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Phone: 01692 402334
Contact us at:
Paston Sixth Form College,
Grammar School Road,
North Walsham NR28 9JL
Paston Sixth Form College
Paston Sixth Form College
Welcome to Paston
let your ideas come to life
Open Day
Open Evening
Saturday 11th October 2014
9.30am – 12:30pm
Thursday 13th November 2014
6:00pm – 8:30pm
A chance for you to meet staff,
students and see our facilities.
A chance for you to meet staff,
students and see our facilities.
Booking essen
A-level Taster Day
Monday 27th October 2014
9:00am – 4:00pm
Your chance to be a Paston student for the day
and try our A-level and BTEC National courses.
We will arrange transport for you.
Open Evening
Wednesday 8th July 2015
6:00pm – 8:30pm
A chance for you to meet staff,
students and see our facilities.
As one of the top performing Sixth Form Colleges in
the country, we recognise and value the potential of
every individual student. One of our many strengths
is the professional support we offer and by taking time
to understand your goals and aspirations we will guide
and support you in obtaining the best possible results
for your future. Paston is an inspirational place to learn
and we truly believe your ideas will come to life here.
Welcome from Paston
Sixth Form College
Choosing where to go after school is an extremely important decision
and you will want to ensure that you are making the right choice.
Paston Sixth Form College has an outstanding reputation at a local,
regional and national level. We are specialists in the education of
students aged 16 to 18 and everything we do is for young people in
this age group, without the distraction of younger students.
We understand the journey you will make
from school to university or employment
and we will help you at every stage of
the transition. You will receive outstanding
academic and tutorial support, which
values your potential as an individual.
We have very high expectations of you
and expect you to work very hard to
achieve your long term goals in life.
Throughout your time with us,
we provide a brilliant setting for
learning with excellent facilities
which meet all your needs. We
have invested £4m over the last
two years on new facilities such
as the Scarburgh Science
Centre, Student Centre and a
study centre. In 2015 we will
also complete a £1.5m refurbishment of
our Art area and Theatre and so I believe
all students of your age should have the
opportunity to study in a Sixth Form
College such as Paston.
I hope you would like to be part of our
future success and I look forward to
welcoming you.
Here at college everyone is very friendly
with a number of sites to sit and socialise
including the student centre and the
lawned areas on both sites. Your voice
at Paston will be heard, with student
reps nominated from each tutor
group, who will be eager to
put across any ideas you have
as well as a chance to run
for Student President
and Vice President.
I would just like to give every new student
a big warm welcome and I hope that
each and every one of you has a great
next two years. Don’t forget to get
involved and meet new people by joining
enrichment activities such as our Far East
Theatre Company and if you do join I
hope to see you there.
Yasmin Mantell
Student Vice President
We wish you the best
of luck with your studies
currently and hope
that you choose
Paston to make
the most of your
A-level choices
and your
Kevin Grieve
(part of the Norfolk and Suffolk
Sixth Form College Partnership)
As one of three Sixth Form
Colleges in Norfolk and Suffolk,
we offer you a very special
learning environment which is
designed to help you achieve
exceptional results. Our culture
and ethos reflect this and the
atmosphere at Paston is vibrant
and engaging. We care about
you as an individual and about your
academic progress. One of our many
outstanding strengths, recognised by
Ofsted, is the professional support we
offer throughout your time at College.
Paston treats you as the young adults you are, giving you the
freedom to choose from a wide range of subjects with dedicated
teaching staff who will always answer any questions that you
may have. Whatever goals you want to complete, Paston is here to
help you achieve them.
Key dates
Example timetables
Are you an A* student? 42
BTEC course list
Why choose Paston
College facilities
GCSE resits
When to apply
Results Day
Helping you choose
A-level introduction
Travel information
Paston Employability
Skills Award
EDGE Foundation
learning BTEC level 1
Work Skills
A-level subject list
Life at Paston
Where will you go next? 40
BTEC introduction
Key Dates
Key Dates 2014/15
16+ Information
Open Day
Information on options for
year 11 students after GCSEs
9.30am – 12.30pm
Monday 22nd
September 2014
Saturday 11th October 2014
Tuesday 23rd
September 2014
7.00 - 9.00pm
St Peter’s Church Hall, Cringleford
Thursday 25th
September 2014
A level Taster Day
Monday 27th October 2014
Wednesday 1st
October 2014
7.00 - 9.00pm
Sprowston Manor Hotel
w/c Monday 1st
December 2014
Monday and Tuesday
29th – 30th June 2015
7.30pm – 9.00pm
9.00am – 4.00pm
An evening for parents and students to
hear from an Oxbridge Admissions Tutor
how to maximise their chance of a
successful application.
An Evening for
year 11 Parents
Tuesday 30th June 2015
Thursday 27th
November 2014
St Nicholas Church,
North Walsham
7.30pm – 9.00pm
Our aim is to provide information for ‘new
parents’. All those vital things you need to
know when your son/daughter starts college.
Be a Paston student for a day and try
out A-level and BTEC Diploma courses.
St Nicholas Church,
North Walsham
Highly recommended by those who have come
to previous Taster Days. Free transport will
bring you to and from the College.
Parents play a crucial role in helping
students choose their post-16 place of study
and in supporting them once in the sixth
form. They have different questions and
issues from their sons and daughters and
this evening is designed to address these.
Booking is essential,
Open Evening
Thursday 13th
November 2014
6.00pm – 8.30pm
A chance to meet students
and staff and see facilities
Our induction day for students joining us in
September 2015. Students will attend one of
the two days. This is a ‘must’.
New Parents’ Evening
9.00am – 4.00pm
7.00 - 9.00pm
Oaklands Hotel,
Yarmouth Road, Norwich
Intro Paston
A chance to meet students
and staff and see facilities
7.00 - 9.00pm
Stower Grange Hotel,
School Road, Drayton
Oxbridge Evening
7.30pm – 9.00pm
Open Evening
Wednesday 8th July 2015
6.00pm – 8.30pm
A chance to meet students
and staff and see facilities.
A+ Taster Day
Saturday 14th March 2015
An induction day for Paston’s A+ and
Oxbridge programmes. Learn about
applying for top universities and courses
such as Law, Medicine, Veterinary
Medicine, Modern Languages and Maths.
The journey starts now.
Results & Enrolment
Thursday 20th Aug 2015
On Thursday 20th August 2015 - GCSE
results’ day, Paston staff will be in high
schools and at the College to congratulate
students and offer help and advice.
Students enrol in the week after results.
We will arrange an appointment.
Thursday 2nd
October 2014
7.00 - 9.00pm
Sheringham Little Theatre
Why Choose Paston?
Why Choose Paston?
The perfect size
At Paston we believe in creating the right environment for
learning - our reputation for expert teaching, guidance and
support, good transport links, specialist support for Oxbridge
entrants and University entry, as well as outstanding academic
results, ensure our students are well prepared for a positive future.
Students say that Paston is the perfect
size. That’s because we’re big enough
to offer a great choice of subjects,
yet small enough to look after the
individual student - not only
academically, but also in terms of
personal support. We will be able to
guarantee the study programme you
want to meet your University and
employment needs.
Paston - Academic Ethos
Paston is a Sixth Form College.
It’s not a school sixth form or free
school and it’s not an FE College.
We are the 16-18 specialists with a
long tradition of outstanding results,
progressing all of our students onto the
best University courses or employment.
Sixth form colleges provide the best
sixth form education: academically,
they perform better than either school
sixth forms, free school sixth forms or
FE Colleges. Based on results,
Paston is one of the top sixth form
colleges nationally of which there
are 93 in England.
Excellence in
teaching and learning
Ofsted said: “The effectiveness of
senior managers and governors in
raising expectations and promoting
ambition is outstanding.” Our teachers
are specialists, not only in their
subjects but also in sixth form
education. They are dedicated,
inspiring and committed to helping
their students achieve their goals.
Paston: added value
The college has an outstanding record
of adding value to all our students.
On average, each student achieves
one grade higher than they are
predicted from their GCSEs. We have
been in the top 10% of all institutions
for AS Programmes in the last six years.
It’s not all hard work
There’s a great atmosphere. You’ll
meet lots of young people aged 16-18
– there are 800+ students so it’s a
terrific social experience too. You can
also take part in many enrichment
activities, trips and visits. Last year
students travelled across Eastern and
Southern Europe and to China.
A Sixth Form College
that’s different by design
If you want to do better academically,
Paston is the place to be. Paston is
Norfolk’s top performing sixth form. In
the Department for Education League
Tables 2009-13, Paston is the only Sixth
Form College with a point score which
puts it in the top 25. In 2014 our
students achieved an A-level pass rate
of 98%, with 43% A*-B and 70% A*- C.
At AS a pass rate of 80% with 60% A-C
and 100% passes in their BTECs
with 70% Distinction and Merit.
Your induction day
You must get your
application in as
soon as you can
We aim to
Interviews begin in the October
half term, immediately after our
Taster Day and an early
interview gives you the best
chance of a firm offer of a place
to study the courses you want.
who applies to the College and
you will be asked to bring to your
interview a copy of your latest full
school report, your predicted
GCSE grades and details of your
When to Apply
When to Apply
We will write to you in May with
the date of your induction day,
INTRO Paston. This is not an
open day, but is exclusively for
students who have been
offered a place.
The interview
All applicants will be required to
attend an interview. Once we
have received your application
we will write to you with a day
and time for your interview.
If you are unable to make it on
the day and time allocated
please contact Sally Webster
or Greg Hayward so that we
can rearrange it.
INTRO days take place on 29th
and 30th June 2015. You will
have the opportunity to meet
your teachers and other students
who are likely to be on the same
courses with you.
At the interview we will discuss
what you can see yourself doing
in the future and will help
and advise you on the right
programme of study to help
you achieve your goals.
How to apply
Alternatively you can request an
application form from the College.
Sally Webster
T: 01692 402334 ext 211
or Greg Hayward
T: 01692 402334 ext 288
How d lication? September 201y4o. u will
my ap tions open on 1sugh our websitoerd to log in.
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You can apply online at or
through our website
When to Apply
Paston has a Discretionary
Bursary fund to provide
specific financial support
for travel to college, materials
charge/books and equipment
(including computers), college
trips and university open days or
interviews for students from low
income families.
What happens if
I do not get the
grades I need?
If your results were not what you
expected, you can contact the
College to discuss your options
on GCSE results day.
We will write to you in June with
your enrolment appointment.
This will take place at the
end of August.
We only teach 16-19 year olds,
so provided you are aged 16, 17
or 18 on 31st August in the year
when you begin your programme
of study, you DO NOT pay tuition
fees. Exam fees will also be paid
for by the college, but not resit
exam fees. Students do pay an
optional Materials Charge,
currently £40.00 which covers the
cost of the loan of books and
study materials plus a £20.00
deposit which is refundable when
you complete your course
provided you have returned all of
your books to us.
Call 01692 402334
The threshold for the Discretionary
Bursary is a family income of less
than £25,000 per year. Students
living independently and ‘care
leavers’ currently receive a
bursary of £1,200 per year.
Application forms for the
Discretionary Bursary will be sent
out with students’ enrolment
appointment letters in June/July.
For students likely to achieve a
minimum of 6 A* grades at GCSE
there is the Sir William Paston
Scholarship provided by the
Paston Foundation in the sum of
£500. Application forms can be
downloaded from our website.
Victory Housing Association
offers a number of bursaries to
students living in Victory Housing
Association properties.
For more information and
an application form please
Equality of Opportunity
Paston Sixth Form College is committed to equality of opportunity. We aim to
ensure that everybody is treated with respect and has the chance to succeed.
We celebrate diversity and oppose discrimination. We underline this
commitment through:
•Guidance and support from teachers, tutors and other specialist staff
•Action to implement policies on equality and diversity
•Monitoring the performance of individual students and groups of students
•Listening to our students, including regular questionnaires
Financial Support
Helping you Choose
Helping you choose
Can you do the courses you
Talk to current and past
Find out about the different
options available to you so
that you can decide which is
best for you. There are
significant differences
between Sixth Form Colleges,
school sixth forms and FE
Colleges and you should visit
open days/taster days.
Look at examination results
and ask where students go
onto after study? What
proportion go to university
and which universities do
they go to? What sorts of
jobs/careers do they take?
students about their
experiences and find out
what they really enjoyed
about their Sixth Form
College, school or FE college.
want in the combination you
want them? Check what
courses actually ran this year
against what was offered in
the Prospectus. Can your
combination of courses be
What else is available
– is there an
‘enrichment programme’
– sport, performance,
clubs, visits, trips?
What GCSE grades do you
need for your chosen
institution and the courses
you want to take?
Assess how helpful staff are.
What specialist services are
available e.g. university support,
Oxford and Cambridge entry,
specialist tutors.
How easy is transport?
Investigate your particular
transport arrangements.
In Year 11 you have two key jobs: to do as well as you
possibly can in your GCSEs and to choose what to do
and where to go after your GCSEs. Don’t panic – there’s
a lot of help available to you and here are just a few tips:
Getting to Paston
Travel Information
We believe that every young person should be able to
study at a sixth form college, if they want to and it is right
for them. Therefore we are serious about transport and do
all we can to make it easy to travel to study at the College.
North Walsham is well served by both
buses and the railway- North Walsham
station is a minute’s walk from the College.
Students are encouraged to take
advantage of the Norfolk County Council
(NCC) Post 16 Transport Scheme
and any opportunities for reduced rail fares
linked to Greater Anglia Scholar’s deals,
which may be cheaper than the NCC
subsidised rate, particularly from stations
on the Norwich to Sheringham line.
There is free travel for students who
qualify for the 16-19 Bursary (gross family
income of £25,000 or less per year)
irrespective of where you live, subject to
bursary terms and conditions.
Travel from the “core” area
The core route area includes for
example Cromer, Aylsham, Stalham, and
Wroxham/Hoveton - see map on County
Council or College website. Travel from
locations within this area is organised by
Norfolk County Council and full details are
available on their website. All buses stop
near to the College making journeys
convenient and comfortable. Again please
check rates linked to Greater Anglia
‘Scholars’ deals which might be cheaper.
Travel from outside the
“core” area
We encourage students from outside
the “core” area to apply and we provide
substantial financial support to make this
affordable. The College will provide a
subsidy of up to £150 per year for
applicants outside the core area. We
have a large and growing number of
students travelling to Paston from a wide
range of destinations throughout Norfolk.
ss Knapman
Tickets are only
travels from Hovet
available from Gre
Anglia – the num
travel by rail from
ber for
enquires is 0345
£95.40* for a 3
month ticket. Pas
option 3 then opt
ton is then
ion 2.
just a short walk
As an example the current price
(March 2014) for an “Anglia Plus
Scholar’s ticket” from Norwich to
North Walsham is £179.55 per
term and from Salhouse £129.60
and Sheringham £104.20.
The £150 subsidy will be payable
to students after two weeks’
attendance from September.
Please note all the information
applies to 2014-15 only and will
be reviewed for 2015-16 in line
with NCC changes.
‘Scholars’ tickets’ are available
only from Greater Anglia - the
number for enquiries is 0345 600
7245 option 3 then option 2. You
need to obtain a photo card prior
to phoning. We would advise ALL
applicants to apply for transport
assistance as soon as you receive
your offer of a place.
Travel from North Norwich, Acle,
Flegg, and Sheringham/Holt areas
is currently organised through
Norfolk County Council (see
above). A College subsidy of up to
£150 is available for travel from
these areas. Travel to Paston from
Norwich and beyond by train, is
easy with Greater Anglia’s
‘Scholar’s Annual Ticket’.
Getting to Paston
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Payments in September.
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Norfolk County Counc
offers a post 16 sub
transport scheme.
their website for detai ls:
travels fr sman
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Getting to Paston
Life at Paston
At Paston you will have a more flexible approach to free time and
learning outside the classroom – this approach will help you get a
better understanding of how University life operates.
Main Studies
Your own time
Three or four A-levels or
equivalent BTEC Diploma
courses. You will be expected
to complete homework and
independent study tasks in your
supervised study sessions and
outside class time. Foundation
Learning course timetables are
different in shape.
You will have a weekly tutorial
with a personal tutor who is
highly experienced and expert
in advising and supporting 16 18 year old students and they
will be available to you for
much of the week. They will:
Paston is a bridge between
school and university or
employment. About 25% of your
time each week is not
timetabled and you decide how
to use this time. You will always
have plenty of work to do, so
you will spend some time
working on homework and
coursework tasks in the Library
or Learning Centre. Equally you
may go swimming or to the
fitness centre gym, socialise in
the Student Centre or our café,
do some shopping or decide to
come into Paston late or leave
early if you don’t have a lesson.
Making these choices is all part
of the transition from school to
university or work.
On Wednesday afternoons
and lunchtimes you can take
part in enrichment activities
including sports, creative arts
and volunteering. These will
help you to achieve the Paston
Employability Skills Award –
PESA (See pages 38/39).
• Help you settle into College,
monitor your progress and
agree personal targets
• Keep your parents informed
about how you are doing
• Listen to your ideas and
suggestions and help you
resolve any issues
• Assist with university
applications and help you
to understand the career
opportunities available to you
Learning “out of
the classroom”
Out of lessons you can use
learning facilities such as the
Library, I.T areas and the
Learning Centre. Paston has a
campus-wide network all of
which is WiFi. Our VLE is
Moodle and is available both
in College and outside.
Additional work and research
outside the classroom is
encouraged by all our
departments and is one of the
reasons for our outstanding
results. Students are
encouraged to bring their own
laptops, netbooks or tablet
devices to work in our variety of
study spaces.
• Write your College reference
Learning Support
To help you organise your homework and research, you will be timetabled
into the Learning Centres twice a week. There are also 30 minute lunch time
‘improvement’ sessions for all subjects, held during the lunch hour.
Your teacher will tell you if you are needed.
All students joining Paston do an initial assessment to test for dyslexia and
other specific learning difficulties for which we can then provide support
through our Learning Centre. Staff in the centre offer help in a number of
areas which support your needs and enable you to get the most out of your
studies. They include time management, essay writing and revision skills.
Supervised study sessions and lunch time improvement sessions
Example Timetables
Example Timetables
English Literature
Government & Politics
Film Studies
Film Studies
A+ Tutorial
English Literature
Government & Politics
English Literature
Film Studies
Tutorial/Critical Thinking
Government & Politics
12.55 - 2:20
2:35 - 4:00
Drama & Theatre Studies
English Literature
Performance Studies
Government & Politics
Performance Studies
Government & Politics
English Literature
Drama & Theatre Studies
9:05 - 10.30
10:45 - 12:10
BTEC Art & Design
BTEC Art & Design
BTEC Art & Design
Break - 45 mins
Break - 15 mins
BTEC Art & Design
Performance Studies
English Literature
12.55 - 2:20
2:35 - 4:00
BTEC Art & Design
BTEC Art & Design
BTEC Art & Design
BTEC Art & Design
BTEC Art & Design
10:45 - 12:10
12.55 - 2:20
2:35 - 4:00
Personal & Social Development
Personal & Social Development
Work Skills
Work Skills
Work Placement
Personal & Social Development
Work Placement
Work Skills
Personal & Social Development
Break - 15 mins
9:05 - 10.30
Break - 45 mins
BTEC Art & Design
Break - 15 mins
BTEC Art & Design
Work Placement
A+ Martha Crass
Ex Aylsham High School
I have loved how supportive
the staff are at Paston and
everyone is so nice. You have
the independence to use your
free periods in the way you
want to and you are treated like
an adult which makes Paston
such a lovely environment.
AS Josh Duckmanton
Ex North Walsham High School
The opportunities have been
brilliant in my first year at
Paston. The diversity of the
lessons and excellent social
life have been great but the
teachers are just brilliant.
Government & Politics
Drama & Theatre Studies
Break - 15 mins
Break - 15 mins
10:45 - 12:10
Break - 45 mins
9:05 - 10.30
Break - 15 mins
2:35 - 4:00
Work Placement
Work Skills
Personal & Social Development
BTEC Fern Karnkarungrueng
Ex Acle High School
There is a really great
atmosphere at Paston. With a
blend of historical and modern
buildings it’s really inspirational.
The BTEC gave me the creative
freedom to experiment with my
own ideas and we went on
lots of trips.
BTEC Level 1 Work Skills
Cidney Funnell
Ex Stalham High School
Over the year I have become
much more confident and
Paston has given me the right
balance between support and
independence, which has
been vital in helping me with
interviews and getting a job.
12.55 - 2:20
Break - 15 mins
Break - 15 mins
10:45 - 12:10
Break - 45 mins
9:05 - 10.30
College Facilities
College Facilities –
building for the future
Since 2013 Paston has invested £4m in student facilities. Students
will benefit from the new Student Services, Study Centres, Science
facilities and Art and Theatre facility. These new buildings are a
great environment for learning and inspiring creativity.
New Art and Theatre Facility
Scarburgh Science Centre
The Education Funding Agency awarded
the College £1.5m as part of a Building
Improvement Fund. With increased
numbers of students applying to study
Art, Photography, Graphic Communication,
Textiles and Photography and
increasingly ambitious productions, such
as Alice in Wonderland and The
Tempest, by the prestigious Paston Far
East Theatre Company, the College is
investing in a new theatre, including new
technical lighting and sound areas with a
new entrance and foyer area and new
classrooms for all the art based
subjects, increased display areas,
dark rooms and an IT area.
Due to our outstanding reputation in
Science and a record number of students
applying for Science courses, it is
important the College meets the growth
with more facilities and enhanced
laboratory space. The new Scarburgh
Science Centre was opened in December
2013 by Dr Steve Rawsthorne, Science
Operations Manager at the John Innes
Centre in Norwich. The building
incorporates a new entrance which
provides an additional learning and
display area for all Science subjects.
All of the labs have been completely
refurbished and brought up to industrial
specification standards with a
reconfiguration of all the internal
space with new toilets, showers and
changing room facilities.
Last year the College had outstanding
results in the sciences and many students
went onto study Medicine, Veterinary
Medicine, Dentistry and other science
related courses at Oxbridge or top
Russell Group universities.
Your Week
Student Centre
Madison’s Cafe
Our new Student Centre opened in
June 2013 following our purchase
and redevelopment of the former
Norfolk County Council office
adjacent to our Lawns site. The new
Centre provides much needed student
social space to accommodate our
recent and future projected growth.
Paston has doubled the size of our
student café since it opened in 2010. It
was an immediate hit with students,
competing on price and quality with
coffee and food outlets in the town, in a
comfortable and modern environment.
The Centre acts as a focal point for all
our students and will further strengthen
the professional support and guidance
we offer our students.
Students have praised the great choice
of food and drink on offer – all at
reasonable prices.
Open times:
Study Centre
The new Study Centre has been
developed in the old Student Services
Centre. It comprises of study areas with
PCs and zones for laptops and tablets to
accommodate over 100 students.
• 8.00am to 4.00pm - Monday to Friday
(except Wednesday)
• 8.00am to 2.00pm - Wednesdays
Campus Wide WiFi
To support the area the College has
invested in a new cloud based WiFi
system which allows even more students
to bring in their own machines and
access all of our IT learning systems.
With more open access learning space
in the College, it provides a brilliant
opportunity for students to carry out even
more research and investigation outside
the classroom. This is an essential
component of success at
A-level and it provides good study
skills practice for university.
The Victory Fitness Centre is located just
a short walk from Paston and boasts
fantastic facilities.They include a pool,
gym and very good fitness classes such
as body pump, yoga and spinning. The
centre offers a reduced membership fee
to Paston students.
The Library
Our newly extended library offers a great
place to study. It has a large collection of
resources to help students successfully
complete their college course. Books,
journals, reference materials, CD-ROMs,
videos, and DVDs are all available to
borrow or consult. All current students are
automatically members of the library.
The library is divided into three different
study zones, as follows:-
The book collection of nearly 13,000 titles
covers all curriculum areas. Most items
are available to borrow. We also have a
good fiction section, containing both
classic and up-to-date titles. We have
journals relating to all subject areas, and
currently take in excess of 30 titles.
We take a selection of daily and weekly
newspapers, which are available to read
in the library. The library staff are always
available to assist in finding the
materials needed for assignments.
• Main Library
• Library Lobby
Pairs’ workspace and Individual computer
study spaces (quiet working)
• Silent Room
Individual study space (silent)
Individual workspaces and individual
computer study spaces (quiet working)
There are networked computers in the
library. The Library is a WiFi hotspot so
laptops, with wireless enabled, will be
able to access the college network. All
computers give access to the college
network, Moodle (our virtual learning
environment), and the internet. They all
have the necessary software to enable
the successful completion of coursework
e.g. Microsoft Office, which includes;
word-processing, spreadsheets,
databases, and publishing software,
as well as some subject specific software
such as Adobe Photoshop
for Photography.
The Student Services team provides
our students with all of their information,
advice and guidance.
They spend a considerable amount
of time supporting our students onto
university courses and into employment.
On site we have Madison’s café where
they serve breakfast, lunch and afternoon
snacks. The proprietors, Kevin and Anne
Chamberlin used to cater on movie film
sets, so there is a film set vibe with lots of
signed images on the walls from stars
like Tom Cruise.
Visiting Speakers
Being at a sixth form college is as much about your personal
development as your academic studies. Qualifications are vital,
as the more highly qualified you are, the more money you are
likely to earn in the future and the more likely you are to progress
in your career. However, qualifications on their own are not enough.
First Aid
British post-war history
through film and documentary
Most activities run on a Wednesday
afternoon. Some however including trips
and visits, take place throughout the year.
Some of the opportunities are listed below
to give you a taste of what’s on offer.
Far East
Theatre Company
Computer Programming
Visiting speakers:
A range of sports activities are offered at
different times during the year. As a
Paston student you are also eligible to
receive student discount at the Victory
Swim and Fitness Centre – just five
minutes walk from the College.
You can join a team:
• Volleyball
• Football – men/women
• Table Tennis
• Netball
• Fitness in Paston gym
• Basketball
• Rugby
• Dodgeball
Classes at Victory
• Men’s and women’s football
• Gym
• Netball
• Boxercise
• Basketball
• Zumba
• Hockey
• Spinning
• Badminton
• Swimming
(Paston Employability
Skills Award
Attend the talks in our “Visiting Speakers”
programme, which is your chance to hear
about careers from people actually
doing them. Whether it is Architecture or
Accountancy, Medicine or Marketing,
Physiotherapy or Photography you will
learn what their work is really like, warts
and all. If you want a talk on a particular
career let us know.
Trips: Depending on the subjects you
study there are trips abroad and closer
to home including Blickling Hall, Pigney
Woods, Tate Modern, National Portrait
Gallery, Clothes Show Live, the John
Innes Centre, European Parliament,
Supreme Court of Justice and visits to
Cambridge and Oxford universities.
Trips further afield include: China, Poland,
Norway, Honduras, Iceland, Morocco,
Czech Republic, South Africa, and cities
such as Barcelona, Berlin, Naples, Paris,
Prague and Zaragoza.
There is a variety of enrichment activities
on offer where it’s a chance for you to
meet lots of new people, have a terrific
social experience and enhance your
UCAS personal statement or CV.
American Studies
Paston Employability Skills Award
How to build your points
3 Develop a new interest or hobby
3 Visit a new country to widen your horizons
You can achieve this through completing the Paston Employability Skills
Award which shows universities and employers that you are someone
who makes the most of their opportunities.
In the PESA, you build points by completing a series of activities and tasks.
3 Take up a sport
3 Attend a lecture in our visiting speakers’
3 Work experience – ideally you should find a
placement at weekends or during the
holidays which will give you more insight into
your chosen career
3 Volunteer - a chance to learn new skills, gain
valuable experience and meet interesting
people. It can also help with career choices
and applications and make a real difference
in the community
• By taking part in this scheme you are making yourself more
attractive to future universities or employers. It may give you the
edge over another student or applicant!
3 Complete a First Aid course so that you could
potentially save someone’s life
• The tasks you complete will show that you are motivated, driven, aware
of the current competitive job market, actively involved in your
community and allow you to highlight exactly how you have
developed the required skills needed for university or employment
3 Become a mentor at your old school and
help others to succeed
• This can all be put in a UCAS personal
statement or a CV and job application
• You will also gain certificates and for the
silver and gold awards prizes such
as free Ball tickets or vouchers
3 Fund raise - get involved in student-led
activities to raise money for charities
3 Be a student helper on Taster and Open
Days or in promoting Paston at school events
3 Visit a university and prepare a
university application
3 Attend an Enrichment Public Speaking course
3 Complete a work placement relevant
to a future career during the weekends
or holidays
3 Represent Paston by joining Far East,
taking part in competitions, being a
Student Ambassador
3 Get involved by being elected to the Student
Board, join the Student Executive, join a
college committee, become a Governor,
organise a social event, fundraise
You can start the Paston Employability Skills
Award by picking up a card from your tutor.
In today’s competitive job market, universities and employers are
looking for those students who have acquired knowledge and skills
through their courses, and also gained a range of employability
skills through work experience, voluntary and other activities which
encourage personal development.
Where Next?
Many students see Paston as the first step to university.
Our staff are expert in advising you about university, what’s
available and where, the grades you need and how to get them.
The courses studied were:
Accounting and Management
Adult Nursing
Aerospace Engineering
Ancient History
Anthropology & Sociology
Applied Football & Coaching
Arabic & Middle Eastern Studies
Archaeology and Ancient History
Automotive Engineering
Biological Sciences
Business Economics
Business Management
Business Marketing and
Chemical Engineering
Chemistry with French for
Chemistry, Biological &
Medicinal Chemistry
Child Nursing
Childhood Studies
Classical Studies
Computer Animation
Creative Performance (Acting)
Dance Urban Practice
Diagnostic Radiography
Drama & Theatre Studies
Early Childhood Studies
Education Studies
& Applied Drama
Electronic Engineering
English Language & Literature
English Literature
Equine Breeding & Stud
European Social &
Political Studies
Fashion Design
Film & Moving Image Production
Film Studies
Forensic Science
French & German
Furniture & Product Design
Games Art & Design
Geophysics (North America)
Graphic Design
History of Art
Human Biology
Law & Criminology
Mechanical Engineering
Media & Communication
Media Film Production
Media Production
Mental Health Nursing
Music & Musical Theatre
Music Production
Music Technology & Sociology
Natural Sciences
Occupational Therapy
Operating Department Practice
Performing Arts
Physical & Sport Education &
Sport Science
Physical Education
Physical Geography
Physics and Astrophysics
Physics with Forensic
Plant Sciences
Police Studies with Criminal
Primary Education
Print Journalism
1 University of Nottingham
2 Nottingham Trent University
3 London College of Music
4 City College, Norwich
5 University of Brighton
6 University of Northampton
7 Royal Holloway, University of London
8 Anglia Ruskin University
9 Bath Spa University
10 University College London
11 University of Oxford
12 Oxford Brookes University
13 Southampton Solent University
14 University College Suffolk
15 University of Manchester
16 University of Southampton
17 Glasgow School of Art
18 Central Lancaster University
19 Kings College London
20 Central School of Speech and Drama
21 University of Swansea
22 Bishop Grossetesste University
23 University of Durham
24 Canterbury Christ Church University
25 Falmouth University
26 University for The Creative Arts
27 University of West London
28 Royal Veterinary College London
29 University of Winchester
30 University of Northumbria
31 Edge Hill University
32 Doncaster College, University Centre
33 Liverpool John Moores University
34 University of Bournemouth
35 Sheffield Hallam University
36 York St John University
37 University of Greenwich
38 Arts University Bournemouth
39 Buckinghamshire New University
40 Goldsmiths, University of London
41 Manchester Metropolitan University
42 Aston University (Birmingham)
43 University of Essex
44 University of Chichester
45 University of Kent
46 Queen Mary University of London
47 University of Hertfordshire
48 University of Newcastle
49 University of Reading
50 University of Surrey
“The class of 2014 secured places
at 80 universities across the UK”
51 Staffordshire University
52 University of Derby
53 University of Sheffield
54 University of Lincoln
55 University of Birmingham
56 UEA
57 Leeds College of Art
58 Imperial College London
59 University of Bedfordshire
60 Norwich University of the Arts
61 University of Bradford
62 University of Liverpool
63 University of Loughborough
64 Rose Bruford
65 University of East London
66 De Montford University
67 University of Leicester
68 University of Leeds
69 University of York
70 University of Cambridge
71 University of Aberystwyth
72 University of Warwick
73 University of Exeter
74 Middlesex University
75 University of Bristol
76 Keele University
77 University Arts London
78 St Marys University (Twickenham)
79 University of Hull
80 University of Bath
Where will you go next?
Where Next?
Adam Wicks
Emily Grapes
Sophie Wilkinson
Sprowston High School
Stalham High School
Sheringham High School
A2 Biology
A2 Chemistry
AS Biology
AS English Language & Literature
AS Physical Education
AS Psychology
AS Critical Thinking
History at Corpus Christi College, Oxford
I have loved the
whole Paston
experience, making
new friends and in
particular, the
independence you
have which is so
different from
A2 Maths
Natural Sciences at
Selwyn College,
You have to work
hard but I had so
much fun in my
lessons and made
loads of new
friends, some of
whom will be
friends for life.
Acle High School
North Walsham High School
Olivia Bayfield
Merit, Merit, Merit
Flegg High School
BTEC National Diploma in Sport
Working at Norwich City Community
Sports Foundation coaching all types of
sport to young children.
AS Economics
AS English Literature
AS History
AS Law
Wymondham High School
BTEC National
Diploma in
Health & Social
Adult Nursing
at University of
East Anglia.
The teachers are
amazing and so
funny, but also very
supportive and
They really helped
me to achieve my
potential. I never
thought I would get
MMM in my BTEC.
It has been great
meeting new
people at Paston
and the teachers
are great,
enabling me to
go further in my
chosen subjects.
AS German
AS Maths
AS Further Maths
AS Physics
I love the
at Paston.
It is much
more adult
and such a nice
environment to
learn in.
I have loved my first
year at Paston, the
freedom you have,
meeting new people
and the teachers are
just great. The new
students in my classes
are so nice and the
support I have had
has been amazing.
Elliot Wesby
Lauren Felice
High School
BTEC National
Diploma in
Creative Media
Distinction Merit
The facilities are excellent, with some
amazing equipment to use and the
teachers are absolutely great on my
course. They are so funny.
A2 English Literature
A2 Law
A2 History
Christian Green
A-Grade Student?
Are you an A* student?
Sir William Paston Scholarships
Download an application
pack from
or request one from the College.
A+ Programme
A+ is Paston’s ‘gifted and talented
programme’. It is for high achieving
students with at least A*A*A*AAAAA
grades at GCSE, who are aiming for top
courses at top universities. You will be
offered a place on the A+ Programme if
you attain these grades – you do not
have to apply.
A+ is a successful programme which has
run for over ten years. A+ students usually
take five AS subjects including Critical
Thinking and are most likely to achieve
A/A* grades at A-level.
A+ is about stretch and challenge and so
teachers expect students to read beyond
the A-level syllabus and to be selfmotivated and undertake extension work.
A+ helps students fine tune their
academic skills at the highest level,
through a programme of coaching and
mentoring, visits to highly rated
universities and preparation for the
additional entrance exams required by
some courses and universities, like the
BMAT (or UKCAT) for Medicine or
Veterinary Medicine, the LNAT for Law
and the Thinking Skills Assessment for
some Oxford and Cambridge courses.
Contact Nigel Belfield
(Assistant Principal)
for more details:
Paston Oxbridge Programme
The Oxbridge Programme is an extension
of A+ that comes fully into play in the
second year. Paston sent its first students
to Oxford and Cambridge 400 years ago.
We have excellent, well established links
with both Oxford and Cambridge and, if
you are considering applying, you need
specialised guidance and preparation.
This is what the Paston Oxbridge
Programme offers you, through extra
tuition and coaching designed to help you
develop and practise academic skills
beyond those required routinely for A-level
study and prepare you to compete as a
strong candidate for an Oxbridge place.
An important part of this is preparation
for entrance tests such as the Thinking
Skills Assessment, STEP papers (Maths)
and other subject-specific tests such as
the History and Physics Aptitude Tests,
and the Modern Languages and
Linguistics Admissions Tests that you may
well need to sit. The programme also
includes university/college visits, summer
schools and mentoring by past and
current university students, which is
especially important in the complex
process of choosing a college in a
collegiate university, not simply a degree
course. Interview preparation is the final
component of the programme, as
interviews play a central part in selection
for these universities.
The success of our Oxbridge Programme
students is outstanding: in 2014, six
students gained offers of places out of 17
on the programme – this is three times
better than the national average.
Oxbridge Evening
w/c 1st December 2014
A+ Taster Day
14th March 2015
Contact Nigel Belfield
(Assistant Principal)
for more details:
Are you likely to achieve 6 A* grades at GCSE?
Scholarships are worth £500, paid over two years. The Trustees
of the Paston Foundation invite applications from year 11 students
who are likely to achieve outstanding GCSEs in 2014/15 and then
continue their studies at Paston Sixth Form College.
The Scholarships are designed to assist young people to ‘go the
extra mile’ to travel to Paston and to help with the costs involved
in preparing for study at a top university. They are awarded
annually to the students who are best qualified
on the basis of their GCSE results.
Where are you now?
I run my own company providing media
content for some of the biggest
broadcasters in the UK. I also have
corporate clients in England and in Europe.
Over the years, students from Paston have gone
on to achieve outstanding success in a huge
variety of different fields. Some have gone on
to become relatively well known.
Nick Conrad
BBC Broadcaster
Ex - Sheringham High school
Who do you work for, and
what projects have you been
involved in?
I currently work for the BBC presenting talk
radio programmes. I’ve fronted TV shows
and radio current affairs programming for
BBC News, ITV, Channel 5, LBC 97.3, CNN,
BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio 4 Xtra, BBC
Radio 3, BBC Radio 2 with BBC 6 Music,
CBS and anchored Sky News HD.
I also host international conferences
promoting the sharing of ideas across
borders for the European Union.
Studied at Paston History, Sociology, Media Studies
UCLAN (Harris College)
Television Production BA (Hons)
Home Town – Sheringham
Now – London / Norwich
What is a ‘typical’ day at work like?
My day starts at 5am with a 6k run. This is a
great way to get some thinking time in
before our first work meeting. My first
meeting is at 8am with my production team.
The show running order and topics are
selected by 8.40. This leaves twenty minutes
to start calling contributors or guests. We
could be talking about Gaza or the King's
Lynn incinerator! I leave work at 12 noon
and spend the afternoon on other projects.
What did you study at Paston?
How did that course help you
progress upon your career path?
I studied History, Sociology and Media.
The greatest assets to the college are the
teachers. I had some really inspirational
teachers. Their enthusiasm was infectious
and support second to none! I remember
each media project we undertook and
learnt many lessons, which have assisted
me in a very competitive and hard
industry. I remember well the warmth and
belief shown towards - and invested in the students.
What are the important skills you
have had to develop and hone
to be successful in your job?
Discipline and a legal brain! The law is
essential in my line of work. I have a
weekly audience of over 500,000 people
and I'm responsible for the accuracy of
what we broadcast. The ability to retain
information and analyse complex legal
and political situations quickly is essential
for live broadcasting.
Did you ever envisage doing this
while you were at Paston?
I was doing it already. When I was at
Paston I had an evening show on the
then Radio Broadland and read the
weekend news for Mohamed Al-Fayed's
Liberty Radio London.
What did you do in the year
immediately after graduating?
Set up my first company making media
content for various clients including,
Dixons, UCLAN, Leger Holidays and
BlackCat UK. I also worked in TV
development with Leigh Francis, aka
Keith Lemon.
Results Day
Results Day
Students achieved impressive A-level, AS level and BTEC National
results when they were published on Thursday 15th August 2014.
Kevin Grieve, Principal, said, ‘I am extremely proud of the
achievements of all the staff and students. Once again we have
celebrated and enjoyed a brilliant results day’.
A-Level Introduction
A-Level Introduction
A-Levels at Paston
Currently A-level is studied as two oneyear courses: AS, taken in the first year
and A2 in the second. Each contributes
50% towards the final A-level grade.
(At the time of writing the government is
proposing some changes to the above.
We will be happy to advise you of any
significant alterations once they have
been finalised.) AS/A- level are level 3
qualifications, and so the next step from
GCSEs which are level 2.
Your GCSEs remain important for
university and job selection in the future,
even when you also have A-levels,
degrees and professional qualifications,
so your aim in 2014/15 should be both to
achieve the highest number of GCSE
higher grades (A*-C) and also the highest
grades you can in each subject. Retaking
examinations to improve a C to a B, or an
A to an A* can make a real difference.
At Paston you take four or sometimes five
AS subjects in year 1 and usually three
A2 subjects in year 2. These are national
norms and universities make you an offer
on the basis of performance in three
A-level subjects. Some students do
however continue all their AS subjects
through to A-level. A-levels are academic
in nature and assessed mainly through
examination although often with a small
coursework element. They are the
nationally recognised route to university
and higher level employment and so they
are the most popular courses at Paston.
Our students do well consistently at AS
and A-level, performing "significantly
better than would be expected on the
basis of their GCSE results" (Ofsted).
Paston students on average achieve a
grade higher than expected in all their
courses and the College has consistently
been a top performing sixth form in
Norfolk and nationally, the highest
performing of all types of sixth form.
Your Study Programme
Our initial advice is:-
We place great emphasis on
choosing the A-level courses which
meet your aspirations and we will
help you in making those choices.
To maximise your chances of
achieving the best grades at Alevel, we will advise you about
subject combinations. You will
notice that a few subjects may
only be taken in certain
combinations. This is not to limit
choice but, our experience tells us,
those choices work best for you
and will help you in taking your
next step after A-levels to
university or into employment.
• Choose subjects you are good at
• Choose subjects you enjoy
• Think about subjects you might
need to study for future careers
Our minimum entry requirements
for an A-level programme of study
are BBCCC to include English
Language and Maths or a Science.
Some courses have additional entry
requirements, see next page.
GCE A-level remains the principal post-16 academic qualification in
England, Wales and Northern Ireland and the qualification taken by
most young people aiming to go on to university - over 90% in the
case of Russell Group and 1994 Group universities.
Exam Board
Entry Requirements
Pearson Edexcel
C or above in Art
Pearson Edexcel
B in Biology or Additional Science
Business Studies Applied
B in Chemistry or Additional Science
Drama & Theatre Studies
Pearson Edexcel
B in English Language and Maths
English Language & Literature
English Literature
Film Studies
B in French
B in German
Government & Politics
Pearson Edexcel
Graphic Communication
Pearson Edexcel
C or above in Graphics or Art
Health & Social Care Applied
Additional Requirements
Please note there are access
arrangements if you have not
studied Art, please contact for
more information.
Please note students studying
Chemistry are required to study
Maths and either a second Maths
or second Science subject.
Please note this cannot be taken
with English Literature.
Additionally, we ask you to
produce and send in a written
piece of 120/150 words entitled
‘Ma famille et moi’ to at
least 5 days before your interview.
There are access arrangements
if you have not taken Art or
Graphics at GCSE please
contact the college by email
for more information.
A-level subject list
Subject List
Please visit for full course details
Exam Board
Entry Requirements
A or above in Maths GCSE
Further Maths
A/A* in Maths
Use of Maths
B in Maths
Media Studies
Performance Studies
Pearson Edexcel
C or above in Art or Photography
Physical Education
Pearson Edexcel
B in Physics or Additional Science
Pearson Edexcel
C in Science
C or above in Art or Textiles
Additional Requirements
or B at GCSE with D or higher
in a relevant Advanced FSMQ.
You must also be studying
AS or A2 Mathematics.
Please note there are access
arrangements if you have not
studied Art or Photography. Please
for more information.
Please note students studying
Physics are required to study
Maths and either a second Maths
or second Science subject
Please note there are access
arrangements if you have not
studied Art or Textiles. Please
for more information.
A-level subject list
Subject List
Please visit for full course details
BTEC Introduction
BTEC Introduction
The courses are delivered through
assignments and assessments,
giving you the chance to study in a
practical and vocational setting.
Equivalent to three A-level subjects,
BTECs are a widely recognised
qualification valued by universities and
employers alike. 1 in 8 undergraduates
reached university through BTEC
qualifications (UCAS statistics).
BTEC Extended Diplomas are better known by their former name
of BTEC National Diplomas. They offer you an alternative
approach to advanced level study, enabling you to
explore a vocational area in depth and breadth.
Entry Requirements
Four GCSE grades A*-C
Art and Design
including Art and one from English
Language, Mathematics or a Science.
Five GCSEs at grades A*-C
90 Credit Diploma (1 year only)
Creative Media
including English or Mathematics
or A Merit/Distinction in a level 2
BTEC Diploma in a related area
and GCSE English Language
or Maths at grade A* - C.
Five GCSEs at grades A*-C
including English Language
and Media or Graphics.
Five GCSEs at grades A*-C
Health &
Social Care
including English Language and either
Mathematics or a science or A Merit/
Distinction in a level 2 BTEC Diploma
in Health & Social Care and GCSE
English Language at grade C or above.
Four GCSEs at grades A*-C
including one of English Language,
Mathematics or a science.
Course List
Additional Requirements
If you are not studying Art at
GCSE we ask you to bring to your
interview a sketchbook of drawings
demonstrating your interest in art
and a 200 word review of the work
of either Anselm Kiefer or Tracey
Emin, or Merit or Distinction in a
full level 2 BTEC Diploma in Art or
a related subject and a grade C
or above in English Language.
If you are not studying Media/
Graphics at GCSE you can still
apply for the course and you will
need to bring to interview a 200
word review of a computer game,
film or TV programme, or A Merit/
Distinction in a level 2 BTEC
Diploma in a related area and
GCSE English Language at grade
C or above.
It is an advantage to have a GCSE
in PE or A Merit/Distinction in a full
level 2 BTEC Diploma in Sport or
PE plus grade C or above in GCSE
English Language.
BTEC course list
Please visit for full course details
GCSE Resits
GCSE Resits
Opportunities to resit GCSEs
English Language WJEC
A grade D will have normally been achieved in GCSE English.
Mathematics OCR
A grade D at GCSE in Mathematics.
It is now a legal requirement that all Post
16 students work towards achieving a
C grade GCSE in English and Maths if
they have not already done so.
If you achieve an E or below you will be
placed on a Functional Skills course.
EDGE is a BTEC Level 1 Work Skills course which is designed to
give you more than achieving qualifications. It is designed to make
you more employable by raising your confidence, unlocking your
hidden talents and supporting your personal development.
"After being enrolled onto Edge I have
been able to develop in confidence and
understanding. Before I started here
I thought that every piece of work was
impossible but with support from my
tutors I am now able to complete work
without worry and if I have concerns
I know I will have that support any time."
Chloe Buck (ex North Walsham HS).
Who is the Work Related
Learning course for?
The course is for those who are not in
employment, education or training or
expect to achieve grades D, E or below.
Do you want to gain new skills
but learn them in ways that are
unlike learning at school?
If the answer is YES, the EDGE BTEC Work
Skills course may be for you.
For example career progression, learning
from experienced people, searching and
applying for jobs, positive attitudes,
preparing and learning for work.
You will develop your skills and abilities in
speaking, writing, using numbers and IT,
through working on projects and
assignments with our help and support.
This will be important for the individual
whether it be for future employment, an
apprenticeship or further study.
You learn about different areas of
employment through extended work
placements, trips and visiting speakers.
Every student is unique, so we design a
personalised programme for you which is
flexible and allows you to proceed at
your own pace to meet your goals.
Each unit you complete earns ‘credit’ so
you build qualifications step by step and
can ‘bank’ them for use later.
What can I do after the course?
What will I do on the course?
The course has been developed so that
the skills you learn can be taken forward
into a work place or further education.
The course prepares you for an
Apprenticeship (Level 2) or Advanced
Apprenticeship (Level 3), employment or
to go on to further study.
Please visit for more information
Details contained in this prospectus are correct at the time of going to print. Paston Sixth Form College reserves the right to change
the courses offered according to the demand for places.
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