell
Alexandra M. Cruz 2
Cesar A. Cruz
Jacqueline Cruz 1
Marvin J. Cruz 2
Rafael G. Cruz 1
Roberto E. Cruz 2
Vanessa Cruz
Amanda P. Crystal
Kyle Csak 2
Lauren Csire
Cori Lynn Cubberley 1
Cara M. Cuccinello
Alyxandra Cucinotta
Nelson Cuebas
Samantha M. Culloo
Amanda M. Cunha
Jessica Cunha
Nicole A. Cunha
Lorena Cunningham
Taylor C. Curran
Amanda H. Currell
Ian R. Curry
Laura E. Curry
John A. Curtis Jr.
Marcus Curtis
John M. Cusate 1
Victoria P. Cusimano
Nyasa Cusmai
Richard P. Cuttrell 2
Kristine I. Cybulski
Anya E. Cyr-Ohngemach 2
Samuel K. Cytroen
Nicole Czajka
Ashley E. Dabonka 1
Stephen J. Dacayanan
Joshua M. Dacy 1
Jaclyn D. Daddio 2
Holly L. D'Agostino 1
Huiwen Dai
Yue Dai 1
Nourhan S. Daigham
Keith M. Dakin
Suril U. Dalal
Divino D'Alessio 2
Colin D. Daley
Shevar Daley
Robert J. D'Alfonso Jr.
Sonya B. Dalton
Zachary H. Dalton
Kathleen F. Daly
Ryan P. Daly
Brittany M. D'Amaro 1
Stephen D'Amato
John J. D'Amico
Stacey E. Damito
Alan N. Dang 1
Gina D'Angelo
Jessica L. D'Antonio
Rachel L. Darbee
Taras Darda 1
Jiggar Darji 2
Amanda Darkhabani 2
Erin M. Darreff
Srisaisneh Dasari 1
Nisha Datt
Ambika D. Datta
Marc Dauphin
Thomas M. D'Auria
Jonathan S. David
Courtney E. Davidson
Craig A. Davidson
Ryan L. Davidson 1
Patrick A. Davies
Bayshawn R. Davis
Danielle A. Davis
Dyese K. Davis
Jason S. Davis 1
John J. Davis
Jordan T. Davis 1
Michael J. Davis
Monet M. Davis
Quintessa Q. Davis
Reginald P. Davis 2
Theresa J. Davis
Domanique Davison
Aziza Day
Charles R. Daye III
Tiffany A. Deal
John J. Dean
Michelle L. Dean
Joseph W. DeAngelis
Natalie M. DeAngelo
Sean E. DeBarbieri
Frank DeBiase 1
Nina M. Debrot
Cherylin M. DeCarlo
John M. DeDea
Nicole Deeb
Nicole DeFelice
Andrew M. DeFeo
Tracy De Frias 1
Nicole A. Degel 2
Skylar J. DeHaan
Amir A. Dehghan
Hannah M. Deitch
Alexis Dejesus
Jose A. De Jesus
Melissa L. Dejesus
Jennifer R. DeLaOsa
Martha C. de la Torre 2
Erick A. Delgado 1
Vincent Deliso
Steven A. Dellavalle 2
Christopher R.
DelleMonache 2
Jessica M. DeLorenzi 1
Sabrina T. Del Piano
Raymond T. Delpino
Martin del Prado 2
Kristian P. Del Rosario
Alexander De Luca
Alyssa A. DeMarco 2
Brian J. DeMarco
Alexandra N. Demarinis 1
Allie M. Dembner 1
Jason Dencklau 1
Joshua S. Denenberg
James Deng
Nicole P. Deniflee
Michael J. Denis
Maureen F. Dennehy
Lamayta Dennis
Allison D. Dent
Makka U. Depa
Brianna L. DePalma
Michael S. Depaolo
Jenna F. DePinto 2
Joseph Dequarto 2
Giae Surine S. Derisse 1
Paige A. DeRosa 1
Samantha L. DeRosa
Aanchal Desai
Anand Desai
Beejal D. Desai
Chirag M. Desai 1
Davel P. Desai
Kajal R. Desai 2
Pooja Desai
Shreya Desai
Siddhi A. Desai
Tulsi Desai
Ashley M. Desalvatore
Haianha Desamour
August De Santis IV 1
Swastik S. Deshpande 2
Emily H. DeSimone
Marisa A. Desimone 1
Nicolle A. De Sousa
Christine E. DeSpirito
Robertini K. Dessources 1
Hope M. Detoro
Isadora Q. Deus
Ruchika S. Devalapalli
Alexander X. DeVeau 2
Gianna A. DeVeitro
Joseph DeVita
Matthew A. Devorin
Lauren M. De Zaio
Jay D. Dhar 2
Anushka Dharwadkar
Simrit K. Dhatt
Jasmeen Dhillon 2
Puneet Dhillon
Anjli Dhirajlal
Vinita B. Dhruve 2
Joseph E. Diacheysn II
Fatoumata B. Diallo 2
Arrianna T. Diamantis
Christopher F. Dias 1
Fatou Diaw
Carlos J. Diaz
Cynthia Diaz
Diana Diaz
Luisa M. Diaz
Luz Maria I. Diaz
Nelson A. Diaz 1
Raquel Diaz 1
Madeline M. DiCicco
Ryan P. Dickinson
Brooke A. Dienstag
Brian J. DiFiore
Danielle T. DiFiore
Christian DiGiralomo 1
Jonathan Diguglielmo
Matthew J. Diionno
Dane P. Dijosie
John G. Dikmak Jr. 1
Julianna M. Dilollo
Grace M. Dimarco
Andonio C. Dimeglio Jr. 1
Eric J. Dimetrosky 2
John DiNapoli III
Joseph D. DiNardi-Mack
Tyler S. Dinetz
Yuxi Ding
Zhihong Ding 1
Emma S. Dingle 1
Jake Dingler
Justin S. Dinowitz
Rhea Grace M. Dionora
Nicholas R. DiOrio
James W. DiPierro
James M. DiPietrantonio
Lauren A. DiPietro
Maria C. DiPietro
Louisa DiRienzo Falk
Aksel K. Dirkzwager
Michael A. DiRosa 1
Rachel K. DiSciullo
Aedan Dispenza
Dominic C. DiTaranto
Atul K. Divakarla
Jamie A. DiVito
Maria S. Diwane
Eshani Dixit
Blama Dixon 2
Sarah I. Diyanidh 2
Cori M. Dobric
Saleena S. Dodson 2
Kevin J. Doherty
Erin M. Dolan
Kristen N. Domaratius
Noel Domi
Eric F. Dominach
Emily Dominguez
Krizia C. Dominguez
Patrick F. Donaghue
Lewis S. Doner
Audrey Dong
David A. Donnelly
Ryan T. Donnelly 2
Christopher J. Donofrio
Thomas J. Donoghue
Alec E. Donovan 1
Swati Dontamsetti
Megan Doorly 2
Jacqueline M. Dorey 2
Haley M. Dorian
Taralynn Dorsaint
Emmanuela Dorvilas
Manan Doshi
Mehul Doshi
Otilia C. Dos Santos 1
Priscille M. Dossekou
Megan M. Dougherty 1
Brittany A. Dove 2
Latoya D. Dove
Nicole E. Dow
Mackenzie M. Drake
Saffie I. Drammeh 2
Jessica L. Drapkin
Nicole L. Draskovics 2
Anneth Drew
Teresa M. Drew
Larysa D. Droczak
Angelika Drozd
Colin Drucquer
Kayla M. Drust
Margaret R. Dryden 1
Kevin Du
Rebecca L. Du
Stacy J. Duarte 1
Rucha H. Dubli
Demetria L. DuBose
Anthony Dubov
Katelyn DuChemin
Angela P. Duenas
Nicole L. Duffy
Sara L. Duffy 2
Evelande Dufrene
Kaitlyn E. Dugan
Gabriella S. Dumbrique 1
Katrina Dumicic
Kethia Dumont
Rajee D. Dunbar
Jeffrey T. Dunker
Kelsey L. Dunn
Makayla A. Dunne
Johnis A. Dupuis 1
Marla Durand
Kellie Durand-DeMair
Dakota C. Dutko
Matthew S. Dutton
Evie Duvert
Michael P. Dwyer
Brieanne V. Dyas
Matthew C. Dyer
Samantha L. Dyevoich 2
Adrian Dyjak
Katarzyna N. Dziadosz
Reyhan E. Early
Rebecca G. Eberhardt 2
Kathleen M. Ebert
Jessica Echeverry
Heidi K. Echternacht 1
Julie Anne Eckert 2
Kevinn Eddy
Michael C. Edelstein
Matthew R. Eder
Mark J. Edfort 2
Ryan A. Edgeworth
Nicole Edi
Carli J. Edling
Emilio Eduardo 2
Chisanim U. Egbelu
Jessica J. Eid 1
Zachary T. Einwechter
Ian A. Eisenberg
Jonathon S. Eisenstein
Fam E. Ekladious
Jasmin S. Elalfy
Samaa M. Elbery
Ziad A. El-Dackdouss
Abdullah Elgebaly 2
Aya Elgendy
Francesca T. Elghoul
Omar Elgohail
Keyanna T. Elkerson
Addington G. Elliott
Jeremy B. Ellis
Raven J. Ellis 2
Jared R. Ellman
Hesham M. Elmariah
Karim Elmorshedy
Yasmeen Elsakary
Ahmed S. Elsayed 1
Mostafa Elsayed
Salma Elsayed
Banan H. Elsherif
Amr B. Elwassemmi
Shawn T. Elwood
Eliana K. Ely
Eric W. El-Zind 2
Marie C. Emberger 2
Aaron E. Emerle
Alexander L. Emerson
Holly C. Emukah
Ashley M. Eng 1
Stephanie J. Eng
Luke J. Enzweiler
Nicholas J. Episcopo
Rebecca L. Erdelyi 1
Ian L. Erhard
Andrew L. Erickson
Allan L. Escobar 1
Kevin A. Escobar
George Eskander
Brianna E. Eskin 1
Amer Y. Esmail 2
Jheisser A. Espana 1
Shelly J. Espejo 2
Alexandra Esposito
Emily L. Esposito
Michael B. Espy Jr.
Ashley M. Esquilin
Shima Essam
Andrew Estafanous
Brenda Estevez 1
Gabriella C. Estevez
Fayola O. Etienne 2
Thomas A. Etts
Taylor A. Eutsey 2
Marjorie F. Eyong
Emeka C. Eze
Olisa Eze 2
Ifeanyi Ezeanya
Bishoy M. Ezzat 1
Tyler T. Faede
Parisa A. Fakhrzadeh
Carmen J. Falisi 1
Casey D. Fallon
Eric J. Fallone
Stephanie A. Falsetti
Samuel Fang
Zibei Fang
Celina F. Fanik
Kathleen O. Farago
Eric Farber 1
Cara A. Farella
Ashli Farfan
Farzana A. Fariha 2
Michael P. Farkas 2
Rubab Farooq
Haris Farooqi
Mohammed Y. Farooqui 2
Ryan A. Farr
Jenna M. Farra
John P. Farrell 1
Michael J. Farrer 2
Konstantine G. Farris
Rumesah Farrukh
Zaina S. Faruqi 1
Rebecca Fastiggi 1
Mayara Favarao
Eric D. Fay
Ryan J. Featherman 1
Kyle J. Federico 1
Michael J. Fedorochko 2
Crystal Fegahli
Julia C. Feggeler
Kevin T. Feigelis
Julia C. Feldman 1
Rosa A. Feliciano
Emilio E. Feliz
Jasmine Feng
Ze Feng 2
Emill Feratovic
Alexis N. Ferguson
Jamie A. Ferguson
Brittany T. Fermin
Nathalie Fernandes
Christian T. Fernandez
Jennifer C. Fernandez
Nicole Ferraiolo
Christopher V. Ferrara 1
Dylan Ferrari
Brandon L. Ferreira 2
Bruno E. Ferreira
Catherine Ferreira
Katherine Ferreira
Gabrielle Ferris 1
Chelsea K. Ferrise
Gabrielle J. Ferro 1
Alana M. Ferruggiaro
Jonathan H. Fetherolf
Lillian Feygin
Emilio J. Fiallos
Delali S. Fiawoo
Robert W. Fidler
Victoria M. Field 1
Joseph S. Fierro
Steven A. Figueiras
Luis F. Figueroa
Alyson J. Filippini 2
Michael A. Fine
Samantha R. Fine
Jaclyn Finger
Rachel B. Finkelstein 2
Kevin Finnegan 1
Colleen E. Finneran
Constance C. Fiocco
Taylor M. Fionda
James M. Fiorendino
Rella Y. Firat
Zachary B. Fischer
Elizabeth Fischetti
Lauren A. Fish
Mikhail Fishbeyn
Kimberley A. Fisher
Melanie R. Fishkin
Meghan E. Fitzgerald 2
Declan K. Fitzmaurice
Lindsey J. Fitzpatrick
Marisa R. Flacks
Justis Flamio
Graziella Flecca
Isabelle M. Fleury
Justin M. Floersch
Lorena E. Flores
Miguel Flores
Oscar M. Flores
Jaime R. Flores Vivero
Jessenia Florez
Brianna Florovito
Michael Flynn
Brian Foley
Ludovica Fonsato
Doris C. Fonseca
Leydi T. Fonseca
Andrew W. Fontana 1
Kristen M. Ford
Timothy A. Forero 1
Elana L. Forgash
Michael R. Forrest
Scott R. Forsstrom
Victor A. Forsythe
Abigail L. Fosco 2
Ben Foskett 2
Lauren E. Foss
Alexa P. Foster
Brian K. Foster
Garrett C. Foster 2
LilyAnn P. Foster
Meenhaz Foysol
Anthony C. Frabasile
Carissa M. Francis
Roshirl G. Francisco
Gabriel A. Franco
Kevin A. Franco-Gregorio
Hannah M. Franke
Daniella M. Franov 2
Danielle R. Fraser 2
Jason M. Freda
Brittany N. Freeden
Victoria Freeland 1
Jeremy L. Freidman 2
Chris B. Fretz
Telly Frias Jr.
Ian M. Friedman
Jacob A. Friedman
Jessica R. Friedman
Mordechai Friedman 2
Barak G. Frierson II 2
Adwoa A. Frimpong
Larry Frukhtman
Allyson M. Fry 1
Elias D. Frydman 1
Harry K. Frye
Alisha A. Fuino
Michael J. Fuller 2
David S. Fune
Jeffrey A. Fung
Michelle Furdyna 1
Stella Fusman
Jean Camille S. Gabat
Miquel C. Gabbidon
Alexis Gabel
Eve Gabel-Frank
Nithin V. Gadiraju
Melina Gaglias
Tamirah D. Gainer
Daisha M. Gaines
Kassandra M. Galarza 1
Maria I. Galarza
Monica A. Galas
Jennifer P. Galati
Kristen N. Galayda 2
Mark B. Galey
Victoria M. Galfo
Ryan Galinkin
Ashley H. Gallagher
Michael Gallagher
Anthony N. Gallo
Nathalia Galvis
Rosalia Gambino
Jordan M. Gamble
Jasmine Gandhi 1
Khushbu Gandhi
Vishali Gandhi
Rohan Gangireddygari 1
Dylan J. Ganguzza 1
Melanie S. Gannone 1
Alan Gao
Mack Gao
Siamak Garabaglu
John A. Garbarino 1
Miriam R. Garber
Emily M. Garcés
Courtney A. Garcia
Jhan Garcia
Paulo Garcia
Selina Mara B. Garcia
Tania M. Garcia
Victoria García
Emily R. Gardiner
Patrick E. Gardner 2
Roshaunda S. Gardner
William L. Gardner
David C. Garibaldi
Aashka A. Gariwala
Christopher J. Garofalo
Yasaman F. Garousi
Karla H. Gary
Bryan A. Gaschke
Isabella D. Gatdula
Victor H. Gatica
Jino Justine Q. Gatpandan 2
Julie J. Gatto 2
Lillie Mae Gaurano
Quentin J. Gause 1
Janhavi Gawde
Jimi Gbadamosi
Yei F. Gbaintor 1
Patricia C. Gea
Grant G. Geary
Sydney M. Gecha 2
Alexander Geci
Skyler G. Gehringer
Jenna L. Gellis
Yesica Genao
Nicholas J. Gencarelli 1
Devin Gendron
Joseph M. Gendy
Peter M. Generoso 1
Yuting Geng
Anna V. Genke
Brendan T. Genna 1
Dominic S. Gentile
Paraskevi Georgalos 2
Amber L. George 1
Joel George
Nevin George
William J. George 1
Hannah J. Gerber
Richard E. Gerdes
Mark M. Gergues
Thomas J. Gerke
Dawid Gerlach
Crystal A. Germadnig
Amanda M. Gerritsen
Valeriya Gershteyn
Jaime Geter
Christopher J. Gettel 1
Michael A. Gevertzman
Paul R. Geyer
Pasha F. Ghahreman 2
Angie Ghaly
Mitra A. Ghandeharizadeh
Jessica L. Ghanem 2
Tasnim R. Ghani
Paresh Gharia
Sara N. Ghassemzadeh
Nadine M. Ghattas
Meghana Ghattu
Rifah N. Gheyas
Melody Giannullo 1
Jeffrey W. Gibbons
Matthew B. Gibbons
Rayon S. Gibbs
Nishant N. Gidvani
Jeffrey Gignac 2
Stacy A. Gilbert 1
Briana S. Gilchrist 1
Misha S. Gill
Thomas M. Gill 1
Noelle L. Gilman
Nathan C. Gilson 1
Adam J. Ginsberg
Laura Giordano
Nicole Giordano
Kevin Giorgianni
Silvio A. Giraldo
Christopher J. Girardi 2
Sara Z. Girgis
Veronica K. Girgis
Mariah E. Giri
Meredith M. Gironta 1
Matthew J. Gitelman 1
Kelly M. Giuliano
Laszlo Glant
Eric L. Glass
Nicole J. Glass
Olivia L. Glassman
Taylor R. Gleason 2
Alexander Gleizer 1
Anastasiya Glyantseva
Lorraine V. Godinez
Tvissha Goel
Matthew X. Goetomo 1
Ravi C. Gogineni
Michael F. Going
Maximiliano Goiz
Mimoza Gola 2
Tyler B. Gold 1
Lindsay G. Goldblatt
Alexander J. Golden
Zachary M. Goldfarb
Nigel D. Golding
Matthew L. Goldman
David L. Goldmeier
Jeremy L. Goldsmith
Gowa I. Gomez
Ismelka Gomez
Lindsey M. Gomez
Joseph A. Goncalves
Alexander R. Gondek
Gregory C. Gonsky 2
Jade A. Gonzales
Kimberly E. Gonzales 2
Andrew P. Gonzalez
Christopher M. Gonzalez
Diego A. Gonzalez
Emireth Gonzalez 2
Josseline E. Gonzalez
Maria J. Gonzalez
Michelle Gonzalez 2
Stephanie Gonzalez 2
William I. Gonzalez Jr.
Yolanda González
Jonathan A. Gonzalez
Vanessa A. Gonzalez-Siegel
Richard D. Goodluck
Emily M. Goodman
Dylan S. Goodwin
Amanda N. Goonetilleke
Sweta S. Gopalan
D'Juana R. Gordon
Megan H. Gordon
Michael S. Gordon
Ryan D. Gordon 2
Katelyn Gore
Stephen Gorin
Clayton D. Goris
Swathi Gorle
Jessica L. Gorman 2
Roland W. Gorzkowski
Amber B. Gourdine
Tanvi Goyal
Erik J. Gozdieski
Henry M. Grabbe
Kelly A. Graca
David A. Grace 2
Michael Gradin 1
Brian R. Graga Jr.
Chris W. Graham 2
Joseph W. Graham III
Alexa G. Grajo 2
Alexandra R. Grambone 2
Miguel A. Granda 2
Jevaun A. Grant 2
Marquisa Z. Graves
Daniel H. Gray
De'Nisha L. Green
Ian R. Green
Samuel Green
Tyler L. Green
Evan P. Greenblatt 1
Stephanie L. Greenwald 1
Jeffrey Greer 2
Thomas J. Gregor
Anastasia Gregorakis
Louis J. Gregory
Emily L. Grejda
Daniel E. Grentz
Michael A. Griess 2
Austin V. Griffin 2
Gabrielle M. Griffin 1
John T. Griffith
Joy A. Griffith
Sean M. Griffith 1
Andrew A. Griffiths
Matthew J. Grimaldi
Christopher R. Grinthal
Brandon R. Grispart
Margaux R. Grober
Anastasia M. Groce
Taylor P. Grodzinsky 2
Sean M. Groh
Loreal Gronda
Chase A. Gross
Evan J. Gross
Samuel T. Gross
Antoinette M. Grossi 2
Dara M. Grossi 2
Carly R. Grossman
Annalita Grover
Casey M. Grover 2
Kevin J. Gruber
Christina M. Gruebert
Robert S. Gruytch Jr. 1
Jielei Gu 1
Yuqian Gu
Raymond L. Guardiola 1
Armando D. Guerrero
Marissa I. Guerrero 2
Ronald M. Gueterman Jr.
Michael M. Guggenheim
Jyoti Guglani 2
Jeffrey I. Gugliotta
Joshua S. Guirguis
Sandra E. Guirguis 1
Kamaria A. Guity
Rishi V. Gulati 2
Kyle M. Gulsby
Richanna Gunnell
Matthew T. Gunther
Shuang Guo
Abhinav Gupta
Hirsh Gupta
Shikha Gupta
Jacqueline A. Gurgone
Brandon T. Gurwitz 2
Fred Guss
Aleksandra G. Gut 2
Eduardo Gutierrez
John-Paul Gutierrez 2
Arie J. Gutman 2
Alissa R. Gutowski
Dana M. Guttman
Adam Guttzeit 1
Kevin T. Guy 1
Alexander M. Gwynn 1
Caryn J. Ha
Ireen Ha
Jenny C. Ha
Na-Lee Ha 1
Micah S. Haarklou
Stephen A. Hackler
Diane N. Haddad
Lindsay F. Haddox
Emile I. Hagblom
Ahmed Haggag 2
Alyssa S. Haggan 2
Emma Haggerty 2
Mackenzie M. Haggerty
Nicole A. Hahn
Nisa Haider 1
Nicolette R. Haines
Brandon L. Hair
Alexa T. Halasan
Amanda A. Hale
Nesya Haleva
Rahil Hali
Carly E. Hall
Justine L. Hall
Leonard D. Hall Jr. 2
Rachel K. Hall
Stephanie A. Hall
Shelby C. Hallas
Isabelle M. Haller
Evan Halliday 2
Eileen E. Hallman
Ahmad M. Hamadeh 2
Justin R. Hamann
Dina Hamdan 1
Ahmad H. Hamidullah
Christopher M. Hammarberg
Paige T. Hammond
Amanda A. Hampton 2
Banyaa Han 2
Eric Han
Jennifer R. Han
Kollin W. Handler 2
Kristin Hankerson
Kimberly A. Hanks
Molly E. Hanlon
Amanda Hanna 1
Philopatier S. Hanna 1
Veronia S. Hanna
Nicole K. Hannalla
Laura R. Hannon 1
Kenneth N. Hansen 1
Nicholas Hansen
Rosalita V. Hanson
Andrew Hao
Biya Haq
Zara Haq
Jarrod D. Harden
Curtis J. Hardenburg 1
Safia Hareema 2
Eddie L. Harold Jr.
Andrew S. Haroun
Sarah H. Harpaz
Brett L. Harris
Jaleel Harris
Christian J. Harrison
Katherine L. Harshaw
Brandon R. Hart
MaryKathryn Harte
Katherine Hartley 2
Abigail L. Hartman 2
Jillian Hartman
Timothy Hartmann Jr.
AnnMarie Hartnett 1
Christine E. Hartnett
Phylicia M. Harvey
Shatirah Z. Harvey 2
Alexander B. Harvin 2
Aumyo F. Hassan 1
Dina Hassan
Javeria Hassan
Sohaib T. Hassan 1
Syed A. Hassan
Jennie A. Hassfeld 1
Zohar C. Hasson 1
Nicholas W. Hatcher 2
Iakovos Hatzidimitriou
Steven J. Hau
Andrew N. Hauptman
Gilliann F. Haverty
Sarah Haw
Kelly A. Hawkes
Carley A. Hawkins
Christian J. Hawkinson
Christopher J. Hawryluk
Briana R. Hayes 2
Jonathan M. Hayes
Megan C. Hayes
William E. Hayes Jr. 2
Princess-B Haynes 2
Travis A. Haynes
Zari J. Haynes-Prescott
Alejandra P. Hayward
Jiabo He
Jiahuan He 1
Yuyang He
Lily M. Heberlein
Kevin R. Heck
Chris G. Heenan
Joseph R. Hefley 2
Justice S. Hehir
Christopher L. Heil
Joseph A. Heitzenroder
Taylor W. Heller 2
John Henaen
Krystal Henao
Lucas F. Henar
Ashley N. Henderson 2
Frances C. Hennessy 2
Michael K. Henni
Travis J. Henry
Jesse A. Henshaw
Russell C. Hentz
Kevin M. Heppe 2
Diana A. Herasme
Laura B. Hergert Jr.
Jocelyn A. Herman
Ashley A. Hernandez 1
Denise A. Hernandez 1
Diana C. Hernandez 2
Giselle A. Hernandez
Isamar Hernàndez 2
Karen J. Hernández 1
Richard Hernandez 2
Pablo N. Hernandez Romero
Jessica L. Herring
Max J. Herrmann
Samuel A. Hersey 1
Seema H. Hershey
Hans W. Hess
Baltsar E. Hesslow 2
Michael T. Hewitt Jr. 1
German D. Hidalgo 1
Bryan A. Higgins 1
Elizabeth A. High
Alexander J. Hilerio 2
Justin R. Hill 2
Rebecca S. Hill 2
Johanna A. Hinds 1
Kimberly T. Hipko
Pooja R. Hiremath 2
Jayde N. Hirniak
Payal J. Hirpara
Grant D. Hirschberg 2
Allen P. Ho 2
Brian K. Ho
Eric Ho
Janet Ho
Susan P. Ho 1
Timothy Zhen Wei Ho
Winston Ho
Ngoc Y. Hoang 1
Peter Hoang 2
Uri Hochfeld
Justin A. Hockaday
Blaise G. Hode
Alexandra L. Hoesly
Justin R. Hoffman
Tabitha P. Hogan 1
Olivia W. Hogg 2
Rebecca L. Hogger
Kevin G. Hojnacki 2
Da'shon T. Holder
Daniel R. Holihan 1
Andrew E. Holland 1
Joshua N. Holland 1
Jazmine L. Holley
Ryan Hollingsworth 2
Brianna Holman
Jazzmin S. Holmes 1
Jennifer N. Holt
Benjamin A. Homa 2
Jessica L. Hondo
Donna Hong
Geunhye Hong
Kimberly M. Hong
Stephen Hong
Sung T. Hong 1
Theresa A. Horan
Tiffany Horn 2
Eric B. Horowitz
Danielle E. Horr
Irene V. Hort
Zachary Horvath 1
Faisal Hossain
Rebecca J. Hou
Leonie M. Houndode
Ayah Houshieh
Tyreek R. Houston
Andrew Howarth
Patrick D. Howarth
Danielle Howe
Arlind Hoxha 2
Raquel J. Hrabinski
Ann C. Hsieh 1
Zhejing Hu
Mengtao Hua
Alex L. Huang
Alice Huang
Julia Huang
Kristen F. Huang
Tianhuizi Huang
Xin Huang
Aldo M. Huayhua 1
Ankita Huckoo
Austin M. Hudgins
Robert J. Hughes 2
Ryan L. Huie 1
Madeline J. Hulsey
Walter L. Hummel III 1
Clara H. Hung 1
Richard W. Hunt Jr. 1
Danielle R. Hunter
Man-Ting Huo
Ryan Huo 1
Amaan Huq
Jamile D. Huq 2
Grace K. Hur
Gregory L. Hurd
Emily M. Hurley
Cesar A. Hurtado
Nicole Hurtado
Kathryn Hushon
Abdurraqib Hussain
Christina N. Hussain 1
Murtuza Z. Hussain
Navera Hussain
Nowair Hussain 2
Malik M. Hussein 2
Conor E. Hussey 2
Jordan S. Hutnik
Benjamin M. Hutt
Eric R. Hutton 2
Christopher L. Huynh
Tram V. Huynh 2
Inyoung Hwang 2
Jun S. Hwang
Ann P. Hyatt-Stewart
Caroline L. Hydden
Jalen K. Hyde 2
Paul J. Hyduke
Michael E. Hyland
Heather J. Hyon
Paul J. Hyun
Anthony J. Iadisernia
Adeima U. Ibanga
Nneoma T. Ibe 2
Albert Ibrahim 1
Amrou Ibrahim
Sadia Ibrahim 1
Daniela Idarraga 1
Samantha Iellimo 1
Bianca Ignacio
Steven A. Ignarra
James J. Ihn 1
Ria Iizuka
Anthony D. Ikotidem
Defne E. Ildiz
Daniel S. Ilg
Lamisa Imam 1
Cassandra L. Inacio 1
Milagros A. Incle
Peter S. Infantino 2
Joshua A. Ingram 2
Marc Lorenz Intal 1
Michelle R. Iozzia
Salvatore A. Iozzia
Bailey L. Irelan
Jennifer M. Irizarry 1
Nicholas F. Isaya
Saad N. Islam
Oliver Islambouli
Farida Ismail
Yasmaine S. Ismail 2
Ayah F. Issa
Menatallah Y. Issa
Alexandrin Itile
Krista L. Iuliucci 1
Samanvita Ivaturi
Karen Izaguirre
Mark A. Izrailev
Alec Jacinto 1
Amanda M. Jackson 2
Danielle Jackson 1
Gabrielle C. Jackson
Nicole M. Jackson
Phillip M. Jacobelli
Lauren H. Jacquish
Emily M. Jadus
Amanda A. Jaen
Michael J. Jagacki
Shreyas Jaganmohan
Mohammed Jahama
Ahmad Jamal
Nima Jamalkhani
Soham A. Jambhekar
Devin M. James
Kaprice R. James 2
Paul James 1
Rachel V. James
Rodney D. James
Ross H. James 1
Tishawnie James
Angela R. Jan
Hayoung Jang
Sally S. Jang
Sung Jai Jang
Michael E. Jankovich
Shruthi Jannapureddy
Jonathan Janota 2
Katherine G. Januszka 1
Mouna Jaouad
Charles M. Japa
Mitchell S. Jarabe
Jacklyn T. Jardel 2
Jessica C. Jasionowski 1
Elizabeth N. Jaskiewicz
Ashley V. Jasko
Maheen Javaid
Aisha Javed 1
Vikas Javed
Jessica Jaw
Guerline Jean
Corinne G. Jean-Louis 2
Francis J. Jedlinski 2
Nakea I. Jeffers
Samantha W. Jeng
Jamill M. Jenkins
Brent W. Jennings 1
John M. Jennings
Nicholas D. Jensen
Jim O. Jeon
Yuna S. Jeong 2
Lorenza Jerez 1
Dhavni P. Jethwa
Cory A. Jett
Nidhi Jha
Sapna P. Jhangiani
Yifei Ji
Feifan Jian
Pengfei Jiang
Quanzhou Jiang
Yuan Jiang 2
Andrew A. Jillions
Jasmin Jimenez
Julian Jimenez
Odalys J. Jimenez-Castano
Stephen Jin
Swetha Jinka
Heena M. Jiyani
Richard Joffe
Michael Johansen
Kerri L. Johnsen
Alexandra C. Johnson 2
Annaliese L. Johnson
DeVaughn V. Johnson 2
Ebony Johnson
Jacklyn A. Johnson
Melissa C. Johnson
Mitchell L. Johnson Jr.
Brittney M. Jones
Ciera E. Jones 2
Jacqulin Jones
Janay L. Jones
Kyle Jones 2
Letitia K. Jones 1
Rachel Jones
Robert E. Jones
Sameerah R. Jones
William S. Jones
Arlena B. Jordan
Connor Jordan 2
John D. Jordan
Taylor R. Jordan
Rodrigo H. Jordy 1
Ashley G. Joseph
Judy Joseph
Naomi E. Joseph 2
Samantha Joseph
Natasha Joseph-Williams
Hansa Joshi
Nupur K. Joshi
Tanya D. Joshi 1
Gavin R. Joswick 2
Soumya Josyula
Min Kyo Joung
Jacqueline A. Journick
Lindsay D. Joyner
Vanessa M. Jozefek 2
Daniel H. Ju
Jung-Jin S. Ju
Zheng Ju
Devon T. Judge
Nikolas C. Juhasz
Courtnie Julien 2
Andrew D. Jung 2
Jaeho Jung
Jiyoung Jung
Isabel A. Juniewicz
Monika Jurgowska
Aubrey J. Kaale
Jahanara J. Kabir 1
Krunal A. Kabrawala
Daniel J. Kacsmar
Kenneth J. Kaczka
Karan Kadaru
Bhavana Kadiyala
Jeremiah M. Kahanec
Safa A. Kahany
Alan M. Kahn
Zoryana Kahuy 1
Matthew L. Kaiser
William A. Kaiserman 1
Apoorv Kakar
Rania G. Kalad
Vikas Kalia 1
Olivia Kalinowski
Manraj K. Kalkat
Mark C. Kalladeen 1
Fatma B. Kallon 1
Gleb A. Kalmykov
Ashanti M. Kalonji
Anish C. Kalra 2
Ansh Kalra 1
Maanaza Kalsee 2
Edressa K. Kamal
Samrah Kamal
Mahmoud M. Kandil
Erin C. Kane
Brendon S. Kang 2
Esther Kang
Jeffrey Kang 1
Julia D. Kang 1
Sarah J. Kang
Thomas M. Kang
Yoonkoo Kang
Daniel R. Kanis
Bharath Kannan
Vaishnavi Kannan 1
Elizabeth A. Kantor
Mariam Kapanadze
Anna A. Kapengut
Catherine A. Kapigian 2
Aliza I. Kaplan
Alyssa A. Kaporch 1
Neal Kara
Ilija Karafiloski
Cemal Karagoz 2
Tyler J. Karalewich
Samantha Karas
Jordan T. Karausky 1
Joseph S. Karbowski
Brittany A. Karch
Peter N. Karkantzelis
Keith S. Karol
Nora E. Karol
Joseph E. Karpenos
Joyanna N. Karuga 2
Monica V. Karwowski
Jaya A. Kasa
Harika Kasireddy 2
Adem Kastrati
Anshu Kataria
Louis H. Katchen
Avery S. Katko
Hayley M. Katkowski
Melissa A. Katz
Steven Katz
Danielle S. Kaufman
Esther N. Kaufman
Rebecca J. Kaul
Gagandeep Kaur 2
Harmandeep Kaur
Harveen Kaur
Karenjot Kaur
Prabhjit Kaur
Prabjeet Kaur
Ramandeep Kaur
Tarandeep Kaur 1
Anne B. Kavalerchik
Nicole A. Kay
Lindsey A. Kayati
Derrica D. Kearney 2
Connor P. Keating 1
Joseph A. Keats
Leigh A. Keely
Jessica S. Keenan
Amanda Keesser
Melissa A. Kelleman 1
Christopher S. Kellenbach 1
Steven G. Keller 1
Elizabeth H. Kelly 1
Jaclyn A. Kelly
Sheila L. Kelly 2
William T. Kelly
Courtney A. Kemner
Rachel A. Kemp 2
Brian T. Kempf
Joseph Kennedy
Gabriella M. Kenny
Kristi M. Kenny
Tayeb J. Kenzari
Ravit Keren
Matthew A. Kessler
Zane A. Keyes
Mamta Khachane 2
Kelly Farah S. Khadam-Hir 2
Suhayb S. Khadri 1
Timothy V. Khalil
Raj K. Khamar 1
Ashar Y. Khan 2
Faizan A. Khan
Julian C. Khan 2
Kashif Khan
Mishal Khan
Naiha Khan 2
Raja Khan 2
Ruma Khan
Sana Khan 1
Shaheema Khan
Waqar Khan 2
Zahra H. Khan
Devina Khanna
Sahil Khanna
Ghanwa N. Khawaja
Parul M. Khosla
Shawmaf Z. Khubba
Bethann Kiely
Dakota G. Kievman
Varsha Killada 1
Alison H. Kim 2
Allen Kim 1
Andrew H. Kim 1
Ashley S. Kim 1
Benjamin J. Kim
Bong J. Kim
Brian J. Kim 2
Carl D. Kim
Chung Ah Kim
Da Bin Kim 1
Dae Wi Kim 2
David H. Kim 2
Derek S. Kim
Diana Y. Kim
Doohyun Kim 2
Eonseon Kim 2
Fiona Kim 1
Gaeul Kim 1
Hakseong Kim
Harry I. Kim
Hayoung Kim 1
Hee J. Kim 1
Helen H. Kim 1
Hyun Ug Kim 2
Hyung Jin Kim
Jason J. Kim
Jeannie Kim
Jee Yeon Kim
Jenny Kim
Jeongsoo Kim 2
Jin Seon Kim 2
John Kim 2
Joshua Y. Kim
Julie Kim
Jung Hyun Kim
Justin Kim 2
Kevin J. Kim 1
Michelle Kim 1
Michelle H. Kim
Mona J. Kim 1
Morris Kim 2
Natalia F. Kim
Rebecca Kim 2
Richard S. Kim 2
Roy Kim
Sophia S. Kim 2
Stephanie Kim
Sujin Kim
Sungyol Kim
Tae-Min A. Kim
Veronica Kim 1
Ye Chan Kim
David B. Kimmel 2
Danielle E. King
Meagan King
Nitin M. Kini
Kenneth E. Kirksey 1
Sally M. Kirschen 2
Taylor E. Kirschenbaum 1
Christian M. Kittel
Joshua F. Kitzler
Jordan A. Kizmann
Matthew A. Klein
Anna M. Klele
Brian W. Kleszyk
Boris Klimushkin
Christopher Klinchik 1
Eden D. Klinger
Thomas J. Klink 2
Wesley M. Kliwinski 1
Nicole M. Klock
Vanessa A. Kloss
Brian R. Klovert
Rebecca G. Knott
Atina Knowles 1
Calvin Knox 2
David K. Knutson 1
HyunJae Ko
Sorab Kochhar 1
Ramazan Koci 2
Nicholas R. Kofman
Kelly A. Kohaut
Kaitlin J. Kohut
Edmund F. Kolakowski 1
Melisa Kolani 1
Teresa H. Kolenski
Shina R. Kolisetti
LakshmiSanghavi Kolisetty
David J. Kollender 2
Siri C. Kolli
Kimberly N. Kolodny
Christina Kolovos
Kimberly R. Kolvites
Veronica I. Komisarek
Asami Kondo 1
Derrick Kong 2
Jonathan Kong 2
Justin Kong 1
Wen P. Kong 1
Jaclyn R. Konkowski
Han Pyul Koo 1
Seton S. Koons
Jason T. Kopacz
Melissa A. Kopko
Christopher J. Kornreich 1
Jessica Kostyra 2
Aum A. Kotecha 2
Jaineel Kothari
Julia Kotliar 1
Santhoshi Kotrike
Michael T. Kovarik
Leo Kozachkov
David E. Kozak
Neil R. Kpamegan 2
Lukas A. Kraft 2
Timothy M. Kraft Jr.
William F. Krakower 1
Lauren A. Kramer
Cindy K. Krampah 2
Andrew R. Kraus 1
David M. Kraus
Heather M. Krause 1
Jessica Kraus-Lavy
Spencer N. Krawiec
Keneavy Krenzin
Kaitlyn M. Kresz
Brian A. Kreuder
Genry B. Krichevsky
Joshua D. Krieger
Tyler M. Kroft
Emma R. Krug
Robert F. Kruger
Adrianna O. Krul
Ashley S. Krul
Richard W. Krupczak
Elvira G. Krupnik 1
Hui-Tzu Kuan 2
Kimberly A. Kuan 2
Christina A. Kubrak
Megan Kubrak
Corey W. Kuebler
Antonio Kuilan
Jason S. Kuklinski 1
Kelly Kulakowski 1
Natalia Kulesza 1
Teja A. Kulkarni
Anisha Kumar
Ankush Kumar 2
Janani Kumar 1
Nishitha Kumar
Trishna Kumar
Uma D. Kumar
Vignesh S. Kumar
Alex M. Kungu 2
Michelle K. Kuniewicz
Nicholas D. Kunze
Karin Kuo
Stephen L. Kuo
Anthony Kurda 2
Billie J. Kurek
George Kuriakose 2
Jenita J. Kurian
Matthew W. Kurkela 2
Danielle M. Kurlander 2
Steven J. Kurnentz
Varsha Kurup
Sulagna Kushary
Alyssa N. Kushner
Jonathan D. Kuzmick
Michael I. Kuznetsov
Jeffrey A. Kwok
Ardana Kwong
Marianna C. Labib 1
Rebecca L. Labinger 2
Janine Laboy Gonzalez 2
Nicholas J. LaBrocca 1
Emilio J. La Fontaine
Renz B. Lagarde
Robert C. Lages 1
Jeevana K. Lagisetty
Antigona Lajqi 2
Inayah Lakhani
Dylan J. Laloo
Angela A. Lam 2
Christina H. Lam
Courtney Lam
Fu Lun Lam
Mel B. Lamagna 2
Danielle C. La Maine
Niyah J. Lamar
Matthew G. Lambert
Priyanka Lamichhane 2
Valarie R. Lampkin-Hudson 1
Aniya Lampley
Lin Lan
Brielle E. Landis
Lorén N. Lando
Geoconda Landy
Kellie M. Lane 2
Alexander J. Langel 2
Justine M. Langman
Jordan A. Langsdorf
Henry C. Lanier
Benjamin Y. Lao
Carlos A. Lara
Conor S. Larkin 2
Carolyn M. LaRue
Tatiana E. LaSasso
Alexandra J. Lassa
Tracey Lattimer
Allen Lau
Kyle J. Lauber
Nathalie O. Laurent 2
Els J. Laureysens
Logan D. Lautt
Kendall J. LaValle
Danielle M. LaVecchia
John R. LaVecchia 1
Caitlin M. Lavery
Cheyanne J. Lawrence
Jamie A. Layne
Michael P. Lazaropoulos
Jijo T. Lazzar
An N. Le
Christina Le
Daniel Le
Khang Le
Kim H. Le
Kimberly Le
Michael Q. Le 1
Rebecca A. Le
Cara A. Leahy
Talita M. Leal
Darrin J. Leary
Noelle Le Blon
Blake S. Lebrew 1
Rayshawn J. Ledet
Albert J. Lee
Andrew Lee
Andrew Y. Lee
Bing Lee 1
Brandon A. Lee 1
Brian J. Lee 2
Busub Lee
Chia Chen Lee 1
Chiseon Lee
Christina Lee 2
Daniel H. Lee
Daniel S. Lee 2
Daniel S. Lee
David J. Lee 1
Grace Lee
Ha R. Lee 1
Hwi Yun Lee
Jae Young Lee 2
Jasmine S. Lee
Jennifer Lee
Jessie E. Lee
Jinhee Lee 1
Jinny Lee
Jonathan Lee 1
Jong-Hoo Lee 2
Joshua Lee
Juwon Lee 2
Kevin Lee
Kevin T. Lee 1
Lily Lee
Nicole G. Lee
Rebecca Lee
San Lee
Sang Youp Lee 1
Sarah Y. Lee
Sequoia Lee
Seul Bi Lee
Seungbeom Lee
Sherry Lee 1
Sung Jin Lee
Timothy Lee 2
Won Jun Lee
Ye Ri Lee
Yoo Kyoung Lee 2
Young Kyeong Lee
Jackson E. Leech 1
Andrew J. Leedom 1
Mallory J. Leibman
Laura W. Leichtman
Stephanie M. Leiva
Francesca B. Lenard
Jason W. Lent 1
Lawrence Leo
Genesis Leon
Sean Leonard 2
Gabrielle A. Leonchuck 2
Sean Leong
Lindsay M. Lerdo
Jordana A. Leskowitz
Einzen R. Lespinasse
Maxwell T. Letson
Joanne Leung
Emma K. Leuschen
Hait M. Leuva
Adam J. Levenstein 1
Renee I. Leventon
Maximillia R. Levin
Yuriy Levin 1
Daria A. Levitsky
Brandon J. Levy 1
Tolby F. Lew
Danielle R. Lewis
Jennifer F. Lewis
Jessica A. Lewis 2
Cynthia A. Lewitter 2
Bo-Han Li
Brenda Li
Bryan S. Li
Danlei Li 1
Eva Li 1
Ge Li 2
Grace Li
Jiaying Li
Kunting Li
Min Li 2
Ruidan Li
Jane M. Liang
Miya I. Liang 1
Shiochee V. Liang
John D. Licciardello 2
Kristin S. Licciardello 1
Andrew W. Liebau
Jacob N. Lieblich
Vivian Liew
Cheliza M. Ligot
Daniel Lim
Dong Gu Lim 1
Kaila T. Lim
Valerie Lim
Yang Seob Lim 1
Christopher Lin
Hongjie Lin
Jasmine J. Lin
Jenny Lin
Jianzhang Lin
Kevin Lin 2
Kimberly K. Lin
Linda Lin 2
Tesia Lin 2
Tianyun Lin 2
Victor Lin 1
Brian M. Linares-Ponce 2
Alexandria Lind
Sean M. Lindenau
Susanna K. Lindquist
Claire K. Linegar
Irene R. Linet
Morgan T. Ling 2
Jennifer A. Lippencott
Sydney L. Lipskind
Stephanie D. Lipuma 2
Natalie I. Lisandro
Miriam Lisci
Rachel A. Lisner
Paige A. Lispcome
Mercy A. Lister
Jennifer N. Litkey
David C. Little
Erica Little 1
Kimberly A. Little 2
Lindsey J. Little 1
Michael S. Littman
Daylen Q. Liu
James Liu
Junyao Liu 2
Le Liu
Shuhan Liu
Xiao Liu
Xiaoming Liu 1
Zelan Liu
Zhuoyao Liu 1
James M. Livengood
Elaine A. Livingston 2
Hayley D. Livingston
Evangelia Livitsanos
Oscar B. Lizarzaburu
Ryan P. Lizotte
Alissa M. Lloyd 1
Jeffrey C. Lo
Maritsa Loaiza-Duenas
Katherine E. Loane
Linda Z. Lobato 2
Kathryn D. Lobo
Michelle K. Locke
Briana M. Lockman
Jay Aldrin A. Locquiao
Ricardo J. Logan 2
Stephen M. Logan
Tyrone M. Logan 2
Kristen R. Logue 1
Morgan M. Logue 1
Rudra K. Loka 1
Chisara London
Gurpreet K. Longia 2
Megan E. Longo 2
Michael J. Longo 2
Ryan Look
Alyssa B. Loonam
Alexander T. Lopez
Arieliz Lopez 2
Caitlyn Y. Lopez
David E. Lopez
Karen Lopez 1
Nicole Lopez 1
Tiffany M. Lopez
Christopher P. LoPresti 2
Courtney T. Lord 1
Lucas J. Lorenz 1
Tara S. Lorenzetti
Katya Lostan 1
Jaclyn H. Louie
Patricia Louissaint
Ashlie Love 1
Gabrielle M. Loveland
Rosenique Lovius
Vanessa A. Loyola 2
Diana Lu
Jeffrey Lu
Jiayu Lu
Kejiazi Lu
Kevin Lu
Michael Lu 2
Tiffany X. Lu
Justin T. Luckenbaugh
Sabrina Luisi 1
Aaron J. Lukaszewicz
Daniel M. Lumer
Keith L. Lumpkin Jr. 1
Oleksiy R. Lunhu
Zhengchen Luo
Hoa Q. Luong
Andrea L. Luongo
Nicholas A. Luppino
Mitchell H. Lurie
Garrett V. Luzadder
Padric I. Lynch 1
Patrick M. Lynch
Jordan J. Lyon 2
Brandon A. Lyons
Jasmine K. Lytle
Yunpeng Lyu
Sirui Ma
Linda P. Maa 1
Christine Mac 2
Maribel G. Macalintal
Trevor R. MacCormack 1
Ashley N. MacDonald
Ashley M. Machalany
Emily K. Maciejak
Joseph M. Mack
Khayri J. Mack 2
Dylan Mackinnon
Rimsha Macktoom
Christopher J. MacLean
Steve M. Macmillan 1
Matthew R. Macneille
William N. Macomber
Michael Madden
Dresden G. Maddox 1
Kimberly Made 1
Yasmina Madeira
Danielle C. Madera
Prajna Madhusudhan
Julia M. Madison
Natalie J. Madurski
Emma J. Magaw
Tia R. Magenheim
Nicole A. Maglio 2
Jesse J. Magliulo
Duha Magzoub 2
Kausalendra S. Mahadas
Shweta Mahajan 2
Rebecca L. Mahan
Sara E. Mahanirananda
Noor Mahmood 1
Ramsha Mahmood
Sabira Mahmood
Natalie M. Mahoney
Simone Mahoney
Garrett M. Mailley 1
Orrin P. Main 1
Andrew F. Maiorino 2
Alec M. Mais 2
Yousaf Majid 2
Parth G. Majmundar
Brandon Major
Pamela Makadsi 1
Brian Makar 2
Tania Makker 1
Diana L. Malandruccolo 1
Jessica R. Malat
Andrés M. Maldonado
Jonathan E. Maldonado 1
Justin J. Maldonado 2
Meghana Malepati
Nicole L. Malerba 1
Daniel J. Maley
Eric C. Malheiro
Harleena Malhotra
Drew L. Mallardi
Emily A. Malley
Taylor A. Mallon 2
Troy R. Mallory
Jacqueline E. Malzone
Praveen Mamidanna 2
Christopher D. Mammarella
Jairahna B. Manalastas
Marc Manansala
Neema R. Manappuram
Sabrina Manasse
Isaac J. Manayath
Leslie C. Mancilla
Melissa K. Manderski
Michael A. Manfredo
Marc T. Mangano
Nicole Mangold 1
Michael Manhart
Soufia G. Mankarious 2
Navneet K. Manko
Michael Mann 2
Zachary T. Manna
Christopher W. Manning 1
Daniel N. Manning
Ta'Tyana T. Manning 2
Angela Mannino
Ryan Manns
Samantha L. Manochio
Adithya Manohar
Allison E. Manolis
Athanasios L. Manos
Jose I. Manotas
Hector D. Manzano
Kerry Jade C. Manzano
Ashley N. Manzo
Nicholas Manzo
Esha Manzoor
Momina Manzoor 2
Yuying Mao
Jacob J. Marascio 2
Leonardo J. Marcelin 1
David W. Marconi
Mitchell C. Marcus
Marcus V. Marella
Emmanuel Marfo 2
Nana Marfo 1
Jenna A. Margelis
Kathleen D. Margeotes 2
Andrea Marin
Christian N. Marin
Karenn Marin
Edward J. Marines
Carlito Marino
Gianna M. Marino
Holly M. Marino
Kirby J. Marino
Kathleen Mariquit
Kristen R. Marley
Marisa A. Marmaro
Srinayani Marpaka 1
Joyce E. Marquez 2
Tiffany A. Marra
Jennifer A. Marrazo
Monica F. Marrone
Camila A. Marte
Chrisnelson Marte 1
Henry J. Marte
Bianka P. Marte-Perez
Chloe Martianou
Kaitlyn M. Martin 2
Nicholas D. Martin
Emily C. Martines
Andrew J. Martinez
Brittany A. Martinez
Elizabeth A. Martinez
Fernando Martinez
Itzeel J. Martinez
Juan C. Martinez
Katlyn L. Martinez
Marly Martinez 1
Melissa Martinez
Shianne C. Martinez
Tatiana A. Martinez
Erika Martínez
Alexandre G. Martinho
Kelly J. Martins
Anna Luiza Martins
De Mello E Souza
Marena A. Marucci
Joseph J. Masitti 1
Jessica N. Massoni
Michael D. Masterton 1
Michael T. Mastrangelo 2
James P. Mastronardi 2
John W. Masusock
Anna L. Maszera
Ted I. Matalon
Dana F. Matarlo
Caitlyn M. Matchick 2
Linda L. Mathai
Ajit S. Matharu 2
Benjamin G. Mather
Alvin Mathew
Ashley Mathew
Ashni A. Mathew
Rebecca Mathew
Michael R. Mathews 1
Vanessa Mathieu
Sanya M. Matin 1
Arcadio Matos Jr.
Mickey Matos 2
Sanjana Matta
Caitlin T. Mattera
Mikaela Matthews
Christina Mattina
Kenneth C. Maurer 1
Sean D. Maurer 1
David J. Mayer 1
Zaniah D. Maynor
Marlon A. Mayor
Aldo J. Mayro
Faith R. Mayse 2
Taylor N. Mayweather
Alyssa C. Mazanec
Victoria Mazzella
Kevin M. McArdle 1
Connor S. McArthur
Brianna A. McBean 2
Evan L. McBride 1
Megan C. McBryde
Laurell G. McCaffrey
Alexis F. McCagh 2
Jamel A. McCall
Daniel H. McCann
Stephen E. McCann
Courtney R. McCarrick 1
Megan McCarron-Haber
William F. McCauley
Jaime S. McClennen
Kaitlin C. McCloskey 1
Nicole F. McCloskey 2
Christina R. McCollum 2
Marissa McCorkel
Ryan A. McCormack
Kelly R. McCormick
Stephen E. McCroskery
Brianna A. McDaniels
Michael W. McDavitt
Ainjel N. McDonald
Christine F. McDonald 1
Edward McDonald
James P. McDonough 2
Dominique McDyer
Matthew P. McElgunn
Ryan C. McFadden 2
Shireena T. McGee
Ian McGeown
Lauren E. McGettrick
Christina G. McGinnis
Justin McGinnis
Marisa L. McGlone
Kathleen R. McGlynn
Mary F. McGowan 2
Renée McGowan
Samantha K. McGowan
Michael V. McGowen
Connor P. McGrann 2
Lindsey M. McGuiness
Jonathan C. McGuire
Nicole McGuire
Robert J. McIntyre 1
Melissa M. McKinney
Victoria R. McKnight
Jordan B. McKoy
Allison M. McLaren
Summer Rae McLaughlan 1
Caroline R. McLean 1
John P. McMahon 2
Emily E. McMaster 2
Nicole J. McMonagle
Caitlin S. McMorrow
Brett J. McNamara 1
Kiara N. McNeil
Paul G. McNeil Jr.
Joshua R. McNulty
Kanya M. McRae
Jarrett F. Mead
Michael J. Meade
Nolan A. Meade 2
Eric M. Meadow
Emma E. Meany
Brandon P. Mears 2
Christopher L. Mearsheimer 2
Joseph L. Mecca
Alana J. Meccia
Manisha R. Medidi
Alexis L. Medina 2
Dean L. Medina
Justen P. Medina
Theresa M. Medina
Sairah Mae L. Medinaceli
Ernesto A. Medrano Jr. 2
Bhargav V. Meghpara
Michael Meguire
Alia Z. Mehdi 2
Aalok N. Mehta
Aarti Mehta 2
Ashay Mehta
Dweep Mehta
Gunjan Mehta
Hetali Mehta 2
Nishank N. Mehta
Ria B. Mehta
Saloni A. Mehta
Catherine Mei
Andrew J. Meier
Aaron C. Meinero 1
Alexandra L. Melara 2
Michael L. Melchione
Lawrence M. Melillo 1
Jennifer L. Meller
Esther B. Mellul
Kathryn A. Melton
Alexandra L. Melvin
Breann E. Memolo
Parrykumar Mendapara
Eric J. Mendelsohn
She'Reva B. Mendenhall
Alejandro Mendez 1
Alexis L. Mendez
Ramon M. Mendez-Morales 1
Arleth Mendoza
Jocelyn Mendoza
Sindy L. Mendoza
Caitlin N. Menello
Sreedhar Menon
Victor A. Mensah
Djwany Mera 1
Steven R. Mercadante
Amanda Mercado 1
Melissa M. Merino-Goni 2
Ian W. Mertz
Marisa N. Mesar 1
Leenore Mesica 1
Erica M. Mesinger
Mariel K. Meskunas 1
Matthew R. Mettler
Laura M. Metzenroth
Brad Meyer 2
Seema Mian
Ratna Nishanthi Michael
Kaylan Michas
Andrew P. Micoli
Volodar M. Migovich
Katharina B. Miguel 1
Oscar A. Miguel 1
Cody J. Mikesell 1
Jacob Mikhail 1
Mary M. Mikhail
Michael Mikhail
Mina Mikhail
Michelle L. Mikhno
Vladimir V. Mikhol
Lisa H. Mikolajczyk 2
Kamila Mikos
Vesna Miletic
Gabriela Milian
Victor Jomel T. Militar
Surayya Millar
Andrea L. Miller
Cara M. Miller
Chaim Miller
Douvae S. Miller
Jacqueline S. Miller 1
Jennie M. Miller
LaJuan G. Miller
Rachelle L. Miller
Samantha B. Miller 1
Sarah A. Miller
Zachary A. Miller 1
Greg Minassian
Amber L. Minnick
Emad Miqbel
Alisha F. Mir 2
Cadeliz Mirabal
Expedito Sean B. Miralles
Erika A. Miranda
Gabriel P. Miranda
Sara L. Miranda
Misha Mirhashemi 1
Maheen Mirza 2
Manahal M. Mirza 1
David A. Mishaan
Caitlin R. Mishell
Rebecca G. Missal
Alexandria Z. Misthos
Parth P. Mistry 1
Garrett M. Mitchell
Jamila K. Mitchell-Johnson
Regina M. Mitossis
Mark A. Mizrahi
Julia W. Mlicka-Anderko
Michelle C. Mlynaryk
Brian Y. Mo
Daniel Moallem
Kyrollos Moawad
Krista M. Mobbs
Thomas A. Mobley 2
Joanne D. Modesto
Pavitra Modgil
Nicole L. Mogar
Jessica Mogilever 2
Namrata Mogilisetty
Sukla Mohajan 1
Nigma A. Mohamed 2
Samaa Mohamed
Tayyaba F. Mohammad
Cherise V. Mohammed
Rida H. Mohammed
Ajeet Mohan
Divya Mohanraj
Peter M. Mohr
Sabrina Z. Mohsin
Mhyles Mohun 2
David J. Mojica
Nettie Mok
Ryan M. Molin
Brian A. Molina 1
Nicolette C. Molina
Rousselle P. Molina 1
Sergio A. Molina
Meaghan I. Molloy
Scott R. Monaghan 1
Frans A. Moncayo
Andres Monroy
Danielle M. Montana
Michael J. Montemarano
Marie-Emmanuelle A.
Michael Monto
Valeria Montoya
Zachery D. Montuori
Stephen G. Moodie Jr. 1
Sarah S. Moon 1
James T. Mooney
Abbey S. Moore
Alexander H. Moore
Azur Q. Moore
Julia N. Moore
Raanan B. Moore
Shannon K. Moore
Stephen E. Moore 2
Robert X. Moorman 1
Charlotte Morabito
David Morales 2
Julio V. Morales Carrera
Ashley K. Moran 2
Catherine M. Moran 2
Sharyn D. Moran
Skarleth Moran
Zachery J. Moran 1
Margaret A. Morash
Nicole D. Mordarski 1
Karina Y. Morel 2
Gabriele T. Moreno
Marvin J. Moreno 1
Alison M. Moretti
Alexander D. Morgan 1
Gabrielle Morgan 2
Harrison L. Morgan
Herbert J. Morgan IV
Leslie N. Morgan
Luke I. Morgan
Victoria Morgan
Jaimese Morris
Jason R. Morris
Shira R. Morris
Tiffany A. Morris
Deena A. Morrison
Ameera E. Mortagy
Anna L. Mortillaro
Somina Mosaku 2
Thomas W. Moscinski
Michael Moser
Tahneesha N. Moses 2
Aiyana L. Mostello
Shravan Motipally 1
Jay Motwani
Morgan L. Mowers
Gabrielle S. Moya
Samantha A. Moyal
Kelly A. Moyer
Danielle N. Muccino
Anam Z. Mucklai
Melvin S. Mui
Amanda T. Mulder
John P. Muldoon
Michelle L. Mulé
Ryan M. Mulhollem
Cassandra L. Muller 2
Patrick D. Mullin
Parminder Multani
Prabhjit S. Multani
Thomas J. Mulvaney
Anthony S. Mulvihill 1
Rebecca L. Mulvihill
Maleeha Mumtaz 1
Laura M. Muneton
John S. Muneyyirci
Patrick J. Munkacsy 1
Issayana Munoz
Daniel J. Muñoz 1
Faizanahmed I. Munshi
Joseph T. Munson 1
Paul R. Muolo 1
Abdulqadir Mur
Amer A. Mur
Tatevik Muradyan
Siddharth Murali
Tyler A. Murdock
Conor J. Murphy
Evan J. Murphy
Lauren N. Murphy 2
Michael J. Murphy 1
Patrick B. Murphy
Sara E. Murphy 1
Tim F. Murphy 2
Aidan T. Murray
Elizabeth I. Murray
Kristin A. Murray 1
Neil P. Murray 1
Paul A. Musso
Mohamed J. Mustafa 2
Nasir Mustafa 2
John C. Musumeci
Sai S. Musunuru
Patrick J. Muth
Ramasamy Muthuraman
Trisha M. Muzones 2
Joann Mysliwiec 1
Naser Nada
Nida Nadeem
Joshua C. Naehr
Niharika Nagar
Sanya Nagpal 2
Charles F. Nagy
Ankit B. Nagzarkar 1
Nicholas R. Nahrwold
Harsh D. Naik 2
Pooja A. Nair 1
Christopher R. Nalwasky
Chul Namgung 1
Gulshandee Nandha
Marc Nantel
Ali R. Naqvi 1
Tahira Naqvi
Jorge W. Naranjo
Saigeetha Narasimhan 1
Swathi Narayan 2
Adam C. Nardelli 2
Jorge I. Narváez 1
Charles S. Nary
Alexandria R. Nash 1
Yasmine Nashed
Nada Nassr
Ezra M. Nathan
Krupa Nathan
Mark E. Natividad
Sara B. Natkins 1
Christine A. Nau
Megan V. Naudts
Shiri Y. Nawrocki
Frank Nazario
Yassmeen Nazzal 1
Kevin K. Ndukwe
Ebere Ndumele
Brian Nealon
Scott R. Neaves
Frances Nedler
Christian J. Negri 2
Sarah M. Neiheiser
Eitan B. Neiman 1
Amber Nelson
Ashley Nelson 1
Derrick T. Nelson
Catherine G. Nemeroff
Scott N. Nerotto
Michael A. Nesci 1
Siri M. Nesheim
Olivia G. Nesnay
Zachary B. Ness
Danielle S. Neuman
Jake C. Newcomb
Matthew T. Newman 1
Michael P. Newman
William Newman
Dylan R. Newton
Amanda Ng
Andrew Ng 1
Elaina E. Ng
Jessica Ng 1
Lavina Ng
Matthew T. Ng
Rebecca C. Ng 2
Steven C. Ng
Timothy Ng
Vivian Ng
Diana Ngo 1
Onesmas N. Ngugi
Brian P. Nguyen
Dieter Nguyen 1
Kristy Nguyen 2
Linda L. Nguyen
Peter B. Nguyen
Sammy T. Nguyen 2
Sang H. Nguyen 1
Terry D. Nguyen 2
Thanh T. Nguyen 1
Vi Nguyen
Vyvian K. Nguyen
Siyang Ni
Tianyou Ni 2
Austin M. Niblett
Rhiannon-Nicole Nicas
Jessica C. Nicewicz 2
Matthew J. Nichay
Gabrielle J. Nierenberg
Erin M. Nigro
Benjamin Nir
Jonathan P. Nitti
Matthew R. Nixon
Azif A. Nizar
Epiphania I. Njoku 1
Taylor Noé
Tabitha Noel
Lucas M. Nogueira
Hyunseung A. Noh 2
Ji Min Noh
Benjamin E. Noland
Edward R. Nonnenmacher 1
Rebecca M. Noonan
Alanna Noor
Rachel M. Norcross
Darius J. Norman 2
Lubna H. Nour
Ariane Joy M. Nova
Dylan J. Novack
Jared A. Novak
Allen Nowak
Samantha M. Nowling
Christopher A. Nueva
Jordan E. Nulty 1
Anchi B. Numfor
Denise Nunez 1
Jeanelly Nuñez 1
Chinwe V. Nwankwo
Nicole Nyiszter
Kaitlyn M. Oates
Catalina Obando
Stephanie C. Obiorah
Sara K. Obnial
Brendan M. OBrien
James O'Brien 1
Meredith R. Ocetnik
Silvia A. Ochoa Benitez 2
Christina R. O'Connell 1
Michael J. O'Connell 2
Juliana Odame-Labi
Christine S. O'Dea
Courtney E. O'Donnell 1
Felicia M. O'Donnell
Sean M. O'Donnell 1
Matthew J. Oeftering
Jeffrey J. Oey
Maame K. Offei
Ogu'Ike Offoaro
Ruth R. Ogega 2
Leah M. Ogrodnik 2
Ugochi J. Oguh
Folaranmi T. Ogunfemi 1
Dahye Oh
Daoun Oh
Eun Ju Oh
Jennifer Oh 1
John H. Oh 2
Myungjoo Oh 1
Michael R. O'Handley
Kirstie L. O'Hara 2
Timothy O'Hearen 2
Stephanie Ohn
Jacob I. Ohring
Melissa Ojeda 1
Mimi R. Ojserkis
Chukwunwike P. Okafor Jr.
Nneka B. Okafor 1
Kyle J. O'Keefe
Tyler D. O'Keefe 1
Babajide A. Okesola
Martina C. Okolo 2
Jessica L. Okun
Abayomi Olaogun
Dennis J. O'Leary III 2
Victoria M. Oliva
Alice G. Oliver 2
Michael J. Oliver 2
Christine J. Oller
Bianca M. Olsen
Adeola J. Oluyemi
Esther O. Oluyemi
Nancy Olvera 1
Ali Omar
Morenike O. Omoniyi
Isoken Omwan-Ehioba 1
Alana J. O'Neill
Ellen M. O'Neill
Kelly T. O'Neill
Sarah Ong 2
Chioma A. Onwumelu
Chinelo J. Onyebeke
Chiemeka M. Onyechi
Sherin V. Oommen 2
Michael J. Oppong Jr. 1
Kwasi Oppong-Manu
Jillian H. Orban 2
Jasper Royce J. Orcino
Amy A. Oringer
Jessamine L. Orlino 2
Dmitri Orlov 1
Christina M. Orme
Caroline A. O'Rourke
Emily S. Orr 2
Zachary J. Orsino 2
Daniela Ortega Toro
Alana P. Ortiz
Carolyn Ortiz 1
Giovanni Ortiz
Kelly Ortiz
Emily E. Osbahr
Jennifer M. Oscherician 2
Breta Osei-Bonsu
Esther T. Osei-Wusu 2
Aladeyemi F. Osho
Adebayo A. Osinuga
Sade C. Osuji
Kasey O'Sullivan 2
Jaclyn Otero
Sammy Othman
Vanessa M. Otto 1
Jiajun Ou
Samantha J. Ouellette
Yara Ourfali
Dominick Ovalles
Brittany J. Oviedo 2
Dionne B. Owens 2
Matilda A. Owirodu 1
Jesse Owusu
Samuel O. Oyeniya 2
Motolani E. Oyetunde
Bryan J. Oyola
Sacide Ozbek
Marcus Allen Reynier
Rodrigo A. Pacheco Curro
Patricia Pacis 2
Daniel M. Pacitto
Matthew D. Paczolt
Sanyogita S. Padhye
Grayson J. Paglia 2
Daniel S. Pagliuso
Daniel H. Paik
Mariah L. Painter 1
Liesel A. Pajarillo 1
Angela Pak
Daniel Pak
Haley Paladino
Mathew A. Palakudiyil
Julia L. Palazzo
Jordan K. Paley
Diana M. Palhete
Renee E. Palkovics
Emma W. Pallarino
Vanessa M. Palma
Ian D. Palmer
James R. Palmer
Jordan A. Palmer 1
Kevin G. Palomo
Tess C. Palumbo
Dan Pan
Junyu Pan
Shanni Pan
Pooja Pancholi 1
Spandan Pandya
David M. Panella
Andrea P. Pang 1
Tiffany Pangandoyon
David J. Pangilinan
Kevin Pangilinan 1
Stephanie R. Pansini 1
Joseph T. Paolantonio
Matthew J. Paoletti 1
George D. Papadakis 1
Nicole M. Papadopoulos
Mariana N. Papaianni
Kostantinos E. Papakostas
Paul M. Pappaceno 2
Ashok Para
Randika D. Parakramaweera
Stephanie C. Parchment
Tiffany S. Parchment
Aditya D. Parikh
Darshana S. Parikh 1
Reshma Parikh
Shaili S. Parikh 1
Shayari Parikh
Nicholas E. Parisi
Cindy Park
Emily J. Park
Hoeun P. Park
Jay Eun Park
Jennifer Park
Jennifer A. Park
Katherine S. Park
Michael Park 2
Sang Keun Park 2
Sejin Park 2
Seong Bin Park
Soojeong P. Park
Sung Man Park
Thomas T. Park
Timothy Park 2
Brighid Parker 1
Camille M. Parker
Joshua D. Parker
Michael ParkJung
Stephanie R. Parlacoski
Deven P. Parmar Govindji
Melissa Parrado
Jose Parrish
Morgan D. Parrish
Stefanie N. Parrott 2
Gregory R. Parry
Cameron C. Parsey
Anthony D. Partite
Amy N. Passaro 1
James A. Pastena
Melissa A. Pasternak
Nicholas J. Pastic
Casey L. Patchunka 1
Aesha Patel
Akash Patel
Akash A. Patel 2
Ami J. Patel
Aneesha H. Patel 1
Anjali T. Patel 2
Ankita B. Patel 2
Avani Patel
Bharav N. Patel
Bhavin B. Patel 1
Bhavin J. Patel 2
Chandni J. Patel
Cherali J. Patel 2
Darpan P. Patel 2
Darshan N. Patel
Darshit A. Patel
Deepali R. Patel 2
Deev H. Patel
Devang Patel 2
Dhara Patel
Dhara R. Patel 2
Dharti A. Patel
Dhavalkuma P. Patel
Dhruv N. Patel
Dhruv R. Patel
Disha A. Patel 1
Divyen K. Patel
Hardik K. Patel
Harnishkumar V. Patel
Harsh K. Patel 2
Harsh K. Patel
Heer M. Patel 1
Hursh S. Patel
Indrajit K. Patel
Jay Patel
Kinjal U. Patel
Krishan Patel
Krishna Patel
Krishna D. Patel 1
Krut R. Patel
Kruti R. Patel
Manish S. Patel
Maulik Patel 2
Maya B. Patel
Mayur Patel
Meera Patel 1
Megha B. Patel
Megha K. Patel
Megha M. Patel 2
Mihirkumar Patel 1
Milap A. Patel 1
Mitul M. Patel 1
Nandini Patel
Neeket Patel 1
Neelam Patel
Neval Patel
Nikita Patel
Nima Patel
Pariket N. Patel
Parth J. Patel
Parth V. Patel
Pooja Patel 2
Pooja Patel
Pooja G. Patel
Pooja M. Patel
Pranav Patel
Preet S. Patel
Priya M. Patel
Priyal Patel
Pruthul N. Patel 1
Purvi D. Patel
Purvi N. Patel 2
Ragi Patel
Raina P. Patel
Rajan A. Patel 2
Rajvi D. Patel
Ravi S. Patel
Reema U. Patel
Richa Patel
Riddhi P. Patel
Roma M. Patel 2
Ronak R. Patel 1
Roshni Patel
Rudra A. Patel
Sagar H. Patel 1
Sahil C. Patel
Sajana Patel
Sejal M. Patel
Shelli I. Patel 1
Shivam C. Patel
Shreya K. Patel 2
Shruti A. Patel 2
Smit N. Patel
Somakshi Patel
Sujish K. Patel 1
Sweetie Patel 1
Sweety C. Patel
Tapan Patel 2
Tarang G. Patel 2
Vaibhav Patel
Vidhi A. Patel
Vishal H. Patel
Vishal T. Patel
Vraj B. Patel
Zalak P. Patel 1
Zankhesh Y. Patel 1
Zeel R. Patel
Daniel A. Paterson
Michael B. Patrick
Nicole S. Patrick
Jacob H. Paul
Christina E. Paulsen
Lindsey M. Pavlis
Matthew A. Pawlowski 2
Courtney J. Payne
Brandi A. Peacock
Melissa L. Peck
Nathalie M. Peck
Jacqueline Pecora
Andrew J. Pedrini
Daniela M. Pedulla
Eugenio Pelaez-Silva 2
Michael A. Pelidis
Amy K. Pellbring
Robert P. Pellegrino
Gabriella A. Peluso
Stephen M. Pemberton
Yessica Pena
Natalia A. Peña-Leyton
Teng F. Peng 1
Akil J. Pennant 2
Taylor L. Pennell
Sai M. Pentyala
Christopher Peralta
Gaurav Perarasu 1
Grace V. Percy
Javier N. Perdomo
Jessica A. Pereira
Tatiana J. Pereira 2
Simone G. Pereira-Barboza
Daphne Pereyra
Fabiana A. Pereyra 2
Cynthia Perez
Jessica P. Perez
Julio I. Perez
Maica A. Perez 1
Matthew N. Perez 1
Michael W. Perez
Melany L. Perez-Esteva
Alexa L. Perillo
Nicholas J. Perinelli 2
Lillian Periut
Angela S. Perkins
Dominique A. Perkowski
Diana I. Perpignan 2
Antonio P. Perret
Michael W. Perrien 1
Carmen J. Perrone
Nicholas R. Perrone
Anthony M. Perrotti
Taylor L. Perrucci
Alyssa N. Perry 2
Nadia A. Persaud 2
Gregory J. Persico
Heer Perwani 2
Joseph J. Pestonit
Erin H. Petenko
Matthew R. Peterson 1
Vanessa L. Petite
Kara Petrillo
John R. Petrini Jr.
Joseph O. Petrocelli 1
Rudolph Petrole 2
Bryan J. Petrone 1
William E. Petrone
Nicholas Petroni
Jason T. Petti 2
Cassandra Petty
Andrew L. Pezza 1
Franklin Pezzotti 1
Morgan S. Pfaff
Larry Pham
Leslie Pham 1
Tran Jacqueline H. Phan
Vincent Phan 1
Michelle M. Philip
Taariq D. Phillips
Ayana M. Phoenix
Connie Phung
Ngan B. Phung
Thomas J. Piccirello
Mary Piechowicz
Brandon Pierce
Justin Pierotti
Monishka Pierre
Shirin Pillai 2
David Pineiro
Ravinder S. Pinghlia 2
Christian Pingol
Jade L. Pinheiro 1
Nicholas A. Pinilla
Monica Pinlac
Julian B. Pinnix-Odrick
Kathleen Pinon
Cristina Pinto
Jessica O. Pinto
Stephanie M. Pinto 2
Zeeshawn Piracha
Khizran Pirmohamed
Brianna M. Pirro
Alexandra K. Pisack
Nicole M. Pisack
Natalia Pizarro-Valencia 2
Dominick A. Pizzano
Rachel A. Pizzolato 1
Agata H. Plachta 1
Alyssa K. Plan 2
Daniel M. Plant
Talia N. Plaut
Nicholas W. Pleeter
Emily Podhorcer
Vaughn L. Podlogar
Annamarie Poggi
Kelly Poggi
Christine M. Pohl
Victoria L. Pojawis
Edelly Polanco
Phillip J. Polentarutti
James M. Poletaev
Katherine M. Poliakoff
David R. Policarpio 2
Bethann N. Polinsky
Ean-Jabriel Polke
Dominic Pollere
Toni L. Pollitt
Ashley E. Polukord
Celso L. Pombo
Laura A. Pomykala
Nisam A. Ponery
Nizmi Ponery
Kelsey J. Pontarollo 1
Stephanie A. Poon 1
Filip W. Poplawski 1
Nicole T. Poplawski 1
Michael N. Popowych
Cody K. Porcoro
Kiana Y. Porras
Sherly K. Porsenna
Daniel J. Portacio
Isaac J. Possible
Amirah K. Postell 2
Joshua Posternock
Philip J. Potter 1
Charles M. Powell
Kyle W. Powers 2
Matthew B. Pozo 2
Tejus Pradeep
Benjamin L. Prakopcyk
Robert D. Pregno
Leela K. Prendergast
Christopher J. Presby
Erik D. Presby
DeShonna P. Prescott
Dominick A. Presti 2
Mikhail Prigozhiy
Terika A. Prince 2
Tiyana S. Prince
Nicholas J. Principe 2
Egypt E. Pringley
Tyler C. Proctor 2
Katerina Prodromou
Victoria Proto
Julianna M. Provenzano
Madison Z. Provorny
Anthony S. Prudente Jr. 1
Michael B. Puerari
Ryan P. Pugliese
Samantha Puja
Daniel Pukaluk
Robert E. Pulchny
Sri H. Puli 1
Notrece E. Pullock
Jeremy B. Punla
Rhea Mae Punla
Magdalena A. Purchla
John Puzio
James K. Pyhel 1
Crystal J. Pyne
James S. Pyon
James S. Pytell Jr.
Natalia E. Pyzdrowska
Naila Qavi 1
Janna J. Qiao
Karen Quach 2
Shahirrah V. Quarles 2
Wildania E. Quezada
Laura Quijada 2
Danielle D. Quinn 1
Alina Quinones-Moleiro
Valerie A. Quintana 2
Daniel A. Quintin
Jose A. Quito 2
Kamran Qureshi
Nikolaus J. Rabajda 1
Swarna Racha
Olivia Radziszewska 1
Aditi Rafalia 2
Mohammad Rafiq
Brian J. Ragas 1
Deborah D. Ragbir
Rahul Raghuraman
Edward A. Rago
Janina F. Ragudo 1
Angelo D. Ragusa
Christopher A. Ragusa
Amina Rahimi
Saifur Rahman
Seam Rahman
Tasnim E. Rahman
Ryan G. Raimann
Utkarsh Raj
Sam J. Rajasingam 1
Hiral Rakholia
Adam A. Ramadan 1
Yasmin H. Ramadan
Kruttika Raman
Krystina G. Rambaran
Khaya O. Ramcharita-Dillon 2
Michael P. Ramdat
Jennelle Ramdeen
Nikhila Ramesh 2
Diana Ramirez
Krystle R. Ramirez
Luis A. Ramirez 1
Moyses E. Ramirez 1
Sebastian Ramirez 1
Michelle Ramjug 1
Benjamin P. Ramlackhan
Desiree Ramos
Hernan Ramos
Jonathan O. Ramos
Kevin F. Ramos 1
Onely Ramos 2
Jonathan Ramrup
Aakash Rana 2
Ameena A. Rana
Amna Z. Rana
Pooja P. Rana
Rahul Rana
Sagarika D. Rana
Shanie Rand 2
Alexander M. Randise
Vani G. Ranganath
Divya V. Rao 2
Somnath Rao
Sreya Rao
Deep A. Raole
Salvatore A. Rapisardi
Kashan Rashid
Scott J. Raslowsky Jr.
Mihir Rastogi
Nisha Ratanpara
Melissa L. Ratcliff
Rebecca I. Ratero
Kristal A. Ratliff 1
Utsav Ratra
Kyle D. Raucci 1
Kirsten S. Rauffer
Anthony J. Ravino
Chandni Ray
Madhuri Ray
Tanya Ray
Kyle L. Raymond 2
Reena Razdan
Ziyad Razeq
Simone A. Readdie
Katelyn Realpe
Gregory R. Reardon 2
Anthony Recchia
Phillip J. Rechani
Andrea L. Recine 1
Catherine A. Reeves
Michael J. Reggiani
Sarah Regha
Keith R. Regis 1
Allison E. Regna
Philip A. Rego 1
Julia A. Regula 2
Lindsey A. Rehe
Saba Rehman
Conor P. Reilly
Laura Reilly 1
Shannon B. Reilly
Colleen E. Reinhardt
Robert D. Reiss
Dillon Reitmeyer
Margot Rejaud
Christopher J. Remmett
Angelina M. Renahan
Alexis J. Renner
Max P. Reo
Jed R. Reodica 2
Matthew A. Resch
Christopher J. Reutlinger
Kiiosche Revan 2
Matthew C. Rexroad
Ana Christina V. Reyes
Karl Reyes 1
Leynette Reyes
Jaime E. Reynoso 1
Abraam M. Rezkalla
Jungwon B. Rhee
Seoho S. Rhee
Gina Rhim
Lindsey K. Rhinesmith
Karen A. Rhoades
Faizan U. Riaz
Brian L. Ribeiro 2
Benjamin G. Riccardi
Julia Riccardi
Jason T. Ricciardi
Michael J. Riccitelli
Rebecca G. Rice 1
Molly C. Rich
Kyle Riconalla 2
Henry P. Ridore Jr.
Sarah E. Rieger 2
John N. Riggio 2
Denny A. Rimong
Joseph A. Rinaldi
Cynthia P. Rincon
Larissa V. Rindosh
Ercilia C. Riordan
Joanne M. Rios
Taylor M. Rios-Geczik 1
Philip J. Ripperger 2
Conor W. Risi
Jonathan M. Risinger
Katherine M. Ritter
Samantha L. Ritter
Brian Rivas 2
Michelle Rivas
Mirna A. Rivas
Amilia M. Rivera
Joseph B. Rivera 1
Victor M. Rivera
Juan A. Rivero 1
Fatima H. Rizvi
Peter M. Rizzi Jr. 1
Christian Rizzo
Nicole A. Roatti
Victoria A. Robell 2
Zoi A. Roberson 1
Danlet K. Robert
Carter S. Roberts 1
Donalene V. Roberts
Jake D. Roberts 2
Scott C. Roberts
Katherine D. Robertson 2
Jasmine Robinson
Kyle J. Robinson
Uriah Robinson
Markus D. Robinson-States
Jennifer N. Robles
Julianne Roca
Emily R. Rocca 1
Jeffrey Rocha
Gilbert J. Roche
Jocelyn S. Rock
Alexa A. Rockenstein
Nicholas J. Rodgers
Christina L. Rodio
Ronald Rodrigo
Andre Rodrigues
Christopher J. Rodrigues
Jessica P. Rodrigues
Ariel N. Rodriguez
Dorilee Rodriguez
Emmelie Rodriguez 2
Ernesto J. Rodriguez 1
Jennifer Rodriguez
Justin N. Rodriguez
Kelly Rodriguez
Madelyn A. Rodriguez
Maria R. Rodriguez 1
Mariela Rodriguez
Nicole M. Rodriguez
Robert J. Rodriguez
Sarah M. Rodriguez 1
Christopher M. Roeck
Julia A. Roehrich
Kristen A. Roettger
Michael Rogan
Branford A. Rogers
John R. Rogers Jr.
Tony S. Rogers
Albert Roh 1
Andrew P. Rohrman
Jason Rojas
Isaac R. Rojer
Wyatt V. Rojo
Evan Rokoszak 2
Sara K. Rolfsen-Kohn
Carla A. Roman
Krista M. Roman
Alyssa V. Romano
Carla M. Romano
Edward G. Romano
Nicoletta M. Romano
Adam J. Romatowski
Nicole Romeo
Michael A. Romero
Jessica A. Ronan
Elizabeth Rondos
Catherine S. Rong
Yehui Rong
Gabriel Ronquillo
Roel Ronquillo
Ashley M. Roome 1
Jonathan T. Ropke
Darline Rosa Gonzalez
Carolina Rosario 1
Christopher Rosario 1
Luz A. Rosas
Tyler P. Rosati
Jake D. Roseman
Sara J. Rosen
Moshe Rosenbaum
Jeremy L. Rosenberg
Joshua E. Rosenberg
Tess E. Rosenberg
Luke D. Rosenberger 1
Karen Rosero
Jessica Roshkovan
Ashley P. Rosman 1
Keith C. Ross 2
Alexander E. Rossi
Joseph Roth 1
Lindsey A. Roth
Claire-Marie Rothéa
Ari S. Rothman
Samuel E. Rothman
Alex A. Roudenskiy
Shoubhik Roy 2
Joshua Rozenberg
Lisbeth C. Ruano
Brendan M. Ruckert
Travis A. Rudic
Nicholas C. Rudinski 1
Claudia Rugama 2
Karen A. Ruiz 2
Mercedez S. Ruiz
Tyler G. Rule
Daniel J. Russell
Erica M. Russell 1
Ann E. Russo
Anthony J. Russo
Christopher M. Russo
Gianluca Russo
Michelle Russo 1
Orlando R. Russo
Jenna B. Rutsky
Jessica P. Rutyna
Matthew J. Ryan
Shawn Ryan
Matthew Ryfa
Lisa S. Ryoo
Keun Seung Ryu 2
Magdoleen Saad
Shahd Saad
Lauren A. Saar 1
Victoria L. Sabatini 1
Angie A. Saber
Dev Sabharwal 2
Maeda Saboor
Rebeca A. Saborit 1
Shawn R. Sacchi 1
Dylan J. Saccoccio
Ruth S. Sachariah 2
Kanika Sachdeva
Gabrielle M. Sacheli
Gabriel Sadek 2
Sabika Sadiq
Ryan B. Sadler 1
Yelena Sadykov
Israa Saed 1
Sohaib Saeed 2
Katelyn R. Saeger
David D. Sagastume
Abhishek Saha 1
Heba S. Said
Omneya S. Said 1
Siddarth Saini 2
Francis J. St. Fleur 1
Nadianie Saint Fort
Yvanna M. Saint-Fort
Amna Salam
Raiqa Salam
Sergio D. Salas
Martin J. Salazar
Steven Salazar
Catherine Salcedo
Michael A. Salcido
Ramzy Saleh
Sabera Saleh
Thomas J. Salerno
Abanobe Salib
Anthony E. Salierno
Claudia N. Salinas 2
Humberto Salinas
Christopher M. Salkowitz 1
Gervona J. Salley
Mary Salvaggio
Francesca R. Salvani
Christopher M. Salvatore 2
Tyler J. Samani
Subhasree Samanta 1
Khalid W. Samarrai
Bettina M. Samson 1
Adam H. Samuel
Christina R. Samuel 1
Desirée D. Samuel 2
José C. Sanchez 2
Juan C. Sanchez 2
Ninfa C. Sanchez 2
Manuel R. SanchezGonzales 2
Ricardo Sanchez Ortegon
Alexander J. Sandberg
Christiana M. Sanders
Jenna T. Sanders 1
Mohammad U. Sandhu 2
Elizabeth R. Sandler
Adam J. Sandve
Alyssa N. Sanfilippo 2
Brandon C. Sang
Alexa Mae A. Sangalang
Gisel Santamaria
Paul A. Santiago
Michael Santitoro
Russell J. Santomenna
Emily A. Santoro 2
Christina O. Santos 2
Jeffrey J. Santos
Kayla Sapalio
Christiana M. Sara 2
Nishita D. Saraiya
Vikram Sarath
Veronica L. Sardiña 2
Sandra J. Sargie
Ria Sarkar 2
Roxanne Sarmiento 1
Taylor R. Sassman
Justin L. Sasso 2
Isaac D. Sasson
Firas Sattar
Chelsey P. Saturne 2
Zaid Saulat 1
Chanel Saunders
Harnish P. Savalia
Margarita Savchuk
Alexis Savva 1
Matthew Sawaged 1
Stefanie Sawirs
Dylan R. Scaccetti 1
Peter A. Scandariato
Alexandria L. Scanlan
Terence Scanlon
Robert Scardilli
Mary T. Scarpati 1
Nicholas J. Scarpelli 2
Michael D. Scarrone 2
Marina N. Scarth
Anthony J. Scatorchia
Ajeé C. Schaeffer
Collin J. Schaffhauser
Amanda J. Schechter
Jake Scheiner 2
Cecilia R. Schiavo
Rosalind E. Schick
Tyler Schlesinger
David C. Schmid 1
Adam G. Schmidt 1
Alexandra J. Schneeberg 1
Monica L. Schneider 1
Liam Schober
Jeffrey M. Schopka 1
Dakota R. Schrantz
Christine M. Schreiber
Timothy A. Schrettner
Allison L. Schroeder 2
Alexandra P. Schroeter 1
Matthew S. Schuckert 1
Jacob R. Schuhardt
Jake W. Schuler
Stephanie Schulman 2
Rebecca Schultz
Kelly C. Schulz
Jason S. Schum 1
Eric T. Schuster
Jason A. Schwartz
Jason L. Schwartz 1
Lindsey P. Schwartz
Michael D. Schwartz 1
Daniel J. Schweighardt
Troy D. Schweighardt
Ryan J. Schweikert
Austin L. Schwerzel
Adam K. Schwing
Michael Schymanski
Elizabeth F. Scian
Nicholas J. Scipione
Jessica Scott
Briana D. Scull
Justin R. Scuorzo 1
Victoria A. Searles
Rana K. Sebak
Helen L. See
Shashank S. Seeram
Asha M. Seetharamu
Anshu Sehgal
Robert E. Sehringer 2
Magda Seiden
Carl A. Seitz
William Sellitti
Michael W. Sellitto
Nicole P. Selterman
Giselle Sena
Paige N. Senatore
Julie A. Sendner
John D. Seo 1
Junsuk Seo 2
Ye-Won Seo 1
Tunko Serazi
Francis J. Serge 2
Ka'Rita C. Sergeon
Elizabeth O. Seroczynski
Ashley A. Serrano 2
Johanna B. Serrano
Jenna Serritella 2
Menaka M. Seshadri
Mark A. Setaro 2
Vivek Seth 1
Geet Sethi
Shweta Sethi
Justin T. Settembrino
Roberto C. Severini 1
Bielka M. Severino 1
Christie L. Seyglinski
James S. Shadle
Rachel B. Shafrir 2
Anush K. Shah
Arusha N. Shah
Bhavin Shah
Deep R. Shah 2
Dhrumi Shah
Hardi B. Shah
Harshil P. Shah 2
Jaydip P. Shah
Juhi T. Shah
Karan H. Shah 2
Kesha Shah
Ketul S. Shah
Khushbu R. Shah
Krishna Shah 1
Krunal K. Shah
Kruti H. Shah
Kunal Shah
Manali Shah
Megha A. Shah
Mihir G. Shah
Nikita Shah 2
Nimit N. Shah
Nisha Shah
Pavan P. Shah
Prutha Shah 1
Raj S. Shah 1
Rajvi J. Shah
Ravina Shah
Reema S. Shah
Reema V. Shah
Rohan S. Shah
Roma Shah
Roshni Shah
Ruhil Shah 2
Sahil Shah
Sanat Y. Shah 2
Sangini M. Shah
Sheetal S. Shah
Shivani S. Shah
Varun V. Shah
Viral P. Shah 1
Shaheena Y. Shahid
Waleed Shahid
Sana Shaik 2
Hira I. Shaikh 2
Salah Shaikh
Olivia Shaker
Michael Shamovsky 1
Clare E. Shanahan
Regan D. Shaner
Vidhi H. Shanischara
Brian C. Shank
Ashley L. Shanley
Deepak K.
Yashsavi Sharad 2
William H. Sharkey
Gauri Sharma 2
Nikitaben Sharma 1
Palak Sharma
Srishti Sharma
Urvashi Sharma 1
Varun Sharma
Brittany R. Sharoff
Katherine Sharp
Asiah M. Sharpe
Skye Sharpe
Ava K. Shaw
Brianna C. Shaw
Samantha G. Shaw
Amanda R. Shaw-Koehler
Daniel Shedlovskiy
Ryan M. Sheehan
Theresa J. Sheen
John P. Sheeran
Michelle Sheika
Daniel Shek 2
Malik J. Shell 1
Heeten J. Shelley
Jie Shen
Joshua J. Sheng
Sohan K. Sheth
Sonam H. Sheth
Sanath S. Shetty
Stacey R. Shewitz
Alan D. Sheynberg
Abbie Shieh 1
Benjamin Shim
Jae K. Shim
Jun Bo Shim 1
Corey Shin 2
Hyun J. Shin
Seung Yun Shin
Rosalyn Shlafman
Jason A. Shlossman 1
Ezra A. Sholom 2
Anton Shor
Branton Shpilevski
Kayla Shrestha 1
Priya Shroff
Kevin Shu 1
Reed L. Shuttle
Alexander R. Siangpipop
Kelly A. Siberine 1
Terry Sica Jr.
Jacalyn A. Sickels 1
Avani H. Siddhapura 1
Atif H. Siddiqi
Sana Siddiqui
Varunvir Sidhu
Fatima Sidiqee 2
Saliha Sidiqee 1
Max Sidoli IV 1
Ryan H. Siegel
Diana V. Siegel-Garcia
Andres C. Sierra
Derek Sierra 2
Natalie G. Sigismondi 1
Nicholas D. Sili 2
Daniela P. Silva
Lindsey E. Silvera
Gianna N. Silvi
Michael A. Simmons
Nadirah A. Simmons
Justin A. Simone 1
Eric C. Simpkins
Hayley L. Singer
Michael Singer
Reid A. Singer
Avneet Singh
Dilpreet Singh 1
Gagandeep Singh
Gurkaranvir Singh
Gurpreet Singh 1
Jagdeep Singh 2
Jai P. Singh
Jarnail Singh 2
Kawandeep Singh
Manpreet K. Singh
Navneet K. Singh
Prakriti Singh
Pritya Singh
Ranvir Singh
Risheepaul Singh
Sehaj S. Singh
Vivek Singh
Samir Singhal 2
Monica P. Sinha
Prasant K. Sinha
Eric J. Sinke
Aditya Sitwala 2
Thankam P. Sivadas
Nicole A. Sivilli
Kaitlin A. Skamarak
Kayla I. Skibicki
William E. Skidmore Jr. 1
Kelly E. Skovron 1
Jessica L. Slahor
Meghan I. Slattery 1
Rebecca M. Slinkard
Allison D. Slonaker 1
Eric T. Slover 2
Melanie T. Slowinski
Xianna L. Smalls
Alexander P. Smith
Briana L. Smith 2
Britnie C. Smith
Christopher A. Smith 1
Clayton M. Smith
Francis E. Smith
Gabrielle Smith 1
Jeffrey L. Smith
Kelly J. Smith
Laura K. Smith 2
Meghan E. Smith 1
RaeLynne N. Smith
Sade Smith
Stephanie E. Smith
Summer Smith
Ashby L. Smith-Carrington 2
Peter J. Smoke
Victoria E. Sneden
Ian E. Snieckus 2
Ugne Sniraite
Audrey M. Snow
Brian Snyder 1
Ian B. Snyder 2
Raymond W. Snyder
Bat Zion Sober
Kamil M. Sochacki
Sophia Sofocli
Adelah Sohail 2
Shehzeen Sohail 2
Yasmin Sohail
Kassandra M. Soldevilla 1
Jacqueline R. Sollazzo
Alexander J. Solomon
Olesya Solouk
Matthew P. Solowsky
Stephen J. Soltys
Aditya Somasundaram
Anthony J. Somma Jr.
Jae W. Son 2
Eric H. Song
Guanchen Song 1
Jasmin N. Song
Kristin Song
Xiaoqing L. Song
Chirag B. Soni
Prajay Soni
Rusit V. Soni 1
Arnold G. Sooklall
Hakan Sora
Glendy Soriano
Sheiry Soriano 2
Kelsey I. Sorrell
Evelyn Soto 2
Gabriel Soto 2
Marc S. Soto 2
Erica Sousa 1
Christopher F. Sowa
Xhulia Spahiu
Stephanie Spallone
Carlie M. Spencer 1
Julian R. Spevack 1
Joseph Spicuzza
Julia Spivak
Breanne S. Springstead
Tyler M. Springsteen
Jessica R. Sprogis
Mounica Sreedhara 1
Anshuman A. Srivastava
Radhika Srivastava
Jack M. Stabile
Michael R. Stafford
Andrea Standish
Lashona S. Stanford 2
Lindsey M. Stangl
Eugene A. Stanton 1
Ariel F. Stanziale
Qaira L. Stead
Kathryn R. Stebick
Alice Steel
Malcolm V. Steele
Angela Steffe
Amanda M. Steger 2
Branden M. Steinagle
Alexis G. Steiner 2
Joshua E. Steinman
Alexis L. Stephen
D'Annette L. Stephens
Wallace C. Stephens III 1
Kristen L. Stephenson
Cody Ster 2
Samantha A. Sterba 2
Ethan J. Stern 2
Mallory F. Stern
Gillian S. Stetekluh 2
Alexandra A. Stetson 1
Paige J. Stevens
Ian G. Stewart
Imani T. Stewart 2
Patricia L. Stewart
Darius Still
Amanda K. Stima
Joanna M. Stiner
Brenda Stolyar
Laura J. Stone
James W. Storm 2
Christina M. Stout
Alyssa G. Straight
Aria Straus
Jared V. Strauss 1
Nina Strazdas 2
Victoria Strong
Trixy A. Struck 2
Christopher A. Strzalka
Dylan A. Stump
Samuel J. Stymeist 1
Tzehuan Su
Elizabeth A. Suarez
Shaun I. Suarez
Nolan Math K. Sucdad
Anna J. Sudbury
Gary T. Suen
Eitan Sufian 1
Yousrah S. Sukkar
Daniel P. Sullivan 2
Maurice L. Sullivan Jr. 2
Yuuta G. Sumioka
Olalekan N. Sumonu
Nicholas M. Sun
Tiffany S. Sun
Christopher J. Suseck
Kaitlyn N. Sussman
Kandarp S. Suthar
Krupal S. Suthar
Jack M. Sutphin
Laura A. Sutter
Grace F. Suttle
David S. Sutton
Julia Sutula
Matthew J. Suydam
Mackenzie P. Svarrer 2
Luke K. Svasti
Madhuri Swarna
Bridget M. Sweeney 1
Ariel Swenson
Jordan S. Swerdel 1
Gregory Swift
Caroline Swinyer
Tyler A. Switalski 1
Nils Swyzen 2
Omna A. Syed
Zohaib Syed
Jared S. Sykes 1
Anthony J. Symeonidis
Sara G. Synn
Gabriel T. Szabo 2
Pawel Szczurko
Amanda M. Sze
Alexander G. Szelest
Meleana B. Sziszak 2
Justin Szot
Kevin Szot
Sabrina R. Szteinbaum 1
Grace Tabansi 2
Andrei T. Tabatchouk
Todor B. Tachev 1
Priyanka Tadepalli
Alef Tadese
David Tadros 1
Kiran Tahir
Mariam M. Tahir
Sarah Tahir
Alisa B. Tajfel
Pujitha Talasila
Sayli S. Talathi
Daniel J. Talbot
William F. Talbot 2
John A. Tamanas
Angeline Tamayo
Olive D. Tamondong
Chen Tan
Khea M. Tan
Sophia K. Tan 1
Michelle W. Tang
Rui Tang
Claudia T. Tango 1
Keyur Y. Tankaria 1
Dongzhe Tao
Marycarmen Tapia
Justin A. Taras 2
Joseph B. Taraski
Zooraze Tariq
Joanna T. Tarkazikis
Corey M. Tarlowe
Megan R. Tartarilla
Francis L. Tartaro 1
Evan Tarver 1
Melissa Tarver
Sandra P. Tate
Alexa Tatoy 1
Deanna M. Tauriello
Dahiam F. Taveras
Waleska J. Taveras
Nicole B. Tavernier
Amr M. Tawfik
Alexei H. Taylor
Andrew C. Taylor
Donald T. Taylor 1
Georgeanne F. Taylor
Lauren M. Taylor
Leahannah J. Taylor
Matthew C. Taylor
Morgan L. Taylor
Nicole A. Taylor 1
Ryan S. Taylor 1
Stephanie L. Taylor 1
JesseGabriel N. Tecson 1
Colleen E. Tedesco 2
Paula E. Tefera
Andrew M. Tehrani 1
Rachel Teicher
Ross Teicher
Menachem M. Teitelbaum
Leandeline Tejada
Taylor A. Telesford
Stephen E. Tellez
Zamira D. Tennie
Matthew Teperman 1
Katherine V. Teran 1
Crystabelle M. Terani 2
Jennifer L. Tercek
Louis A. Terranova
Tyler V. Terribile
Irvin Terrones
Harsh U. Tevar 1
Xavier I. Texidor
Dimitri J. Thadal
Neal N. Thakkar 2
Nikita Thakur
Aditya Thandoni
Loka P. Thangamathesvaran
Kenneth Z. Theobold
Kianna M. Theus
Paul J. Thom
Anita A. Thomas
Michelle S. Thomas
Rosmi Thomas
Stephanie P. Thomas
Todd O. Thomas 2
Andre J. Thompson 2
Jacqueline Thompson 1
Jessica A. Thompson
Kenneth M. Thompson
Sean Thompson 2
Victoria L. Thornes
Kirsten B. Threatt-Peters
Autumn A. Thyselius
Kafilatu M. Tiamiyu
Chad M. Tieger
Kristen Tierney
Francesca Tilocca 1
Michelle J. Timoni
Benjamin N. Tischio 1
Brian P. Titen
Kevin R. Titus
Liran Tivon
Yaniv A. Tivon
Regan V. To
Victoria M. Tobio
Matthew J. Tocco
Dayana Toledo-Mendoza
Charles Tolentino
Shana A. Tom
Thomas M. Tomacruz
Matthew D. Tomasello
Matthew S. Tomkiewicz
Francis J. Tommasino 2
Ibrahim Tonifarah
Emily E. Tonti
Prabhjit S. Toor
Lara M. Tootleman
Brian S. Toro 1
Maria E. Toronto
Ashley J. Toropiw
Brendan Torres
Camilo J. Torres
Daniel J. Torres
David E. Torres
Eric J. Torres
Martina A. Torres
Michael L. Torres
Diana L. Torres Pinzon
Zachary E. Torrey
Jacob B. Torsiello
Alexis T. Tosti
Michelle Tow
Zane M. Tower
Maryam Z. Trabelsi
Dylan J. Tracey 1
Mauricio Trajano 1
Alexandra L. Tran
Bessie G. Tran
Elizabeth Tran 2
Emily M. Tran
Lan N. Tran 2
Richard P. Tran
Raquel E. Traverso
Michael A. Travisano III
Daniel A. Treacy
Alecia L. Trench
Benjamin F. Trench 1
Emma K. Trenchard 2
Ashlee T. Trent
David R. Trestini
Steven Tretyakov
Debbie Trieu
Julianne M. Trimboli
Jade Tringali
Sang D. Trinh 1
Thi D. Trinh
Marissa D. Trinidad
Ankita Tripathi
Natasha Tripathi 1
Victoria Tripsas
Salvatore Triscari
Vidhi Trivedi
Joshua P. Trost
Ronald L. Truax 2
Joseph J. Trubenstein 1
Harrison Truong
Thu H. Truong
Frank W. Trupio
Ralph K. Tsamezeu Donfack
Sophocles A. Tsangarakis
Alexander J. Tsiolas
Nicolette Tsipouras 2
Shuk Ying Tsui 1
Alice P. Tsung
Catherina Z. Tucher
Dionna K. Tucker
Madeline R. Tucker
Kylee M. Tuliszewski
Catherine Tullio
Jascynt L. Tulloch
William P. Tully
Gayathri Tummala
Amiel N. Tumulak
Kathleen L. Tung
Yin Ting Teresa Tung
Kathryn I. Tunkavige 2
Omer K. Turan
Stephanie T. Turci 2
Sydney J. Turko
Brannin A. Turner
Dominique R. Turner 1
Christopher Tuskusky
Jordan R. Tutnauer
Thomas M. Twitchell
Priscilla Twumasi
Brittney M. Twyman
William M. Tyburczy
Morgan Tyson 1
Kenneth D. Udovic
Ian L. Udsen 1
Chinyere V. Ugbana
Sweta Ukani
Andres Umana 2
Ijeoma Unachukwu
Lauren P. Upadhyay
Meenal Upadhyay
Abyaz Uppal
Henry Uran Jr.
Salvatore M. Urbano
Thomas L. Urbanowicz
Jake Urrutia
Serife E. Uzun
Taylor Uzzell
William T. Vaccaro Jr. 1
Mekha Vadakkedam
Dhruvi Vaghani
Pari V. Vaghani
Esha Vaid
Samanvitha Vaidyula 2
Dev K. Vakharia 1
Alyssa A. Vakulchik
Sean-Paul Valdelamar 2
Stephanie M. Valencia
Daniel P. Valenti
Liana I. Valentin
Matthew F. Valentine
Rennie Valera 1
Alecis Marie O. Valientes
Deekshita Valiveti
Josue Valverde-Calderon
Zachary R. Vanard
Lucas R. Vanarthos
Meghan E. Vander Plaat 1
Jenna M. Van de Water
Trevor W. Van Ness
James J. VanNostrand 1
Keenan A. Vanot
Dimitri L. Van Sertima
Kathleen R. Van Valen
Carly R. Vanzino
Sreeharsha Varanasi 2
Samantha N. Varga
Michelle P. Vargas
Rony Vargas
Samantha M. Vargas
Smaily Vargas 2
Zulena Vargas
Rosendo Vargas Amador
Jamie Varghese
Taylor M. Varsolona
Joshua Varughese
Marc A. Varvaro
Hemal N. Vasani 1
Arya F. Vaseghi
Crystal Vasquez 1
Damian D. Vasquez 1
Erick Vasquez
Rajyashri Vasudevamoorthy 1
Megan K. Vaz 2
Ashley A. Vega
Jesse Veisblatt
Matthew A. Velazquez 2
Victoria L. Veltre
Sanjay S. Vemparala
Zhenya J. Venglinski 2
Swathi Venkatesh
Neil Verano 2
Danielle N. Verdon 2
Corrine Verga
Irene A. Vergis
Dylan K. Vetter 1
Ve Jay K. Vicino
Tatiana D. Vickerie
Jasmine M. Vickers
David P. Vigdor
Abhishek Vijayakumar 2
Nicole A. Vilardo
Jennifer V. Villacres
Christian Villatoro
Sean P. Villegas
Samantha Vinciguerra
Daniela Viola 1
Inderpal S. Virdi
Nicole M. Virella
Robarisky B. Virges
Samantha F. Viscosi 2
Eric Visnovsky
Trevor J. Visokay
Steven R. Vitabile
Jake N. Vitaliano
Nidia E. Vivar 2
Christopher J. Viviani
Joseph A. Viviano
Leslie C. Vizcaino
Vladimir F. VizcayaDuque 2
Jaelynn C. Vizzi 2
Aaishah A. Vohra
Ishita Vohra 2
Frederic Volkovinski
Vanessa Volne
Anna Volski
Dhara Vora
Nickolas P. Vosinas
Daria Voskoboynikov
Kayla K. Votapek
Caitlyn J. Vreeland 2
Sreekirthi Vuthaluru 2
Pooja Vyas
Aaron M. Wach
Maxine R. Wagenhoffer
Rhea Wagh 1
Garielle Wagnac
Elyssa B. Wagner
Daiwan Wahab
Jonathan M. Walch
Waheedah A. Walden 2
Kasey N. Walker 1
Meagan E. Walker
Ryan L. Walker 1
Sean C. Walker 2
Alison T. Wallace
Zachary J. Wallace
Evan S. Wallach
Miriam D. Wallach
Georgeann Wallden 1
Colleen R. Walsh 1
Erin C. Walsh 1
Shane P. Walsh
Allen M. Walton 2
Jing Wang
Jinxing Wang
Kailong Wang
Kevin Wang
Longhua Wang
Luoye Wang
Mengjie Wang
Stephanie S. Wang 1
Terence H. Wang
Yin Wang 2
Youmeng Wang
Zimu Wang
Charlene Wanja 2
Wan Nur Afiqah Wan
Roslan 2
Brian L. Ward
Cory J. Ward
Emily Ward 2
Veronica E. Ward
Megan T. Wares
Matthew R. Warhol
Matthew S. Warhola
Janine M. Warner
Jasmin D. Warner
Waverly J. Warren
Wanjiku C. Wathika
John D. Watson
John E. Watson 2
Jordan B. Watson
Pierre W. Wattie 2
Julia G. Watts 2
Megan T. Watts
Katarzyna E. Wawer
Josephine M. Weathers 2
Casey J. Weber
Laura L. Weckstein
Allison A. Wedwaldt
Bingting Wei
Xiaojie Wei 2
Jenna Weihrauch 2
Jesse J. Weimer 1
Katherine B. Weinert
Erin E. Weinman 1
Akiva S. Weinstein
Kimberly E. Weinstein
Maayan H. Weinstein 1
Michael A. Weiss
Piotr Weiss
Maxwell Weithorn
Betsy M. Wendt
Allison J. Wener 2
Jonathan Weng 2
Ming Ding Weng
Matthew R. Wenzel
Rhianna T. Werst 1
Brittany L. Wesnitzer
Ricky P. Wetmore
James C. Wetzel
Ashton L. Whalen
Daniel T. White
Jacqueline M. White
Kevin White
Krystal A. White
William T. Whitehurst 2
Jordan T. Whitley
Mariah A. Whitner
Madeline R. Whitney 2
Douglas D. Widzins
Karol Wieczorek 2
Shamay R. Wiggan
Kevin R. Wilhalme 1
Danielle T. Wilk
Lindsay E. Wilkins
Richard K. Wille
Adrienne S. Williams 2
Desireé D. Williams
Eric G. Williams
Hadiya I. Williams 2
Jenna M. Williams
Lakisha T. Williams 2
Milton M. Williams
Ryan P. Williams 2
Samuel J. Williams
Tevin Williams 1
Dwaine A. Williamson II
Tashnee A. Willis
Yasmin M. Willis 2
Mara E. Willner
Briana M. Wills
James P. Wilmott III
Jo'Lil J. Wilson 2
Nicolette M. Wilson
Jessica L. Winters 1
Alexa B. Wissner
Caitlin Wochna
Allen M. Wodlinger
Leonard L. Wohl 2
Adrian A. Wojas 1
Erin L. Wojciechowski 2
Filip Wojcik
Nicole Wojtowicz
Jessica M. Wolfenden
Shannon N. Wolski
Sarrah S. Won
Sung U. Won 2
Angelica O. Wong
Cedric J. Wong 1
Chrystal Wong
Jeffrey Wong
Karis S. Wong 2
Terry Wong
Tracy Wong
Victor X. Wong
Zachary Wong
Ryan J. Woods 1
Miriam J. Woodward
Katherine M. Wright
Ravon S. Wright
Saqqara M. Wright
Difei Wu
Joanna W. Wu
Jonathan J. Wu
Judy Y. Wu
Loisa Wu 2
Patrick Wu
Selina Wu 2
Wen-Hsuan Wu 2
William W. Wu
Abigail R. Wulfekotte 2
Alex D. Wunnenberg 2
Alexa Wybraniec
Kevin T. Wysoczynski
Philip S. Wythe
Weiran Xian
Yang Xiao 1
Kevin Xie
Guchao Xiong 2
Gengwei Xu
Lingyue Xu
Qiuchen Xu 1
Vincent Xu
Zhengyan Xu
Jingyi Xue
Jessica Yakobashvili 1
David M. Yakopec
Dorin Yakubov
Kevin B. Yanes
Janice Yang
Karen Yang
Lingzi Yang
Liu Yang
Lyndsey Yang
Peng Yang
Ruoxuan Yang 2
William Yang
Lorezelle Shey L. Yanga
Kyle J. Yansick
Krishna Yarabarla
LiuJun Ye
Jeremy D. Yeaton 1
Deborah O. Yeboah
Rachel Yeboah
Alice Yeh 1
Shearson Yen
Tai-Fang Yen 2
Sara M. Yesalavich 1
Sai V. Yetrintala
Steven J. Yeun
Cassandra C. Yeung
Jamie Yeung
Stacy Yeung
Jianyu Yeyang
Dominique Yi
Duck Ki Yi
Susan Yi
Hilal Yildiz 1
Hsinyu B. Yin 1
Amanda Yip 2
Nicole Yip
Wing Hay Yip
Sarah H. Yong
Brian G. Yoo 1
Henna Yoo 2
Kyung Min Yoo
Jennifer S. Yook
Olivia S. Yoon
Ye Bin Yoon
Nora Yosry 2
Dong Hun Youn 1
Eric J. Young
Michael J. Young 2
Sarah E. Young
Matthew Youngblood
Mina Youssef
Nicole A. Yson
David D. Yu
Ho Ming Holman Yu
Peter Yu
Shirley Yu 2
Chiaying Yuan 1
Jiang Yuan 2
Megan Yuan 1
Melody Yuan
Deanna Yuille
Daniel Y. Yun
Ha Seon Yun
John Yun 2
Andrea V. Yunga 1
Irada Yunusova
Thames A. Zabala 1
Saba Zafar
Heba Zaheer 1
Saba Zahid
Syed J. Zaidi
Marlie Zakary
Mina Y. Zakhary 2
Riasat Zaman
Artur Zambrowski
Tatiana Zamis
Luis G. Zamora
Susan J. Zane
Timothy L. Zangara
Amanda N. Zanghi
Nicholas V. Zanghi
Anna F. Zapanta
Amy L. Zaremba
Amanda Zarozny
Nicole L. Zarrillo
Jenna C. Zatz
Natalie A. Zavis
Vanessa Zayas 1
Yesenia Zayas 1
Mouhamed Zayat 1
Sara M. Zayed
Joanna Zbozien 1
Uroosa Zeb
Gabriel J. Zebrower
Muhammad Zeeshan 1
January 2016 graduate
Anticipated October 2016 degree candidate
Andrew W. Zegarski 1
Mariam S. Zein-El-Abdin
Armando R. Zelaya 1
Dana Zelaya
Victoria Zelikson
Austin G. Zeller 1
Valen Zeltser
Gianna R. Zembryski
Justin M. ZembrzuskiHarris
Yaying Zeng
Rafael Zeno Jr.
Cenwei Zhang
Jinyi Zhang
Johnny B. Zhang
Lai Ying Zhang
Shihang Zhang
Sisheng Zhang
Xiaoyu Zhang
Xiaoyue Zhang
Yasen Zhang 2
Theresa Zhao
Yiyi Zhao
Aleksandr M. Zhdanov
Maksim Zhdanov
Max Zhong
Nan Zhong
Junyi Zhou
Lingxin Zhou
Min H. Zhu
Yan Zhu
Kaitlyn R. Zielinski
Devon N. Zienkiewicz
Nathan A. Zimmerman
Christian S. Zito
Thomas J. Zobele
Dalton Zogleman
Zarina B. Zondon
Dmitri D. Zorine 2
Jean-Pierre Zreik
Matthew A. Zuccaro
Ariel K. Zunger
Racquel B. Zurick
Richard P. Zwiren
Courtney E. Zyla
Graduation Honors
The bachelor’s degree is conferred “Summa Cum Laude” to graduating seniors with a
cumulative grade-point average of 3.850 or better, “Magna Cum Laude” to those with
a cumulative average of 3.700 or better, and “Cum Laude” to those with a cumulative
average of 3.500 or better. Since the final grades are known within only a few days of
commencement, it is not possible to include levels of honors in this program. They will
be imprinted on the diploma and noted on the transcript. Candidates graduating with
Graduation Honors are presented with gold honors cords to adorn their academic regalia.
Dean’s Awards for Academic Excellence
The Dean's Awards for Academic Excellence are presented to graduating seniors who
completed at least 75 credits at Rutgers­–New Brunswick and maintained a perfect cumulative
grade-point average of 4.0. This award will be officially conferred pending final review of
Spring 2016 grades.
Alina S. Afinogenova
Madeline E. Amberge
Katharine E. Aveni
Julia J. Bordelon
Aneesha Cheedalla
Skylar J. Dehaan
Karim Elmorshedy
Nishant N. Gidvani
Michael M. Guggenheim
Ankita Huckoo
Esther Kang
Jason S. Kuklinski
Kim H. Le
Jacqueline E. Malzone
Olivia G. Nesnay
Rebecca M. Noonan
Maya B. Patel
Sri H. Puli
Deborah D. Ragbir
Alexander J. Sandberg
Max Sidoli
Daria Voskoboynikov
Allison A. Wedwaldt
Irada Yunusova
Yiyi Zhao
Phi Beta Kappa
Membership in Phi Beta Kappa is an honor conferred in recognition of scholarly achievement
in the liberal arts and sciences, including proficiency in a foreign language at the intermediate
college level. Membership in Phi Beta Kappa will be noted on the transcript.
Juan J. Abad
Noor Y. Abbassi
Logine M. Abouzead
Carolina Acosta-Gutierrez
Danielle E. Adamowitz
Alina S. Afinogenova *
Raul M. Aguilar *
Eunice Ajayi
Zainab Y. Akbari
Janna Aladdin
Naser B. Albreeky
Daisy Amador
Madeline E. Amberge
Omar Ashraf *
Usma S. Ashraf-Khan
Marcela Assuncao
Mohammad E. Athar
Michelle Axelsson
Yadybel J. Ayala
Sara Bagley *
Jannah T. Bahgat *
Ainesh Bakshi *
Anthony N. Baldachino
Lindsay Barber *
Holly Barszcz
Sabrina E. Bazelais
Cody D. Beltis *
Linore S. Ben-Avraham
Tatiana Bereznikova
Vishal Bhambri
Lakhram Bhisham
Efua H. Bolouvi
Anthony Bonini *
Julia J. Bordelon *
Kimberly D. Bosco
Agustina B. Bosio
Paige C. Botjer
Angela Bouton *
Jaclyn C. Bradli *
Eleanora O. Brennan *
Michael R. Briski *
Charles T. Bruno
Rebecca E. Burlak
Ronald K. Butka
Shiqin Cai
Julianna Calleo
Graciela Cando
Zihuan Cao *
Nia A. Carty
Gabriela Castro
Chiara Cerati
James A. Chambers
Jibran Z. Chaugule
Aneesha Cheedalla *
Bao Chen *
Jiazhen Chen
Kevin Chen *
Michelle Chen *
Shirley Chen
Sheng-Yao Cheng *
Daniel M. Chenman
Nadiia Chepurko *
Elizabeth Chern
Jonathan Chernov *
Joyce L. Chin *
Jacquelynn L. Chmiel
Nadiya O. Chuchvara *
Jacob S. Compton
Renee S. Coppola
Lucas A. Corcodilos *
Michael R. Costantino
Linsah E. Coulanges
Joana M. Couto
Vanessa Cruz
Cara M. Cuccinello
Alyxandra Cucinotta
Nelson Cuebas
Amanda M. Cunha
Nourhan S. Daigham
Ryan P. Daly
Stacey E. Damito
Jessica L. D'antonio *
Courtney E. Davidson
Alexander D. Davis *
Hannah M. Deitch
Jason Dencklau
Michael S. Depaolo *
Puneet Dhillon
Ryan P. Dickinson
Zhihong Ding
Eshani Dixit
Noel Domi
Taralynn Dorsaint *
Nicole E. Dow *
Angelika Drozd *
Rebecca L. Du
Kellie Durand-Demair
Reyhan E. Early *
Aya Elgendy
Karim Elmorshedy *
Bishoy M. Ezzat *
Juhi H. Farooqui *
Matthew J. Fastiggi *
Emilio E. Feliz *
Catherine Ferreira
Gabrielle J. Ferro
Emilio J. Fiallos
Robert W. Fidler
Joseph S. Fierro *
Constance C. Fiocco
Rella Y. Firat
Lauren A. Fish
Ludovica Fonsato
Roshirl G. Francisco *
Jessica R. Friedman *
Miriam R. Garber
Selina Mar B. Garcia *
Patricia C. Gea
Grant G. Geary
Valeriya Gershteyn
Michael A. Gevertzman
Sara N. Ghassemzadeh
Jeffrey W. Gibbons
Matthew B. Gibbons
Alexander J. Golden
Zachary M. Goldfarb *
Matthew L. Goldman *
Jeremy L. Goldsmith
Ismelka Gomez
Alan J. Gou
Tanvi Goyal *
Jielei Gu
Yuqian Gu
Michael M. Guggenheim *
Jeffrey I. Gugliotta *
Kamaria A. Guity
Ireen Ha
Stephen A. Hackler *
Eileen E. Hallman *
Kenneth N. Hansen
Nicholas Hansen *
Andrew Hao *
Timothy Hartmann
Jiahuan He
Yuyang He
Justice S. Hehir
Stephanie A. Heidinger *
Taylor W. Heller
Hans W. Hess
Justin A. Hockaday
Geunhye Hong
Julia G. Hong *
Eric B. Horowitz *
Zhejing Hu
Ankita Huckoo *
Austin M. Hudgins *
Sadia Ibrahim
Steven A. Ignarra
Ria Iizuka
Daniel S. Ilg
Danielle Jackson
Devin M. James
Mouna Jaouad
Mitchell S. Jarabe *
Maheen Javaid
Samantha W. Jeng
Pengfei Jiang *
Quanzhou Jiang
Stephen Jin
Annaliese Johnson *
Arlena B. Jordan *
Hansa Joshi
Zheng Ju
Isabel A. Juniewicz
Bhavana Kadiyala
Alan M. Kahn *
Esther Kang *
Bharath Kannan
Priya S. Kantesaria *
Elizabeth A. Kantor *
Avery S. Katko *
Anne Kavalerchik *
Nicole A. Kay
Shawmaf Z. Khubba
Christine S. Kim *
Julie Kim
Adrianna O. Krul
Corey W. Kuebler
Varsha Kurup
Justine M. Langman
Caitlin M. Lavery
Jamie A. Layne
Michael P. Lazaropoulos *
An N. Le *
Christina Le *
Kevin Lee
Laura W. Leichtman
Francesca B. Lenard *
Genesis Leon
Tolby F. Lew
Barry Li *
Bo-Han Li
Danlei Li
Kunting Li
Ruidan Li
Shiochee V. Liang *
Kristin S. Licciardello
Andrew W. Liebau
Valerie Lim
Jasmine J. Lin
Tianyun Lin
Miriam Lisci *
Jennifer N. Litkey
James Liu *
Xiaoming Liu
Kathryn D. Lobo
Alexander T. Lopez
Jiayu Lu
Justin T. Luckenbaugh *
Daniel M. Lumer
Garrett V. Luzadder
Yasmina Madeira
Pamela Makadsi
Jacqueline E. Malzone *
Edward J. Marines
Srinayani Marpaka
Brittany A. Martinez
Alexandre G. Martinho *
John W. Masusock
Renish Matta *
Christina Mattina *
Aldo J. Mayro *
Daniel H. Mccann
Emma E. Meany
Ashni Mehta *
Nishank N. Mehta
Aaron C. Meinero
Charles M. Melman *
Parrykumar Mendapara *
Ian W. Mertz *
Michelle L. Mikhno
Cara M. Miller *
Chaim Miller *
Greg Minassian *
Caitlin R. Mishell
Andres Monroy
Charlotte Morabito
Margaret A. Morash *
Nicole D. Mordarski
Gabrielle S. Moya
Issayana Munoz *
Joseph T. Munson *
Aleta N. Murphy *
Tahira Naqvi
Adam C. Nardelli
Jorge I. Narvaez
Charles S. Nary *
Krupa Nathan *
Shiri Y. Nawrocki *
Sarah M. Neiheiser *
Siri M. Nesheim
Olivia G. Nesnay *
Lucas M. Nogueira
Rebecca M. Noonan *
Jared A. Novak
Chinwe V. Nwankwo
Stephanie C. Obiorah
Juliana Odame-Labi
Sean M. O'donnell
Eun Ju Oh
Caroline A. O'rourke
Samantha J. Ouellette
Sanyogita S. Padhye
Emma W. Pallarino
Aditya D. Parikh *
Cindy Park *
Jennifer A. Park
Jennifer Park
Joshua D. Parker *
Dhruv R. Patel *
Maya B. Patel *
Reema U. Patel
Richa Patel *
Rudra A. Patel *
Vaibhav Patel
Stephen M. Pemberton
Bruce Pereira *
William E. Petrone
Leslie Pham
Ayana M. Phoenix
Ngan B. Phung
Cristina Pinto
Jessica O. Pinto
Vaughn L. Podlogar
Edelly Polanco
Ashley E. Polukord *
Nizmi Ponery
Tejus Pradeep *
Sri H. Puli *
Alina Quinones-Moleiro *
Rahul Raghuraman
Yasmin H. Ramadan
Krystina G. Rambaran
Somnath Rao
Rebecca I. Ratero
Ziyad Razeq
Margot Rejaud *
Matthew C. Rexroad *
Donalene V. Roberts *
Justin N. Rodriguez *
Nicole M. Rodriguez *
Robert J. Rodriguez *
Nicoletta M. Romano *
Joshua E. Rosenberg
Tess E. Rosenberg *
Lindsey A. Roth *
Angie A. Saber
Abhishek Saha
Yvanna M. Saint-Fort *
Steven Salazar
Humberto Salinas
Ricardo Sanchez Ortegon *
Justin L. Sasso *
Zaid Saulat *
Adam G. Schmidt
Jacob R. Schuhardt *
Peter J. Schweinsberg *
Adam K. Schwing
Ashley A. Serrano
Anush Shah *
Pavan P. Shah *
Roma Shah *
Sangini M. Shah *
Shaheena Y. Shahid
Deepak K.
Palak Sharma
Katherine Sharp
Daniel Shedlovskiy *
Sanath S. Shetty
Julia Spivak
Anshuman A. Srivastava *
Radhika Srivastava *
Ian G. Stewart *
Nicholas M. Sun *
Luke K. Svasti
Madhuri Swarna *
Alisa B. Tajfel
Chen Tan
Khea M. Tan *
Sophia K. Tan *
Amr M. Tawfik
Loka P. Thangamathesvaran *
Jessica A. Thompson
Kevin R. Titus *
Yaniv A. Tivon
* Nominated as Junior
Victoria M. Tobio
Matthew D. Tomasello
Diana L. Torres Pinzon *
Zachary E. Torrey
Joseph J. Trubenstein
Catherine Tullio
Kathleen L. Tung
Thomas M. Twitchell
Deekshita Valiveti
Aaishah A. Vohra
Maxine R. Wagenhoffer *
Jinxing Wang
Luoye Wang
Wanjiku C. Wathika
Allison A. Wedwaldt
Xiaojie Wei
Maayan H. Weinstein
Victor X. Wong
Katherine M. Wright
Alexa Wybraniec
Philip S. Wythe *
Dorin Yakubov
Sai V. Yetrintala
Dominique Yi
Jennifer S. Yook
Heba Zaheer *
Riasat Zaman *
Nicole L. Zarrillo
Lingyi Zeng
Shihang Zhang
Xiaoyu Zhang
Yiyi Zhao *
Nan Zhong
Lingxin Zhou
Yi Zhou *
Dmitri D. Zorine
Jean-Pierre Zreik
School of Arts and Sciences
Honors Scholars
The designation of School of Arts and Sciences Honors Scholar is conferred upon members of
the School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program who have successfully completed the required
Honors Scholars curriculum at the time of graduation. Pending review of Spring 2016 grades,
this designation will be noted on the final transcript.
Danielle E. Adamowitz
Alina S. Afinogenova
Katharine E. Aveni
Anthony Bonini
Julia J. Bordelon
Jaclyn C. Bradli
Michael R. Briski
Charles T. Bruno
Cassandra N. Burdziak
Graciela Cando
Alexis R. Celluro
Aneesha Cheedalla
Sheng-Yao Cheng
Jonathan Chernov
Nadiya O. Chuchvara
Lucas A. Corcodilos
Stacey E. Damito
Hannah M. Deitch
Eshani Dixit
Audrey Dong
Reyhan E. Early
Robert W. Fidler
Lauren A. Fish
Mikhail Fishbeyn
Roshirl G. Francisco
Jean Camille S. Gabat
Miriam R. Garber
Valeriya Gershteyn
Meghana Ghattu
Zachary M. Goldfarb
Matthew L. Goldman
Tanvi Goyal
Michael M. Guggenheim
Jeffrey I. Gugliotta
Nicholas Hansen
Andrew Hao
Sarah H. Harpaz
Catherine He
Alex L. Huang
Ankita Huckoo
Maheen Javaid
Samantha W. Jeng
Annaliese L. Johnson
Arlena B. Jordan
Hansa Joshi
Isabel A. Juniewicz
Monika Juzwiak
Bhavana Kadiyala
Esther Kang
Elizabeth A. Kantor
Avery S. Katko
Anne Kavalerchik
Nicole A. Kay
Vikram Kesavabhotla
Varsha Kurup
Justine M. Langman
Caitlin M. Lavery
Jamie A. Layne
Michael P. Lazaropoulos
An N. Le
Laura W. Leichtman
Grace Li
Shiochee V. Liang
Andrew W. Liebau
Jasmine J. Lin
Kimberly K. Lin
Tianyun Lin
Miriam Lisci
Daniel M. Lumer
Jacqueline E. Malzone
Ariel R. Marcus
Alexandre G. Martinho
Aldo J. Mayro
Victoria Mazzella
Nishank N. Mehta
Ian W. Mertz
Michelle L. Mikhno
Margaret A. Morash
Margaret D. Morris
Faizanahme I. Munshi
Saigeetha Narasimhan
Charles S. Nary
Siri M. Nesheim
Benjamin E. Noland
Rebecca M. Noonan
Jacob I. Ohring
Sanyogita S. Padhye
Emma W. Pallarino
Aditya D. Parikh
Megha B. Patel
Pooja G. Patel
Reema U. Patel
Rudra A. Patel
Erin H. Petenko
Cristina Pinto
Edelly Polanco
Ashley E. Polukord
Nizmi Ponery
Tejus Pradeep
Magdalena A. Purchla
Daniel A. Quintin
Yasmin H. Ramadan
Ziyad Razeq
Matthew C. Rexroad
Justin N. Rodriguez
Robert J. Rodriguez
Nicoletta M. Romano
Tess E. Rosenberg
Lindsey A. Roth
Alexander J. Sandberg
Alexa Mae A. Sangalang
Jacob R. Schuhardt
Adam K. Schwing
Pavan P. Shah
Roma Shah
Sangini M. Shah
Deepak K.
Srishti Sharma
Seung Yun Shin
Nadirah A. Simmons
Reid A. Singer
Anshuman A. Srivastava
Amanda M. Stabile
Ian G. Stewart
Nicolas M. Sun
Luke K. Svasti
Madhuri Swarna
Khea M. Tan
Amr M. Tawfik
Anita A. Thomas
Kevin R. Titus
Zachary E. Torrey
Ankita Tripathi
Gayathri Tummala
Kathleen L. Tung
Alyssa A. Vakulchik
Aaishah A. Vohra
Anna Volski
Daria Voskoboynikov
Maxine R. Wagenhoffer
Allison A. Wedwaldt
Miriam J. Woodward
Kevin Xie
Dorin Yakubov
Janice Yang
Jeremy D. Yeaton
Sai V. Yetrintala
Jennifer S. Yook
Irada Yunusova
Nicole L. Zarrillo
Henry Rutgers Scholar Awards
The School of Arts and Sciences Henry Rutgers Scholar Awards recognize the outstanding
senior honors theses, either Departmental or Interdisciplinary, for the academic year. To be
considered for a Henry Rutgers Scholar Award, a student must have presented his/her research
at the Aresty Research Center Symposium, a department-based research event, or a professional
conference, and be nominated by his/her academic department and/or individual advisor.
Alina S. Afinogenova, Genetics, Generation of a Patient-Derived iPSC Model of
Tuberous Sclerosis Complex
Brenda Alves, Women's and Gender Studies, Lesbians in Media: Tracking Histories
of Sexuality in Cinema and Television
Meghan L. Arnold, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Neuronal Studies in Aging
C. elegans
Katharine E. Aveni, Psychology, Acoustic Cues to Syntactic Structure
Michael A. Bacallao, Psychology, Effects of Aversive Conditioning on Odor
Jasmeet K. Bawa, Psychology, Drd1 and Drd2 Medium Spiny Neurons in the
Dorsal Striatum Process Stimulation of Individual Body Parts
Julia A. Bordelon, Geography, Silence is Health: Centros clandestinos and the
Landscape of Terror in Buenos Aires Chapter One: Introduction to the Proceso de
Reorganización Nacional
Sarah T. Brook, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Effects of SOD Depletion on
C. elegans Physical Activity
Charles T. Bruno, Economics, Identifying Likelihood of Off-Exchange Order Trade
Aneesha Cheedalla, Cell Biology and Neuroscience, Investigating the
Antidepressant-Like Effects of Neuropeptide VGF
Kelby A. Clark, English, Wright Rethought: Understanding Naturalism,
Determinism, and Agency in Richard Wright's Native Son
Azdren Coma, Sociology, Social Influences on Disaster Risk Communication
Michael L. Denis, Political Science, The Elephant’s Red Hand: Paisleyism and the
Politics of Unionism in Northern Ireland
Lauren A. Fish, Cell Biology and Neuroscience, Investigating Mesenchymal Stromal
Cell Secretion of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor
Ankita Huckoo, Psychology, Driven Women Seem Cold but How Are They Seen?
Perceptual Downgrades as a Form of Backlash on Gender Vanguards
Ebony Johnson, Women's and Gender Studies, Gender-Responsive Substance Use
Treatment for Incarcerated Women
Isabel A. Juniewicz, Economics, The Influence of the Unemployment Rate on
College Major Selection
Bharath Kannan, Physics and Astronomy, Spin-Polarized Tunneling Between Dirac
Surface States of Topological Insulators
Ghanwa N. Khawaja, Biological Sciences, Investigation and Characterization of the
Interactions Between Rhbdf1 and its Signaling Partners
Christine S. Kim, English, Schreiner and her African Inventions
An N. Le, Food Science, Flavonols as Potential Fluorescent Sensors of Physical
Properties in Foods
Grace Li, English, Filial
Shiochee V. Liang, Cell Biology and Neuroscience and Robert Wood Johnson Medical
School, The Role of RNA Binding Proteins HuD and Cugbp1 in Neocortical
Miriam Lisci, Genetics, Analysis of DDT Effects on Alzheimer's β-amyloid
Phenotypes in Drosophila melanogaster
Rachel A. Lisner, Psychology, A Forensic Analysis of Validity and Questionable
Research Practices in Politicized and Non-Politicized Psychological Literature
Sanjana Matta, Cell Biology and Neuroscience, Microglial Proliferation Predominates
in Mouse Spinal Cord Dorsal Horn Subsequent to Peripheral Nerve Inury
Kaylan Michas, Women's and Gender Studies, Seeds of Revolution: Progressive
Student Activism at Rutgers University, 1968-1972
Charlotte Morabito, Women's and Gender Studies, Coverage of Activist Movements
in the Press
Margaret A. Morash, Genetics, Identification of the Pathways by which PostTranslational Microtubule Glutamylation Regulates Ciliary Maintenance in C. elegans
Nicole D. Mordarski, History, From Grétry to Gossec: Understanding the
Aesthetic Shifts from the Old Regime to the New Republic
Sanyogita S. Padhye, English, Educational Tools of Empowerment: Development
of Independent Female Narrative Voices in Tagore's Works
Ami J.Patel, Cell Biology and Neuroscience, Effects of Neuropeptide Y on Food
Intake Behaviors Via Altered Activation in the Locus Coeruleus
Carmen J. Perrone, American Studies, A City Excluded: An Analysis of Race, Space,
and Camden, NJ
Daniel A. Quintin, Cell Biology and Neuroscience, Changes in Magnitude of
Accumbens Shell Firing Rate in Response to Food-Associated Cue in a Rodent
Binge-Eating Model
Katherine M. Ritter, Women's and Gender Studies, (DON'T) CALL THE DOCTOR:
Health Care Navigations of Lesbian and Queer Women at Rutgers University
Justin N. Rodriguez, Economics, Revisiting Household Portfolio Composition
After The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012
Nicoletta M. Romano, Italian, Exploring the Contemporary Phenomenon of a
Postcolonizing Italian Reality through la letteratura migrante
Lindsey A. Roth, Psychology, Racial Concordance and Doctor Trust
Christopher M.Russo, Economics, Estimating Asset Price Models with Missing
Data: A Bayesian Approach Using Data Augmentation
Adam K. Schwing, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Solution NMR studies of
the Complex Formed Between the Human Retinoblastoma-Associated Protein
and the Human Adenovirus E1A protein
Gabriella E. Shypula, Women's and Gender Studies, The Body as a Site of
Empowerment: Feminism and Social Media in Contemporary Art Practice
Daniela P. Silva, Psychology, Evaluating the Effects of Attending on the Academic
Performance of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Kamil M. Sochacki, Cell Biology and Neuroscience, Investigation of the Influence of
Stem-Cell Derived β-Endorphin POMC Transplants on STZ-Induced Diabetes
Anshuman A. Srivastava, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Suppression of
Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Using Anti- MYC and Anti-BCL2 U1 Adaptors
James W. Storm, English, Towards a Hermeneutic Sublime: Poet, Reader, and
Lyric Subject in the Poems of Hart Crane and Percy Shelley
Alexei H. Taylor, Psychology, Changes in the Activity of Accumbens Neurons
During Consumption of a Sucrose Reward Utilizing a Rodent Binge-Eating Model
Daria Voskoboynikov, Economics, Investment Under Uncertainty: An Experimental
Application to Educational Investments
James P. Willmott, Psychology, Psychophysical Evidence of Predictive Remapping
in Transsaccadic Perception
Katherine M. Wright, Women's and Gender Studies, Let's Talk About Sex: How
Women and Men Learned to Contracept
Jeremy D. Yeaton, Linguistics, The Roles of Context and Prosody in
Disambiguating Utterances with Two Negative Expressions in French
Riasat Zaman, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Investigating the Role of
Facultative Heterochromatin in Circadian Clock Regulation in Neurospora crassa
Departmental Honors and Awards
As of May 1, 2016
Africana Studies
Bayshawn R. Davis *
Monet M. Davis **
Tamirah D. Gainer **
D'Juana R. Gordon ***
Da'Shon T. Holder **
Leonie M. Houndode *
Edressa K. Kamal ***
Renee McGowan *
Crystal J. Pyne *
American Studies
Tyler L. Green ***
Emma W. Pallarino ***
Carmen J. Perrone ***
AMERICAN STUDIES THESIS PRIZE: Awarded to the thesis receiving highest
honors and voted best by the faculty.
Carmen J. Perrone
William L. Gardner **
Ismelka Gomez **
Giselle A. Hernandez **
Jayde N. Hirniak **
Emily C. Martines ***
Mary Piechowicz **
Allen M. Wodlinger *
for an outstanding cultural anthropology thesis and presentation in the
Anthropology Celebratory Symposium.
Giselle A. Hernandez
Granted for an outstanding evolutionary anthropology thesis and presentation in
the Anthropology Celebratory Symposium.
Emily C. Martines
Art History
Jennifer L. Boggs*
Laura W. Leichtman**
J. and Meredith Arms Bzdak to provide financial assistance to undergraduate
students for the study and/or research of Art History in Milan, Italy.
Laura W. Leichtman
year to majors in Art History who are pursuing a college degree while working to
support themselves.
Leeza S. Cinar
Biological Sciences
Ashley H. Gallagher**
Meghana Ghattu***
Ghanwa N. Khawaja***
BETTY FALK YATVIN MEMORIAL AWARD: Awarded to seniors who have shown
aptitude for and interest in Animal Biology.
Meghana Ghattu
Residential College senior who is judged to have completed the best honors
project in biological sciences, with preference given whose project is in the area of
Ghanwa N. Khawaja
S. OAKLEY VAN DER POEL AWARD: Presented to those members of the
graduating class who have signified an intention to study medicine.
Daniel E. Aziz
Meghana Ghattu
Alvin Mathew
Preet S. Patel
Nicole B. Tavernier
Marissa D. Trinidad
Anna Volski
WILLIAM B. FOSTER AWARD: Granted for outstanding academic performance,
participation in research, and involvement in service to Rutgers University.
Ghanwa N. Khawaja
Cell Biology and Neuroscience
Aneesha Cheedalla ***
Nadiya O. Chuchvara ***
Audrey Dong *
Lauren A. Fish ***
Mark M. Gergues *
Maheen Javaid **
Michael P. Lazaropoulos ***
Shiochee V. Liang ***
Jasmine J. Lin ***
Sirui Ma ***
Sanjana Matta ***
Nishank N. Mehta ***
Chaim Miller **
Tayyaba F. Mohammad ***
Ramasamy Muthuraman **
Daniel H. Paik **
Ami J. Patel ***
Sai M. Pentyala ***
Cristina Pinto **
Nizmi Ponery *
Daniel A. Quintin ***
Deep A. Raole **
Ziyad Razeq **
Matthew C. Rexroad ***
Pavan P. Shah ***
Kamil M. Sochacki ***
Khea M. Tan **
Sophia K. Tan **
Amr M. Tawfik **
Kevin Xie **
Janice Yang ***
Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Jonathan H. Fetherolf***
Samantha W. Jeng*
Ngan B. Phung*
Division of the American Chemical Society for excellence in organic chemistry.
An N. Le
AWARD: Presented to recognize senior students who display a significant aptitude
for organic chemistry and to encourage further interest in the field.
Brian J. Schendt
BRUCE GARTH MEMORIAL AWARD: Presented to a graduating senior for general
academic excellence and research.
Brian J. Schendt
Victoria Zelikson
SERVICE AWARD: Presented to a Chemistry major with a strong record of
participation, outreach, and departmental service.
James Liu
HYPERCUBE SCHOLAR AWARD: Granted by Hypercube, Inc., to a graduating
senior with interests in chemical physics / computational chemistry.
An N. Le
ICHEM LABS AWARD: Awarded for excellence in computational chemistry and
Jonathan H. Fetherolf
VAN DYKE AWARD: Awarded to a senior for Academic Excellence and Research in
Jonathan H. Fetherolf
An N. Le
Kim H. Le
Awarded for excellence in providing assistance to students and other course
support services in Chemistry.
Yaniv A. Tivon
IN CHEMISTRY: Granted for excellence in teaching a chemistry laboratory.
James Liu
Arya F. Vaseghi*
JACOB BRODHEAD PRIZE: Awarded by by Reverend Jacob Brodhead, D.D., and
his son J. Romyn Brodhead, LL.D.,to a student who displays all-around excellence
in Classics.
Daniel H. McCann
Jerry Aigner *
Danielle G. Amato *
Mariam Aqeel *
Aubrey E. Baier *
Halley M. Barnes *
Alexander W. Baumann
Nelson *
Jennifer L. Blanchard *
Lauren M. Braconi *
Montana R. Burkholz *
Caitlin L. Chapski *
Jamie K. Chau *
Xiangyi Chen *
Shirley Cheng *
Sujin Cheon *
Jillian M. Chergey *
Alison J. Corazza *
Kristen N. Domaratius *
Noel Domi *
Margaret R. Dryden *
Jasmin S. Elalfy *
Eliana K. Ely *
Rebecca Fastiggi *
Marisa R. Flacks *
Anastasia Gregorakis *
Joy A. Griffith *
Christina M. Gruebert *
Jarrod D. Harden *
Phylicia M. Harvey *
Man-Ting Huo *
Emily M. Hurley *
Jacqueline A. Journick *
Jordan A. Kizmann *
Irene R. Linet *
Yasmina Madeira *
Jessica N. Massoni *
Sanya M. Matin *
Caitlin T. Mattera *
Esther B. Mellul *
Jennie M. Miller *
Krista M. Mobbs *
Thomas W. Moscinski *
Michelle L. Mule *
Juliana Odame-Labi *
Eun Ju Oh *
Mimi R. Ojserkis *
Abayomi Olaogun *
David J. Pangilinan *
Amy K. Pellbring *
Samantha Puja *
Christina L. Rodio *
Erica M. Russell *
Kayla Sapalio *
Brian Snyder *
Breanne S. Springstead *
Sara G. Synn *
Victoria Tripsas *
Corrine Verga *
Christopher J. Viviani *
Katherine B. Weinert *
Piotr Weiss *
Deanna Yuille *
Cenwei Zhang *
COMMUNICATION: Awarded to an undergraduate Communication major based
on academic merit.
Mariam Aqeel
undergraduate Communication major based on academic merit.
Breanne S. Springstead
Awarded to graduating seniors in Communication in recognition of past
accomplishments in public service.
Mariam Aqeel
Comparative Literature
Nicoletta M. Romano***
Computer Science
Sy A. Adamowsky ***
Basil Ahmad *
Kevin Albertson ***
Amar Bakir *
Ainesh Bakshi ***
Eric Z. Bronner **
Matthew L. Brunken *
Nicholas T. Burkard **
Andrew Cai ***
Jonathan Caverly **
Alan Chen *
Quan Chen *
Austin R. Chennault ***
Nadiia Chepurko ***
Zachary J. Colello *
Colin Drucquer ***
Michael P. Dwyer *
Jasmine Feng *
Robert W. Fidler *
Nishant N. Gidvani ***
Matthew L. Goldman ***
Stephen A. Hackler ***
Yuyang He **
John D. Jordan ***
Isabel A. Juniewicz *
Louis H. Katchen ***
Avery S. Katko ***
Jeffrey A. Kwok **
Bo-Han Li **
Ruidan Li **
Shuhan Liu *
Srinayani Marpaka ***
Ian W. Mertz ***
Michael P. Newman *
Rodrigo A. Pacheco
Curro ***
Vaibhav Patel **
Nicholas W. Pleeter ***
Robert E. Pulchny ***
Ramzy Saleh ***
Vivek Seth ***
Geet Sethi ***
Sangini M. Shah ***
Anton Shor **
Yuuta G. Sumioka *
Pawel Szczurko ***
Kevin T. Wysoczynski *
William Yang **
Sara M. Zayed ***
Shihang Zhang **
Sisheng Zhang *
COMPUTER SCIENCE: Granted to reward high achieving Computer Science
students for their hard work.
Kevin Albertson
MAGIDSON AWARD: Donated by Steve and Cynde Magidson, awarded to a
Computer Science major in recognition of outstanding scholastic achievement in
the program.
Risham Y. Chokshi
NOVIELLI PRIZE: In Memory of Nicholas V. Novielli, awarded to a Computer
Science major who has demonstrated outstanding scholastic achievement in the
Ian W. Mertz
Criminal Justice
Sara Bagley **
Timothy J. Barry **
Soundous Bouchouar **
Daniel J. Burgert **
Julianna Calleo *
Jessica L. Chaiet **
Sheng-Yao Cheng **
Alexa D. Cintron *
Nelson Cuebas **
Matthew S. Dutton **
Jeremy B. Ellis *
Clayton D. Goris *
Kamaria A. Guity *
Alexander M. Gwynn **
Katherine L. Harshaw *
Laura B. Hergert *
Max J. Herrmann ***
Raquel J. Hrabinski *
Jordan S. Hutnik *
Steven Katz **
Wesley M. Kliwinski **
Robert F. Kruger *
Ashley S. Krul **
Cheyanne J. Lawrence *
Jijo T. Lazzar **
Alexander T. Lopez *
Caitlyn Y. Lopez *
Trevor R. MacCormack *
Jesse J. Magliulo *
Christian N. Marin *
David J. Mayer **
Lindsey M. McGuiness *
Alejandro Mendez *
Yasmine Nashed *
Dylan R. Newton **
Matthew J. Nichay *
Samantha M. Nowling **
Kyle J. O'Keefe *
Joshua D. Parker ***
Morgan S. Pfaff **
Edelly Polanco **
Michael N. Popowych **
Cody K. Porcoro **
Matthew Ryfa ***
Gabrielle M. Sacheli *
Max Sidoli **
Francis E. Smith *
Joseph Spicuzza *
Michael R. Stafford *
David S. Sutton *
Nicole M. Virella *
Meagan E. Walker *
Natalie A. Zavis *
ALBERT R. ROBERTS SCHOLAR AWARD: Awarded to students with outstanding
academic performance who have achieved a 3.8 or better within the Criminal
Justice major.
Anas I. Abudalal
Sara Bagley
Timothy J. Barry
Soundous Bouchouar
Daniel J. Burgert
Jessica L. Chaiet
Sheng-Yao Cheng
Nelson Cuebas
Matthew S. Dutton
Jeremy B. Ellis
Alexander M. Gwynn
Laura B. Hergert
Max J. Herrmann
Raquel J. Hrabinski
Steven Katz
Julian C. Khan
Wesley M. Kliwinski
Ashley S. Krul
Cheyanne J. Lawrence
Jijo T. Lazzar
Caitlyn Y. Lopez
Daniel N. Manning
David J. Mayer
Frans A. Moncayo
Dylan R. Newton
Samantha M. Nowling
Kelly T. O'Neill
Joshua D. Parker
Dominique McDyer**
Jenna C. Zatz**
Harsh K. Patel
Morgan S. Pfaff
Edelly Polanco
Michael N. Popowych
Cody K. Porcoro
Mehak Raza
Anthony Recchia
Matthew Ryfa
Max Sidoli, IV
David S. Sutton
Jennifer L. Tercek
Alexa B. Wissner
Natalie A. Zavis
Earth and Planetary Sciences
EPS GEOLOGY FIELD CAMP TRAVEL AWARD: Awarded to a Geological Sciences
major to help offset travel expenses to attend a summer geology field camp, a
requirement of the major.
Second Place: Ian B. Snyder
STEVEN FOX FUND: Awarded for scholastic achievement and successful
acceptance into a geology field school program.
First Place: Austin V. Griffin
Second Place: Peter A. Melillo
Third Place: Ria Sarkar
VINTON GWINN AWARD: Presented to Geological Sciences majors in
recognition of independent research and overall scholastic achievement.
Kaitlin C. McCloskey
Charles T. Bruno ***
Jonathan Chernov *
Isabel A. Juniewicz ***
Anna A. Kapengut **
Ashley E. Polukord **
Justin N. Rodriguez ***
Christopher M. Russo ***
Daria Voskoboynikov ***
EUGENE E. AGGER MEMORIAL AWARD: Granted to an outstanding Economics
Lin Lan
GERALD E. DUGUAY MEMORIAL AWARD: Presented to outstanding Economics
majors specializing in Financial Economics.
Varsha Kurup
JOHN C. DANIEL AWARD: Presented to outstanding Economics majors.
Alina S. Afinogenova
Nishant N. Gidvani
Esther Kang
Andrew J. Meier
Olivia G. Nesnay
Irada Yunusova
Douglass Residential College affiliated senior Economics major based on
academic performance.
Isabel A. Juniewicz
MONROE BERKOWITZ MEMORIAL AWARD: Presented to an Economics student
with distinguished academic record and interest in social policy.
Ashley E. Polukord
Outstanding Graduating Economics Major.
Daria Voskoboynikov
Granted for an outstanding thesis in the Economics Honors Research Seminar.
Daria Voskoboynikov
APPLICATIONS: Presented to outstanding Economics majors with interest in
business applications.
Stephen Gorin
Justin T. Luckenbaugh
Danielle E. Adamowitz *
Daniel Al-Daqa **
Jennifer D. Anandarajah *
Kelby K. Clark **
Brian T. Kempf *
Corey W. Kuebler *
Robert C. Lages **
Grace Li **
Alexandre G. Martinho *
Caitlin T. Mattera *
Sanyogita S. Padhye **
Hernan Ramos *
Palak Sharma *
Akiva S. Weinstein *
award in Poetry resulting in the publication of the prize-winning poems.
First Place: Grace Li
Second Place: Hernan Ramos
Honorable Mention: Lauren H. Jacquish
COMPOSING NEW MEDIA PRIZE: Awarded to students who have produced
multimedia composition, documentary film, digital story, graphic narrative, or
any work in new media.
First Place: Miguel Flores
First Place: Tiffany A. Morris
DRIOUX SCHOLARSHIP: Awarded to undergraduate students majoring in
English Literature.
Eunice Ajayi
EDNA N. HERZBERG PRIZE IN POETRY: Awarded to a woman undergraduate for
original poetry.
First Place: Danielle E. Adamowitz
Second Place: Grace Li
the English department for the best original story.
Second Place: Corey W. Kuebler
the English department for the best group of poems.
First Place: Danielle E. Adamowitz
Second Place: Miguel Flores
Honorable Mention: Hernan Ramos
IRVING D BLUM PRIZE: Awarded for the best essay submitted for an English
course assignment.
Second Place: Joshua S. Guirguis
Second Place: Lauren H. Jacquish
on a topic of the writer's choice of contemporary social, political, or educational
First Place: Joshua S. Guirguis
JAMIMA DINGUS QUALLS PRIZE: Awarded for the best undergraduate essay on
women writers or feminist issues in English or American Literature.
First Place: Grace Li
Honorable Mention: Joshua S. Guirguis
JONATHAN J. WILCOX SCHOLARSHIP: Awarded to a New Jersey resident based
on academic merit.
Robert C. Lages
Briana M. Lockman
JORDAN LEE FLYER PRIZE: Awarded for the best Senior honors thesis in English.
First Place: Grace Li
JULIA CARLEY PRIZE IN POETRY: Awarded to a woman undergraduate for
original poetry.
First Place: Jenita J. Kurian
Honorable Mention: Grace Li
Awarded by the English department to a student for a work of short fiction or a
group of poems.
First Place: Danielle E. Adamowitz
First Place: Jenita J. Kurian
Awarded for significant research in tutoring theory and practice, as well as
internship leadership and exceptional evaluations throughout a tenure of
tutoring service at a Rutgers Writing Program Writing Center.
Amanda M. Cunha
Pooja R. Hiremath
Luke K. Svasti
Exercise Science and Sport Studies
Stephanie A. Acuna **
Katherine L. Amato *
Mishaal Amjad *
Carly B. Cooperstein *
Cori Lynn Cubberley ***
John M. Dedea *
Giae Surine S. Derisse *
Brian K. Foster **
Michael A. Gevertzman *
Isabelle M. Haller **
Andrew S. Haroun **
Alexandra L. Hoesly *
Anthony J. Iadisernia *
Monika Jurgowska **
Parul M. Khosla ***
Jeffrey C. Lo *
Taylor N. Mayweather ***
Justen P. Medina *
Morgan L. Mowers *
Kristin A. Murray **
Joann Mysliwiec *
Jorge I. Narvaez **
Diana Ngo *
Lucas M. Nogueira *
Rebecca M. Noonan ***
Phillip J. Polentarutti *
John Puzio **
Swarna Racha *
Joseph A. Rinaldi ***
Adam J. Romatowski *
Sandra J. Sargie *
Troy D. Schweighardt *
Briana D. Scull *
Katherine Sharp *
Ryan M. Sheehan *
Olesya Solouk **
Grace F. Suttle ***
Matthew J. Suydam *
Martina A. Torres *
Morgan Tyson *
Stephanie M. Valencia *
Samantha Vinciguerra *
Tashnee A. Willis *
Angelica O. Wong **
Tracy Wong *
Steven J. Yeun *
Nicole E. Dow***
Jeremy D. Yeaton***
JOHN VAN DER POEL PRIZE IN FRENCH: Awarded to the member of the
graduating class who received the highest rating in a special examination in the
French language.
Nicole E. Dow
the highest achieving women French Majors.
First Place: Nicole E. Dow
Honorable Mention: Jacquelynn L. Chmiel
Honorable Mention: Donalene V. Roberts
Alina S. Afinogenova ***
Andrew Boreland **
Joseph E. Karpenos ***
Miriam Lisci ***
Margaret A. Morash ***
Gabriella A. Peluso ***
Yasmin H. Ramadan ***
Kathleen L. Tung ***
PRESENTATION: Presented to a graduating senior who shows extraordinary skills
in scientific communication to an audience of peers at the Departmental Honors
Day symposium.
Carol J. Nowlen
Yasmin H. Ramadan
EXCELLENCE: Presented to graduating Genetics majors who have demonstrated
outstanding accomplishment in research by the completion of a project of
publication quality.
Miriam Lisci
Margaret A. Morash
ACHIEVEMENT: Presented to a graduating Genetics major who has demonstrated
outstanding achievement in academic coursework, participation in research and
commitment to service.
Alina S. Afinogenova
Brianna A. McDaniels
Holly Barszcz *
Sabrina E. Bazelais *
Julia J. Bordelon ***
Yunpeng Lyu *
Erin M. Nigro *
Christopher J. Reutlinger *
Joshua Rozenberg *
ANDREW HILL CLARK AWARD: Awarded to an outstanding major in Geography.
Julia J. Bordelon
Catherine Tullio***
German Club officers.
Raul M. Aguilar
ESSAY IN GERMAN STUDIES: Awarded for an outstanding undergraduate paper
written in German on any topic in German literature and culture at the 300-level
or above.
Sarah M. Neiheiser
JULIANA RATYCH MEMORIAL PRIZE: Awarded to graduating German majors
who have excelled in the German major while also successfully completing an
additional major.
Raul M. Aguilar
Sarah M. Neiheiser
Christina M. Orme
Catherine Tullio
STEUBEN AWARD: Awarded to graduating students who have excelled in the
study of the German language.
Raul M. Aguilar
Sarah M. Neiheiser
Mohammad E. Athar **
Cody D. Beltis **
Teresa M. Drew *
Winston Ho *
Annaliese L. Johnson **
Daniel H. Mccann ***
Nicole D. Mordarski ***
Siri M. Nesheim *
Amna Salam *
Maxine R. Wagenhoffer ***
Awarded to a student who combines a passion for historical study with a
commitment to activism and public service.
Sharon Aguirre
Awarded for outstanding History honors theses.
First Place: Nicole D. Mordarski
Second Place: Cody D. Beltis
Third Place: Mohammad E. Athar
JOSEPH B. BRADLEY MEMORIAL AWARD: Presented by the History department
for the best work in ancient law or history.
Daniel H. McCann
MARGARET ATWOOD JUDSON PRIZE: Awarded to a woman majoring in
History who writes the best honors thesis.
Annaliese L. Johnson
THE CEIL PARKER LAWSON MEMORIAL PRIZE: Awarded to the students who
have written the most outstanding honors thesis in 20th-century U.S. history.
First Place: Maxine R. Wagenhoffer
Second Place: Zachary M. Goldfarb
History/Political Science
Zachary M. Goldfarb**
Jamie A. Layne*
Human Resource Management
Neal Kara*
Zulena Vargas*
Kimberly K. Lin*
HRM EXCELLENCE AWARD: Awarded to students who have achieved a 3.75
cumulative GPA, or better, within the HRM Major.
Shaima B. Alassafi
Sharell Barshishat
Christopher J. Berenato
Olivia L. Buzby
Shannon M. Caroccio
Chiara Cerati
Molly E. Champion
Jeffrey F. Cook
Gino A. Cortes
Meagan Cronin
Alexandra N. Demarinis
Nicole L. Draskovics
Alexandra Esposito
Jennifer N. Holt
Melissa C. Johnson
Veronica Kim
Lakshmisanghavi Kolisetty
Renee I. Leventon
Elizabeth MacFarland
Joshua R. McNulty
Jennie M. Miller
Evan J. Murphy
Daniel M. Pacitto
Casey L. Patchunka
Nicole S. Patrick
Tran Jacqueline H. Phan
Nicole T. Poplawski
Anthony S. Prudente, Jr.
Danielle D. Quinn
Alexandra J. Schneeberg
Nicole A. Sivilli
Corrine Verga
Ming Ding Weng
Stacy Yeung
Nicole Yip
Racquel B. Zurick
Information Technology and Informatics
Philip M. Ahkao *
Armaan R. Ambati *
Kahini P. Amin *
Paige A. Austin *
Catherine T. Bachmann *
Chad G. Bailer *
Richard Bak *
Jordan R. Barnaby *
Michael F. Baroud *
Sharell Barshishat *
Jasmine E. Behdashti *
Erik A. Botsko *
Julienne M. Cham *
Daphne A. Charles *
Jibran Z. Chaugule *
Derek T. Connery *
John P. Cortez *
Thomas M. D'Auria *
Suril U. Dalal *
Srisaisneh Dasari *
Brian J. DiFiore *
Banan H. Elsherif *
David C. Garibaldi *
Joel George *
Michael Gradin *
Carly R. Grossman *
Raymond L. Guardiola *
Shikha Gupta *
Pablo N. Hernandez Romero *
Navera Hussain *
Ross H. James *
Jim O. Jeon *
Sapna P. Jhangiani *
Robert E. Jones *
Matthew L. Kaiser *
Nicholas R. Kofman *
Cheyanne J. Lawrence *
Darrin J. Leary *
Brenda Li *
Nicholas A. Luppino *
Natalie M. Mahoney *
Christopher D. Mammarella *
Vesna Miletic *
Frank Nazario *
Steven C. Ng *
Michael R. O'Handley *
Emily J. Park *
Vishal T. Patel *
Larry Pham *
Angelo D. Ragusa *
Martin J. Salazar *
Mihir G. Shah *
Joshua J. Sheng *
Alan D. Sheynberg *
Risheepaul Singh *
Rebecca M. Slinkard *
Joseph Spicuzza *
Ariel Swenson *
Andrew M. Tehrani *
Brian P. Titen *
Dwaine A. Williamson *
Cedric J. Wong *
Chrystal Wong *
Nicole Yip *
TECHNOLOGY AND INFORMATICS: Awarded to an undergraduate Information
Technology and Informatics major based on academic merit.
Frank Nazario
INFORMATICS: Awarded to an undergraduate Information Technology and
Informatics major based on academic merit.
Daphne A. Charles
Manisha R. Medidi
Interdisciplinary Honors
Jasmeet K. Bawa
Cassandra N. Burdziak
Marie T. Callahan
Stacey E. Damito
Miriam R. Garber
Maximilian Goiz
Anne B. Kavalerchik
An N. Le
Aldo J. Mayro
Jacob I. Ohring
Lindsey A. Roth
Aaishah A. Vohra
Allison A. Wedwaldt
Sai V. Yetrintala
Dmitri D. Zorine
Alexa K. Burger*
Nicoletta M. Romano***
ITALIAN CONFERENCE TRAVEL AWARD: Presented to an Italian Major who gave
a paper at an Undergraduate Conference.
Nicoletta M. Romano
STEPHANIE LAGGINI FIORE AWARD: Presented to an outstanding Italian Major
for the best essay in a Senior Seminar.
Lindsay Barber
Jewish Studies
academic achievement in Jewish Studies.
Michael M. Guggenheim
Journalism and Media Studies
Michael Andresakes *
Lanna M. Arki *
Claudia Azzam *
Jennifer T. Beacham *
Emily F. Beckman *
Michael J. Cantor *
Alexis R. Celluro *
Jamie Clipper *
Daniel Couri *
Laura E. Curry *
Sabrina T. Del Piano *
Maria C. DiPietro *
Evelande Dufrene *
Ian L. Erhard *
Jaime R. Flores Vivero *
Jennifer P. Galati *
Margaux R. Grober *
Anastasia M. Groce *
Biya Haq *
Justin A. Hockaday *
Grace K. Hur *
Murtuza Z. Hussain *
Bailey L. Irelan *
Michael J. Jagacki *
Nicole M. Klock *
Han Pyul Koo *
Ardana Kwong *
Michelle K. Locke *
Tiffany X. Lu *
Tia R. Magenheim *
Kathleen Mariquit *
Victoria Mazzella *
Daniel Moallem *
Charlotte Morabito *
Julia L. Palazzo *
Andrea P. Pang *
Katherine S. Park *
Casey L. Patchunka *
Nicholas R. Perrone *
Erin H. Petenko *
Brianna M. Pirro *
James S. Pytell *
Laura Reilly *
Molly C. Rich *
Angie A. Saber *
Rebeca A. Saborit *
Dylan J. Saccoccio *
Yvanna M. Saint-Fort *
Taylor R. Sassman *
Cecilia R. Schiavo *
Alexandra P. Schroeter *
Samantha G. Shaw *
Nadirah A. Simmons *
Lindsey M. Stangl *
Kristen L. Stephenson *
Sabrina R. Szteinbaum *
David Tadros *
Matthew C. Taylor *
Matthew D. Tomasello *
Natasha Tripathi *
Dominique R. Turner *
Janine M. Warner *
John D. Watson *
Allison A. Wedwaldt *
Judy Y. Wu *
Alexa Wybraniec *
Tatiana Zamis *
Media Studies major based on academic merit and media-related achievement.
Sabrina R. Szteinbaum
BARRY S. KRAMER ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP: Awarded to a Journalism and
Media Studies major based on academic merit and a strong interest in writing on
scientific topics.
Justine L. Hall
EDWARD J. MACK SCHOLARSHIP: Awarded to a Major Journalism and Media
Studies major interested in print journalism, based on academic merit.
Einzen R. Lespinasse
JOHN H. COOK SCHOLARSHIP: Awarded to a Journalism and Media Studies
major interested in writing and reporting for newspapers.
Anastasia M. Groce
to a Journalism and Media Studies student who demonstrates outstanding
academic achievement.
Tatiana Zamis
undergraduate Journalism and Media Studies major based on academic merit
Julia L. Palazzo
a Journalism and Media Studies student interested in a career as a newspaper
Erin H. Petenko
LADLEY K. PEARSON MEMORIAL PRIZE: Awarded to Journalism and Media
Studies major who focuses on urban journalism.
Laura Reilly
LAURIE ACKERMAN MEMORIAL FUND: Awarded to a selected Journalism student
conducting research within the distinguished Journalism Research Institute.
Brianna M. Pirro
Journalism and Media Studies student who has demonstrated outstanding
academic achievement.
Laura Reilly
AND MEDIA STUDIES: Awarded to a Journalism and Media Studies major based
on academic merit.
Tia R. Magenheim
MEDIA STUDIES: Awarded to Journalism and Media Studies major in recognition
of past accomplishments in public service.
Samantha G. Shaw
Labor Studies and Employment Relations
Erica A. Akitani-Bob ***
April L. Bagley ***
Drew S. Ballester **
Jordan L. Barbone ***
Robert A. Bosco *
Benjamin S. Bucca *
David A. Castaldi **
Hi W. Chan **
Yu Chen *
Bridget M. Connelly **
Meagan Cronin ***
Pooja Desai ***
Michael A. DiRosa **
Rajee D. Dunbar *
Emeka C. Eze *
Matthew B. Gibbons ***
Adam J. Ginsberg **
Joseph A. Heitzenroder ***
Max J. Herrmann ***
Teresa H. Kolenski *
Veronica I. Komisarek *
Mitchell H. Lurie ***
Emily K. Maciejak ***
Ted I. Matalon *
Marisa L. McGlone *
Caroline R. McLean ***
Melissa A. Pasternak ***
Christopher Peralta *
Kamran Qureshi *
Alexa A. Rockenstein *
Carla M. Romano *
Terence Scanlon *
Ka'Rita C. Sergeon *
Julian R. Spevack *
Michael R. Stafford *
Waleska J. Taveras *
Kenneth Z. Theobold *
Autumn A. Thyselius ***
Joseph A. Viviano ***
Meagan E. Walker ***
Racquel B. Zurick **
Latin American Studies
Ricardo Sanchez Ortegon**
Tatiana Bereznikova *
Ashley J. Berry *
Jessica M. Cody *
Vanessa Cruz *
Taralynn Dorsaint *
Marla Durand *
Elizabeth A. High *
Avery S. Katko *
Joseph T. Munson *
Alexandria R. Nash *
Cindy Park *
Laura A. Pomykala *
Zooraze Tariq *
Jeremy D. Yeaton ***
Nicole L. Zarrillo *
to seniors who have achieved the highest academic distinction in Linguistics.
Jeremy D. Yeaton
Nicole L. Zarrillo
LINGUISTICS PROGRAM: Awarded to seniors who have made outstanding
contributions to the academic life of the Linguistics Department.
Marla Durand
Rella Y. Firat
Thomas M. Gill*
woman who has excelled in mathematics.
Lingxin Zhou
graduating senior who has excelled in mathematics.
Justin T. Luckenbaugh
EXCELLENCE IN MATHEMATICS: Presented to a graduating senior Mathematics
major who has excelled in mathematics.
Justine M. Langman
LAWRENCE CORWIN MEMORIAL MATHEMATICS PRIZE: Awarded to a nontraditional graduating senior mathematics major with a distinguished record in
mathematics courses at Rutgers–New Brunswick.
Austin R. Chennault
RICHARD MORRIS AWARD: Presented to a graduating woman majoring in
mathematics with the highest average in all Mathematics courses through fall of
senior year.
Xiaoyu Zhang
Middle Eastern Studies
Janna Aladdin**
Labor Studies and Employment Relations
Meghan L. Arnold ***
Sarah T. Brook ***
Mujtaba M. Chohan ***
Kevinn Eddy ***
Alex L. Huang ***
Ashley G. Joseph **
Hansa Joshi ***
Andrew W. Liebau ***
Julia Riccardi *
Adam K. Schwing ***
Reid A. Singer *
Anshuman A.
Srivastava ***
Kevin R. Titus **
Riasat Zaman ***
Shawmaf Z. Khubba**
Paul A. Musso***
James R. Palmer**
Emily Podhorcer***
EMILY F. MICHELL MEMORIAL PRIZE: Awarded to an outstanding major or
majors who exemplifies a genuine love of learning and enthusiasm for thinking
philosophically about the world around them.
Paul A. Musso
T. SANFORD DOOLITTLE PHILOSOPHY PRIZE: Awarded to the honors student
or students exemplifying outstanding achievement in Philosophy.
Sheng-Yao Cheng
Emily Podhorcer
WILLIAM. J. NORTON ALUMNI PRIZE: Awarded to the the female honors student
or students who have achieved the highest cumulative average in Philosophy.
Emily Podhorcer
Physics and Astronomy
Jaclyn C. Bradli ***
Yotam Cohen ***
Lucas A. Corcodilos ***
Atul K. Divakarla *
Kevin T. Feigelis ***
Stephen A. Hackler **
Alice Huang **
Zheng Ju ***
Alan M. Kahn **
Bharath Kannan ***
Leo Kozachkov **
Eric J. Mendelsohn ***
Aditya D. Parikh ***
Phillip J. Rechani **
Alexander J. Sandberg **
Clare E. Shanahan ***
Ian G. Stewart **
John A. Tamanas **
Xiaoyu Zhang ***
MOHAN S. KALELKAR AWARD: Awarded to a woman for outstanding academic
excellence in Physics.
Jaclyn C. Bradli
PAUL L. LEATH PHYSICS AWARD: Presented for outstanding honors theses in Physics.
Eric J. Mendelsohn
Christine Ray
RICHARD T. WEIDNER PHYSICS PRIZE: Awarded for outstanding academic
performance in Physics.
Aditya D. Parikh
Planning and Public Policy
Ahmed T. Bahgat **
Trapa Barua **
Kathleen M. Ebert **
Sarah H. Harpaz ***
Brett L. Harris **
Xin Huang ***
Brian T. Kempf ***
Jinhee Lee *
Jianzhang Lin ***
Christina G. McGinnis **
Steven R. Mercadante ***
Elizabeth I. Murray **
Siyang Ni ***
Junyu Pan ***
Deborah D. Ragbir ***
Mihir Rastogi *
Diana V. Siegel-Garcia *
Alef Tadese **
Dongzhe Tao ***
Brendan Torres ***
Zimu Wang ***
Bingting Wei ***
Liujun Ye **
Cenwei Zhang ***
Political Science
Atif J. Ahmad **
Usma S. Ashraf-Khan *
Matthew Boyer **
Michael J. Denis ***
Victoria M. Field **
Jeffrey I. Gugliotta **
Caitlin M. Lavery **
Daniel M. Lumer **
Donalene V. Roberts **
Tess E. Rosenberg **
Zachary E. Torrey **
EDWARD MCNALL BURNS SCHOLAR: Awarded to the seniors who have
achieved the highest overall GPA, as well as the highest GPA in all Political
Science courses.
Louisa Dirienzo Falk
Michael M. Guggenheim
Jacqueline E. Malzone
Deborah D. Ragbir
Karl Reyes
Max Sidoli, IV
Allison A. Wedwaldt
THE CLASS OF 1876 PRIZE: Awarded to a graduating student for the best
Political Science honors thesis submitted during the current academic year.
Michael J. Denis
THE NEIL MCDONALD PRIZE: Awarded for the best paper submitted to a
Political Science course, including independent studies, during the current
academic year.
Tess E. Rosenberg
Zachary E. Torrey
Katharine E. Aveni *
Michael A. Bacallao *
Cassidy J. Burt *
Valerie G. Chan *
Steffany A. Conyers *
Joseph W. De Angelis *
Ankita Huckoo *
Rachel A. Lisner *
Magdalena A. Purchla *
Rana K. Sebak *
Daniela P. Silva *
Priyanka Tadepalli *
Alexei H. Taylor *
Deekshita Valiveti *
James P. Wilmott *
Irada Yunusova *
PROPOSAL: Granted to the most outstanding psychology honors research
Cassidy J. Burt
Granted for the most outstanding psychology honors research thesis.
Ankita Huckoo
Rachel A. Lisner
CHARLES F. FLAHERTY AWARD: Granted for exceptional undergraduate research
by a psychology senior.
James P. Wilmott, III
CHARLES KADEN MEMORIAL PRIZE: Awarded to the non-traditional graduating
senior whose progress as an undergraduate in the field of Psychology warrants
special recognition.
Michael A. Bacallao
JOHN R. Z. ABELA AWARD: Awarded to the psychology honors student with the
strongest record in empirical research in clinical psychology.
Michael A. Bacallao
MARILYN SHAW AWARD: Presented to the psychology honors student who
shows the most research promise.
Katharine E. Aveni
TRACEY SHORS AWARD: Granted for exceptional performance in behavioral
neuroscience by a psychology honors student.
Alexei H. Taylor
Deekshita Valiveti
Public Health
Abimbola Adegbola ***
Chiamaka J. Akunne ***
Adebusola Aladegbami *
Sarah Alavi *
Cora N. Alexander ***
Ashley M. Alvarado *
Adenike R. Animasaun **
Olufunke J. Ayetigbo *
Shane R. Barrett *
Marjorie Cadestin *
Gabriella Champoux *
Lyndsey E. Cleary *
Michelle L. Cohen *
Nicole Czajka ***
Rachel L. Darbee **
Christine E. DeSpirito *
Gabriella S. Dumbrique *
Francesca T. Elghoul *
Brittany T. Fermin *
Yei F. Gbaintor **
D'Juana R. Gordon *
Amber B. Gourdine ***
Gabrielle M. Griffin *
Evan J. Gross ***
Mackenzie M. Haggerty *
Payal J. Hirpara *
Kimberly M. Hong *
Nicole Hurtado **
Adeima U. Ibanga ***
Nicole M. Jackson *
Devon T. Judge *
Aubrey J. Kaale *
Mariam Kapanadze *
Ilija Karafiloski *
Esther N. Kaufman **
Kristi M. Kenny *
Mona J. Kim *
Danielle E. King **
Trishna Kumar *
Noelle Le Blon *
Dresden G. Maddox **
Neema R. Manappuram **
Ashley N. Manzo **
Monica F. Marrone *
Nicholas D. Martin ***
Ashni A. Mathew **
Christina Mattina ***
Samantha K. McGowan *
Surayya Millar *
Amber L. Minnick **
Chinelo J. Onyebeke **
Daniela Ortega Toro *
Camille M. Parker *
Neelam Patel *
Richa Patel ***
Zeel R. Patel ***
Erin H. Petenko ***
Monishka Pierre **
Pooja P. Rana **
Saba Rehman *
Gina Rhim **
Madelyn A. Rodriguez ***
Alexa Mae A.
Sangalang ***
Elizabeth O. Seroczynski *
Johanna B. Serrano *
Rajvi J. Shah ***
Roma Shah ***
Salah Shaikh **
Stacey R. Shewitz *
Kelly A. Siberine **
Navneet K. Singh *
Kayla I. Skibicki *
Erica Sousa **
Andrea Standish **
Joanna M. Stiner *
Eitan Sufian *
Joseph B. Taraski **
Georgeanne F. Taylor ***
Anita A. Thomas ***
Stephanie P. Thomas *
Thi D. Trinh *
Ijeoma Unachukwu *
Matthew F. Valentine ***
Samantha N. Varga *
Miriam J. Woodward ***
Megan Yuan ***
Melody Yuan *
Zarina B. Zondon *
Courtney E. Zyla ***
SYDNEY AND MILDRED GREENBERG AWARD: Honoring a graduating senior
who has achieved superior scholarship.
Nicholas D. Martin
Social Work
Jesse W. Adams ***
Brenna K. Aiossa ***
Michelle I. Arrendell *
Jessica S. Bangel **
Janelle J. Bartley *
Wayne J. Biemuller *
Ian S. Bjorge **
Timothy J. Bracaglia **
Marie T. Callahan *
Julianna Calleo *
Jessica L. Clark ***
Leslie A. Colon *
Ana C. Cordeiro *
Cristina D. Couceiro ***
Theresa J. Davis *
Melissa L. Dejesus **
Joseph E. Diacheysn ***
Danielle T. DiFiore ***
Ryan A. Farr *
Delali S. Fiawoo *
Alisha A. Fuino **
Anthony N. Gallo ***
Jeremy L. Goldsmith *
Gilliann F. Haverty *
Seema H. Hershey ***
Jennifer M. Irizarry **
Ayah F. Issa *
Nakea I. Jeffers ***
Emma R. Krug ***
Maritsa Loaiza-Duenas *
Kelly J. Martins *
Marie-Emmanuelle A. Montfort **
Valeria Montoya **
Nathalie M. Peck **
Melany L. Perez-Esteva ***
Victoria Proto ***
Julianna M. Provenzano ***
Desiree Ramos *
Jonathan Ramrup **
Katelyn Realpe *
Elizabeth Rondos ***
Laura J. Stone **
Camilo J. Torres ***
Vanessa Volne ***
Briana M. Wills *
SOCIAL WORK EDUCATION: Presented to a Social Work student for outstanding
scholarship, superb field evaluation, and commitment to issues of social reform.
Jesse W. Adams, II
Sarah Castro*
Azdren Coma**
John A. Curtis*
Brianna Florovito*
Expedito Sean B. Miralles*
BENJAMIN ZABLOCKI PRIZE: Awarded for exceptional commitment to exploring
the sociological imagination.
Azdren Coma
DOUG MCDOWELL AWARD: Awarded for demonstrated commitment to
sociology and education.
Lauren A. Kramer
JACKSON TOBY PRIZE: Awarded for applying sociological concepts to social
Reshma Parikh
JUDITH FRIEDMAN PRIZE: Awarded for excellence in social inquiry.
Cassidy J. Burt
ROBERT GUTMAN AWARD IN SOCIOLOGY: Presented to the Sociology major
that has completed the sociology core course "Contemporary Sociological
Theories" and has a true interest in the history of American sociology.
Filip Wojcik
Spanish and Portuguese
Nicole M. Rodriguez***
Shiqin Cai*
Stephen Gorin**
Gaurav Perarasu*
Lingxin Zhou**
Stephen Hong**
Nicholas M. Sun**
Theater Arts
Kayla K. Votapek**
Dalton Zogleman*
Yiyi Zhao***
Women's and Gender Studies
Brenda Alves *
Ebony Johnson *
Kaylan Michas **
Charlotte Morabito ***
Katherine M. Ritter ***
Alyssa A. Vakulchik *
Katherine M. Wright **
Charlotte Morabito
DEE GARRISON AWARD FOR PEACEMAKING: Created by colleagues in History
and Women's and Gender Studies to honor the life and scholarship of beloved
colleague, Dee Garrison.
Katherine M. Wright
Bestowed on a Women's and Gender Studies student in honor of alumna
Dorothy Hamilton Balliet, a Douglass College Alumna.
Charlotte Morabito
DOUGLASS ALUMNAE PRIZE: Awarded to an outstanding senior in the Douglass
Residential College.
Vanessa A. Gonzalez-Siegel
STUDIES SENIOR: Donated through the generous support of long-time Women's
and Gender Studies and graduate faculty member Eleanor Brilliant, whose
expertise included women and philanthropy.
Katherine M. Ritter
RIGHTS: Granted fror outstanding work on Women's Rights.
Ebony Johnson
STUDIES STUDENT ACTIVIST: In honor of alumna Gilda Morlaes, who has
dedicated her professional life to increasing the number of women in electoral
office and enhancing women's political engagement across a wide range of social
justice issues.
Kaylan Michas
outstanding academic performance.
Lauren H. Jacquish
Alyssa A. Vakulchik
*** Departmental Highest Honors
** Departmental High Honors
Departmental Honors
The Academic Costume
The wearing of academic dress dates back to the early days of the oldest universities in the world. In the American Council on Education’s book entitled American Universities and Colleges, it is suggested that “Gowns may have been counted
necessary for warmth in the unheated buildings frequented by medieval scholars.
Hoods seem to have served to cover the tonsured head. . . .”
Throughout the years, European universities have continued to show great diversity in their academic dress. American universities, on the other hand, when they
decided to adopt academic dress, immediately established a code of regulations
which today is followed by almost all American institutions. The establishment of
this code has made it possible to distinguish between the Bachelors, Masters, and
Doctors, and, at the same time, recognize the university which has given them the
Gowns: Bachelor’s gown has pointed sleeves and is worn closed. Master’s gown,
worn open or closed, has oblong sleeves, the front part of which frequently is
cut away at the elbow. Doctor’s gown has bell-shaped sleeves. It is worn open or
closed. Cotton poplin or similar material is used for the Bachelor’s and Master’s
degrees, and rayon or silk ribbed material is used for the Doctor’s degree.
Hoods: The hoods vary in sizes: 48 inches for the Doctor’s degree, 42 inches for
the Master’s, and 36 inches for the Bachelor’s. All hoods are lined in silk in the
academic color or colors of the institution conferring the degree. If the institution
has more than one color, the colors are shown in divisions using chevrons. The
binding or edge of the hood is usually made of velvet in the color designating the
subject in which the degree was granted.
Below is a list of some of the faculty colors as prescribed by the Intercollegiate
Code for the binding of the hood:
Arts, Letters, Humanities
Business Administration, Commerce
Fine Arts, Architecture
Library Service
Light Blue
Dark Crimson
Physical Education
Public Administration
Social Service
Theology and Divinity
Silver Gray
Olive Green
Sage Green
Peacock Blue
Golden Yellow
The color or colors of the lining of the hood for the nine colonial colleges are:
scarlet, Rutgers; crimson, Harvard; green-gold-silver, William and Mary; blue,
Yale; red-blue, Pennsylvania; orange-black, Princeton; light blue-white, Columbia;
brown, Brown; and green-white, Dartmouth.
Caps: Black mortarboards or soft hats are worn for all degrees. The gold tassel
signifies a Doctorate.