PDF Teaching Resume

Amanda Gutiérrez
born in Mexico City 1978
1634 W 21st St. Chicago Illinois
312 519 8936
MFA Degree in Performance
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
BFA Degree in Escenography Design
ENAT (National Theater School), INBA (National Fine Arts Institute)
Mexico City, 2003
Awards / Grants
ETAC (Crossborder Contemporary Art Space) Fellowship Recipient
Bolit , Contemporary Arts Center in Girona, Spain 2016
Programa de Apoyo a la Producción e Investigación en
Arte y Medios 2008 and 2015. (Mexican Endorsement in New Media Arts)
Centro Multimedia, CENART
México D.F. 2008 and 2015
Programa de Fomento a Proyectos y Coinversiones
Culturales. (Fine Arts Mexican Endorsement)
México D.F. 2010
CAAP (The Community Arts Assistance Program)
Illinois Arts Council
Chicago, Illinois 2008
MFA Fellowship Award Competition
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois 2007
MFA Trustee Scholarship
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Apoyo para Estudios en el Extranjero FONCA
Period 2005-2006 y 2006-2007
Fellowship from Mexican Endorsement of Arts and Culture
Special Studies in
Arts and Education
Powerfull Connections
Learning in & Through the Arts
Presented by Hisdale Center for the Arts
Hinsdale, Illinois 2009
Claiming Creativity
Art Education in Cultural Transition
Columbia Collage Chicago
Chicago, Illinois 2010
Video and Sound Editing workshop
w/ Alfredo Salomón and Ricardo Cortez,
CMM (Media Art Center) Mexico City 2002-2003
Work Experience
EX TV Outreach Director
Student television from
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois 2005-2006
EX TV Outreach Coordinator
Student television from
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois 2006-2007
Teaching Experience
Teacher Assistant
Core Research Class Fall 06
First Year Program Department
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois 2006
Video Editor and media facilitator
Pros Arts Studio
Arts Community Organization
Chicago, Illinois 2009-2010
Teacher Assistant
Video and Performance Class Spring 07
Performance Department
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois 2007
Board Member and media facilitator
Video Machete Collective
Media literacy and video training
Chicago, Illinois 2004-2005
The School of The Art Instirute of Chicago
Part Time Instructor
Performance and new media
Chicago, Illinois 2016
Live Wire.TV and video production Workshop
CAN TV and Street Level Youth Media
Chicago, Illinois 2007-2008
Columbia College Project AIM
Teaching Arts Intructor
Chicago, Illinois 2014
Video Documentary Workshop
Casa Vecina Culture Center
as part of the r4b1ts media festival
Producing two short documentaries
México City, 2007
Columbia College Convergence Academy
Digital Media Instructor
Tilden Career Community Academy High School
Chicago, Illinois 2014
Video production workshop
Benito Juarez High School
After School Matters/ Chicago Public School
Chicago, Illinois 2008 to 2014
Summer Youth Video and Theater workshop
Video Machete and Afterschool matters
Corazon de Dios Methodist Church
Youth Video Documentary
Video Machete and CAPE
Kelvin Park High School
Chicago, Illinois 2005
Experimental Animation and Moving Image Lab
Gallery 37
Chicago, Illinois 2010 to 2014
Youth Video Documentary
Video Machete.
Don’t Holla Back Post Production
Chicago Illinois 2004
Summer Arts Apprenticeship 2008
Media arts and emerging technologies workshop
Street Level Youth Media / SAIC
Chicago, Illinois 2008
Youth Video Documentary Workshop
Gallery 400 and Jose Albizu Campos High School
Chicago Illinois 2004
The flash job campaign
On-line summer media art workshop
New Life Berlin Festival
Berlin, Germany 2008
Youth Video Documentary Workshop
CAPE and Yollocally Middle School.
Cuentos y elementos
Chicago Illinois 2004
Video production workshop
Summer Camp
Chicago Filmmakers
Chicago, Illinois 2008
Youth Theater workshop II
Elementary School Number 21, Summer workshop
and show: “El beso que embaraza” Mexico City 2002