Preparing to Go Back to School August is a good month to prepare

Preparing to Go Back to School
August is a good month to prepare for the new school year while still savoring the joys of
summer. If you’re like most parents, juggling fun and learning isn’t always easy. Summer
vacation is meant to give children a break from their long days of school, but it doesn’t mean
students should stop learning completely. Children who continue learning over the summer
have a much easier time adjusting to the full-time school schedule in September.
While summer fun is at an all-time high, use the month of August to get them back into a
routine that is more closely aligned with the fall schedule. You can set a specific time for
reading a book each day and make it fun by establishing “together time.” For instance, you can
ask your child to read a book that matches a summer activity you shared, such as going to the
beach, riding horses, or camping. Enhance these special learning moments by taking the
reading session outdoors on a picnic or under a tree. To show interest in what your child is
reading, and to learn more about his or her interests and reading style, try to schedule the
reading time before dinner so that conversation at mealtime is filled with questions about the
As the school year comes into focus, your child may have some concerns and hesitation. From
new teachers to new friends, new schools to new schedules, the anticipation of school starting
up again can cloud the excitement of the awaiting opportunities. You can help your child adjust
to back to school by listening and forming a strong connection with your child. Doing this
reinforces the idea that your child isn’t going through this alone and that the people closest to
him or her understand the mixed emotions that come with new beginnings. August is the
perfect time to turn back-to-school blues into back-to-school bliss.