ABON Chain Feeders
• Via modular construction
and design, a wide range of
lengths can be accommodated
to reduce retaining wall height
• A large throat opening
encouraging free flow
• Exceptionally low conveyor
speeds minimise wear
• Insensitive to clay and sticky
• All oil lubrication
• Robust chain design
• Electric Variable Speed Drive
is operationally clean and low
FLSmidth ABON Pty Ltd has
manufactured Sizing, Crushing and
Screening equipment in excess of 45
years for an ever expanding range of
industries in the broad sphere of
minerals handling and minerals
processing by-product activities.
In 2002 we added the Flight Bar
Chain Feeder to our range of product
to compliment our robust, heavy duty
Sizers and Rollerscreens.
Our Chain Feeders can be offered
with a horizontal, inclined or “Z” deck
configuration, to suit any Hopper or
Reclaim design or retrofit.
ABON Feeders
Description of Equipment:
The ABON Chain Feeder is designed
to transfer material from the feed side
towards the discharge “Head Chute”
side of the Feeder at a constant
volumetric rate.
The feeder electric motor drives the
Feeder head shaft via a torque limiting
coupling and bevel helical reducer.
Sprockets on the head shaft mesh
with two strands of the Feeder Chain,
each strand is situated on either side
of the deck.
Flightbars are attached between the
two Feeder chains. These flightbars
transfer the material constant
volumetric rate to the discharge end.
ABON Feeders have several unique
features to exploit over other Feeder
The modular design of the feeder
allows the unit to be easily broken
down into components, no more than
10 tonne, allowing the unit to be
easily barged to site and easily
assembled in situ. All modules are
keyed and bolted, and when
connected will hold it’s own load.
FLSmidth ABON’s heavy, robust build
has been designed for a life in excess
of 20 years.
ABON Feeder Sizer
The ABON Chain Feeder and Sizer are
easily coupled together to become an
ABON Feeder Sizer.
(1) The ABON Feeder and Sizer
concept has no restriction in the flow
of material, which prevents blockages,
therefore a constant flow is provided.
(2) There are no jolting effects on the
chain should larger rock boulders with
compressive strengths of up to 250
Mpa be encountered.
(3) The ABON Sizer will provide a
cubical / non slabby product, which
could result in less wear and tear on
the discharge conveyor.
(4) Due to it’s low roll speed the ABON
Primary Sizer is suitable for minimising
fines (minus 0.5 mm).
(5) The ABON Feeder and Sizer
concept is maintenance friendly and
will provide a cost saving in the years
to come.
(6) Replacement of the Sizer teeth can
easily be carried out with the Sizer
withdrawn to the maintenance
Construction Features
Modular Robust Design
ABON’s heavy, robust build has been
designed for a life in excess of 20
years. The modular design allows the
unit to be easily broken down into
components. All modules are keyed
and bolted. The top deck will
withstand dumping of full loads from
side tippers without destruction.
ABON’s standard chain has a 6” pitch.
Chain breakage is practically designed
out as chain pull is 240 tonne per
strand. The ABON Chain Feeder
operates at low speeds (0.08 - 0.35
metres per second) which promote
long wear life of chain, sprockets and
flight bars .
Top and bottom decks are 600mm
apart to enable visual inspections.
Access for inspections is via inspection
hatches along bottom deck. Daily
service is limited to visual inspection
only of sight glasses fitted to oil baths.
More Features
• The top deck will withstand
dumping of full loads
from side tippers without
• ABON’s standard chain has
a 6” pitch
• All oil lubrication
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