Powder Coat

We’re Just Tougher
Than The Competition!
Draper is one of the few basketball backstop manufacturers that provide a
Powder Coat finish as standard (in black or white). Over 160 brilliant colors
available to capture the spirit of any gymnasium. Draper’s extra tough Powder
Coat finish beats the competition every time!
Advantages of Powder Coating
Aesthetics— Powder coat produces a much better finish. Powder coating provides fewer appearance differences between coated surfaces because the
finish is thicker, thus lessening the impact of the base color of the material being
Durability— Powder coating provides the most durable and long-lasting backstop finish available. Powder coated surfaces are more resistant to chipping,
scratching, fading and wearing than other finishes. Draper’s TGIC Polyester
Powder Coat produces a pencil hardness of HB-2H, direct impact resistance of
approximately 120 in-lbs, good chemical resistance, very good weatherability
and excellent adhesion. The durability of Powder Coat means backstops will
arrive on-site with a much better appearance and virtually eliminates the need
to ever touch up or re-paint the backstops.
Cost Savings— Powder coatings can be a cost saving alternative to liquid paint.
On the job-site powder coated backstops completely remove the need to have
finish paint applied and the installation is normally shorter and less expensive because the need for touch up is virtually eliminated.
Environmental Impact— Powder coating is safer for our environment. It results
in significantly less emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and hazardous air pollutants as defined by section 112 of the Clean Air Act Amendments of
1990. Most powder coat overspray is 100% recyclable or re-usable, eliminating
waste going to the landfill or being released into the environment, and powder
coating can reduce energy consumption during manufacturing.
Color Choices— The wide variety of colors greatly enhances the aesthetics
of gymnasium equipment. Compare the photos on the back of this flyer to
see why you should choose WHITE backstops to make them virtually disappear
when used with white roof framing, or choose another color that matches the
building paint scheme or the school colors.
make your gym design
more attractive—
specify white backstops!
Specify white backstops for a virtually invisible look when used with typical
white roof framing, or choose other colors that match the building paint scheme
or school colors.
Compare these photos and see for yourself how much more attractive white
backstops are when used with white roof framing. White backstops and their
overhead superstructures virtually disappear against the standard white finish used for bar joist, trusses and other support beams. Make sure people are
focused on the unique elements of your project’s design and not staring at
black backstops due to stark contrast with the ceiling!
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