Equipotential Points Equipotential Surfaces – Curves running

Equipotential Surfaces | AP Physics B
Equipotential Points
Points of Equal and Different Electric Force
In (a), the point charges (purple circles) will
experience the same electric force, because they
are equidistant from the positive charge. In (b)
the lower-right point charge will experience a
greater electric force than the other point charge,
because it lies closer to the positive charge.
Equipotential Surfaces – Curves
running perpendicular to each field line
• Voltage is the same at any point
along the curve
Equipotential Surfaces
The equipotential surfaces (blue) run
perpendicular to each field line (green). At any
point along an equipotential surface, the voltage
is the same.
Intensity of the electric field is
steeper where the equipotential
surfaces are denser (between the
This figure also demonstrates an
electric dipole – two charges of
equal and opposite magnitude
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