The ‘fab favourites’ selection board
Grab a mate and decide your
favourite moment in the
novel. You will need to
give a detailed explanation
for your choice. This could
be presented as a presentation, short film, Powerpoint or written response.
The ‘perfect in pairs’
presentation platter
Join up with a mate to
serve up your ideas about
one of the characters. Why
do they behave the way they
do? Remember to back up
your ideas with evidence
from the text.
The ‘show and tell’ shar-
Diary Burger with a portion of feelings
Write 3 diary entries for one of the
characters. You should
explore their
feelings about others on the ranch and towards the life they lead.
Veggie Burger
Create a mind map showing the animals
in the novel. Explore when they ap-
pear, relevant quotations and sug-
Delicious Doodles
gesting any meanings they might have.
Draw an image of one of the
Quarters Pounder
What does the bunkhouse suggest about
life in 1930s America? Answer in PE-
Check out the tasty tasks carefully selected for you each week.
Use the chilli rating to help you choose
a course you will enjoy.
Make sure your homework is ready to serve
characters from the novel and
label it with at least five quotations from the text.
TER paragraphs.
Fun Fact Sundae
Create a detailed fact file
about life in 1930s America.
Grilled Revision Wrap
Create ten quiz questions that
will help others revise what happens in the novel.
Pitta Perfection
Improve a piece of work you have
completed in class.
How to order:
Three peppered
Write three predictions for
what could happen to George
and Lennie in the novel.
A great big glossary with a
dollop of definitions
Serve up ten new words you have
learned from this unit along
with their meanings.
Need-to-know noodles
Use Wikipedia to find out
three facts about ‘The
Great Depression’.
Edible Explosions
Pick apart three quotations from
the novel, exploring what individual words and any language techniques imply or suggest.
A basket of quotations
Create a list of five key quota-
tions for each of the main characters.
A small portion of crusty
context connections
Explain how the novel presents
life in 1930s America, using quotations to support your ideas.
Chunky PETER paragraphs with relish
Curley’s wife is a 2dimensional
villain with no redeeming qualities. To what extent do you agree
with this statement?