MSE 445 Corrosion of Metals

MSE 445 Corrosion of Metals - Syllabus
Carl Altstetter , <>
302 MSEB, 217-333-4985
I. Introduction
a) costs of corrosion
b) types of corrosion
c) corrosion rates
Page Numbers
1 - 39
II. Electrochemical Thermodynamics
a) electrochemical reactions
b) electrochemical cells
c) cell potential
d) reference electrodes
e) Faraday Law
f) electrical work, Gibbs free energy
g) mass action, Nernst law
h) effects of temperature and concentration
i) heat and entropy changes
f) effects of pressure, sensors
III. Electrochemical Kinetics
a) reaction rates
b) charge transfer
c) polarization, Tafel plot
d) diffusion and drift,
e) reaction overvoltage
75 - 86
IV. Electrochemical Devices
a) batteries
b) fuel cells
V. Electrochemical Corrosion
a) mixed potential
b) Evans diagram
c) effect of corrosion variables
d) measurements
65-74, 143-162
Page Numbers
e) spectroscopy
109-113, 162-166
f) electrochemical noise
g) galvanic series
h) cathodic protection
i) Pourbaix diagram
50 - 64
j) passivity
116 - 142
k) stainless steels
l) localized corrosion
m) microbial-induced corrosion
VI. Corrosion Control
a) change of environment
b) selection of alloy
c) cathodic protection
d) inhibitors
e) coatings
VII. Effects of Environment on Mechanical
a) stress corrosion cracking
b) hydrogen embrittlement
c) corrosion fatigue
d) liquid metal embrittlement
VIII. High Temperature Corrosion
a) description
b) mechanisms
c) variables
IX. Case Studies
a) stainless steel hot water tank
b) ductile iron pipe corrosion
c) disposal of radioactive waste
d) rebar corrosion
e) hip joint prosthesis failure
f) lithium ion batteries
Text: Denny Jones
Principles and Prevention of Corrosion
Prentice-Hall Inc. Upper Saddle River, NJ, 1996
Grading: The grade in this course will be based on two one-hour exams and a term paper, which will
count the same as an hour exam. The first hour exam will be at 12 PM on March 19, 2015. Graduate
students registered for 4 hours of credit will be required to compile a comprehensive bibliography on the
topic of their term paper. The bibliography should include all references on the topic after the year 2004.