March of 2016.

AACRAO SPEEDE Committee - Quarterly Executive Summary
Jan - March 2016
It is our pleasure to present this Quarterly Executive Summary of ongoing activities of the
Standardization of Postsecondary Education Electronic Data Exchange (SPEEDE) Committee of
the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO). The
AACRAO SPEEDE Committee was formed in the late 1980’s and has been very active since then
in the coordination, development, and implementation of international exchange standards in
United States and Canada by representing secondary and postsecondary education in
collaboration with the standards setting body, P20W Education Standards Council (PESC). The
Committee reports to the AACRAO Vice President for Information Technology (Group VI), Nicole
Rovig. We hope you enjoy this Executive Summary which contains the updates from January –
March of 2016. More information can be found at the AACRAO SPEEDE Committee Link.
Committee Meetings & Conferences:
The AACRAO SPEEDE Committee aspires to educate and facilitate expanding the adoption of
electronic records exchange in secondary and postsecondary education. One way we do this is
through promotion and education by offering SPEEDE sessions at regional and national (annual)
AACRAO conferences. If you would like more information or have a great presentation idea
please let us know at [email protected] The AACRAO SPEEDE Committee holds a weekly call
to discuss updates from our work with PESC and to identify opportunities to provide education
through AACRAO.
Committee F2F
Meeting @ AACRAO
Annual Meeting in
Phoenix, AZ
Recently all 10 SPEEDE Committee members gathered for a face to
face meeting and participated presented 7 sessions, 1 roundtable and
2 poster sessions at AACRAO’s 102 Annual Meeting in Phoenix, AZ
Electronic Transcripts: A Step-by-Step Guide to Making It
Case Studies: Maximize the Benefit of Electronic Transcripts
Secure Electronic Exchange of PDF Student Transcripts
Round Table: Sending and Receiving Transcripts
Poster Session: What Is SPEEDE? And What Can SPEEDE Do for
Poster Session: What the Heck Is EDX?
Use Systems, Servers, Vendors & Standards to Innovate,
Automate & Improve Service
Functional/Technical Overview: Implementing Academic
Record Electronic Exchange
Wringing Electronic Data from Paper and PDF Transcripts
Electronic Transcripts Best Practices
There was good attendance at the sessions and we got a sense that
people are still very much interested in how to implement electronic
education record exchange at their institutions. Session Handouts for
these and other sessions are now available on the AACRAO Website!
AACRAO SPEEDE Committee - Quarterly Executive Summary
Jan - March 2016
P20W Education Standards Council (PESC) Initiatives:
In line with our mission to develop, promote and maintain standards for the electronic exchange
of education records in conjunction with appropriate national and international standards bodies,
we participated in the following PESC initiatives:
Academic e-Portfolio
EA2 Task Force (Electronic
Credentialing and
Learning Task
Common Data
Services Task
Force (CDS)
Record User
Board of
Seal of Approval
Advisory Board
For more information or to become a member please check out!
Standards & Crosswalk Development:
Final versions of all PESC Approved Standards for both EDI and XML can be downloaded free of
charge from the PESC Website. This includes EDI Implementation Guides (IGs) & EDI-XML XML-EDI
Crosswalks. The committee is in process of prioritizing updates to the (IGs) in collaboration with the
Canadian PESC User Group.
Requests for modifications to PESC standards can be sent to the AACRAO SPEEDE Committee and
are ultimately discussed in the PESC Education Record User Group (ERUG). Once the use case is
validated the change request is submitted through PESC Change Control Board for approval.
Latest update…Core main 1.15.0 has now been published to the PESC website.
Sharing Information:
Interested in participating in various discussions with the AACRAO SPEEDE community? Please use
the new VT Google Group [email protected]
Great Resources: Electronic Data Exchange (EDX) Primer addresses commonly asked questions
regarding electronic data exchanges using EDI and XML & The 2016 AACRAO Academic Record
and Transcript Guide available from the AACRAO Online Bookstore !
The AACRAO SPEEDE Committee released a compilation of PDF Best Practices based on survey
feedback from the AACRAO Membership and PESC Community. Resulting PDF Best Practices can
now be found on the AACRAO Website PDF Best Practices Link .
Examples of successful electronic transcript exchange implementations now available from
AACRAO Speede Committee Members Sue Reyes San Diego State University and Tuan Anh Do
from San Francisco State University at the AACRAO link to Case Studies . Suggestions for new topics
you would like to see covered contact us [email protected]
This concludes the AACRAO SPEEDE Committee updates for January – March 2016.