Casting Billboard User Guide

Casting Billboard User Guide
Casting Billboard User Guide
Creating a Project
Creating a Role
Reviewing Submissions and Making Selects
Scheduling Auditions
Creating Reports
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Creating a Project
Getting a project up and running.
Create a Project
From the Projects page, click the green Create Project button on the right side of the screen.
Input the project information
Input all of the information for your project
1. Project Name - Include a name for your project that will stand out (generic names such as
"Untitled, No Name or My Project will not be accepted).
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Union Status - Select a union status. If you are selecting a union, your project must already be
registered with that union.
Synopsis - Enter a clear description about your project. Projects without a thorough synopsis
will not be approved. If the selected project type does not have a synopsis field, enter this
information into the Project Notes field.
Submission Due By/Note - You can ask talent to submit to your project by a specified date
and also leave a note with specific submission instructions.
Releasing to Casting Billboard
When releasing a project to Casting Billboard®, it is required to select what location you would like
to access talent from and also how long you would like them to have access to submit.
Upload Sides
Select the sides on your computer, enter in a name and click Upload.
*Once sides are uploaded, the sides will not be available to talent unless they are attached to a
role (This does not apply to talent who were submitted by a talent management company). Note:
This feature is only available if you are using the scheduler. If you are not using the scheduler you
must send sides to
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Creating a Role
Create roles with specific details to send to talent. You must create at least one role before
submitting your project for approval.
Adding the first role
After clicking Save and Continue on the previous screen, click create a new role.
Role Decriptions: When creating roles it's important to include as much detail as possible. In order
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for the role to be approved, depending on the project, you must include a description of the
character and the type of actor you are looking for. You can even enter the actions of each
For projects requesting models be sure to include model specs (height, size, body type, look etc.),
experience needed and what they will be doing. For projects requesting minors include details
such as time on set, amount of dialog, will a studio teacher be included, and content they should
be comfortable with.
Request Media Submission: You can enable a role to receive video or audio clips along with
each submission.
Sides: You can also upload sides (.doc, .pdf) to a specific role. When you do this, the sides are
automatically attached to the role. But be careful, if you upload sides in the Project Details page
you will have to check the box for each document under every role that you would like them to be
attached to.
Photo References: You can attach a photo reference if you are seeking a specific look or want to
give the actor a more visual description of what you are looking for.
Submit your Project for Approval
Important: Once you are done entering in your project information and roles, you will need to
submit the project for approval. Once it has been approved by our staff, it will be emailed out
directly to talent who match the criteria entered and to talent managers.
The project status will read UNFINISHED until you have clicked Submit for Approval. It will
change to ACTIVE once project is approved by Casting Networks. It will say MODIFIED if changes
have been made to the project and will remain Modified until a staff member approves the
If you add a new role to a previously released project, your project status will change to Roles
Pending and will be reviewed for approval.
All projects submitted through Casting Billboard must be reviewed and approved by Casting
Networks. You can email us at or call 323-462-8200 ext.
352 if you have any questions.
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Reviewing Submissions and Making Selects
Overview Page
On the Overview page you can make edits to your project or roles, and monitor the number of
talent submissions you have received. To view your submissions for a role click on the number in
the Unviewed column.
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Submission thumbnails
Hover over the icons next to each submissions to perform an array of actions including view
resume, add/edit a casting note or move talent to another role. Clicking on the green play button
shows you media that was included with their submission.
If you save a casting note, know that it is only viewable by you. Below the thumbnail you will see a
submission note if the talent has entered one.
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Making Selects
1. To make your selects, simply click any of the numbers below an actor's headshot. You can also
mark talent as a Direct to Callback by selecting the CB button.
2. Once you're done viewing a page, mark it as viewed.
3. You can filter which submissions you are viewing: such as viewed/unviewed, public/vs
manager-submitted, or switch between roles.
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Scheduling Auditions
The scheduler is a great way to keep your auditions organized. You can create a schedule for your
project and add talent to specific timeframes.
Choose Date for Auditions
From the Schedules page, click the New Schedule button and click on the date you'd like for
the auditions (or callbacks)
Select whether this is an Audition or Callback
Choose to build your timeframes or start with a default timeframe. (Default timeframe will
generate a blank schedule from 9:30-6:30 with 10 minute intervals. Build timeframe will allow
you to choose start time, end time, and intervals).
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Building Timeframes
Select the role you want to schedule.
Choose how many people you'd like per timeslot.
Select which priority numbers you want scheduled. (Note all priority numbers are selected by
default. If all priority numbers are selected it will start scheduling with priority 1 talent).
Pick your starting time.
Pick how long you'd like each timeslot to be.
Click calculate to determine an end time based on the number of talent selected.
You may add another role to the same timeframe.
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Adding Breaks and New Timeframes to Your Schedule
On this page you can add breaks and additional time frames for other roles before viewing the
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The Schedule
If you used Build Timeframes, your schedule will be autopopulated based on the criteria you
selected in the audition builder.
1. You can switch out scheduled talent by dragging the talent from the left side and dropping
them on the right
2. To add a selected talent to a schedule, drag them from the right and move them to the desired
time on the left.
3. Click the Send Times button to send out audition times to the talent directly.
You can use the buttons at the top to change the view type, filter by role or priority number, add
additional timeframes, and more.
Casting Billboard User Guide - 14
Here you can view information on all talent scheduled or auditioned for a project.
The most important information on the Worksheet is the confirmation status for each talent. You
can easily see the status of each audition slot by looking at the colored icons. Stauses can be
manually changed by clicking on different icons if needed.
On the Worksheet you can adjust the infomation you are seeing by using the filters on the left side
of the page. Sort the Worksheet by clicking on the headers of each column. Clicking on a talent
name expands the row and shows you their headshot. The Cb and B buttons can be used to mark
a talent as a callback or booked respectively. By clicking on the date in the schedule column, you
will be taken to the schedule page for that talent. Casting Notes can be added on this page as well.
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Creating Reports
Using the reports feature will help you gather specific information about your projects
Select report type
After clicking on Reports in the menu bar, select the type of report to generate.
Select the project
Select which project to generate a report for.
Casting Billboard User Guide - 16
Reports with more options
Some reports have multiple options you can choose from. Select the options to your liking then
click Print. A PDF will be generated that can be emailed or printed.
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