Using Castle learning


Using Castle learning

General Information

Type in

If it is your first time Castle learning you need to create a password: type in your castle learning ID which is lvc-(first 3 letters in first name followed by first 6 letters of last name) and click on sign in.

Create a password. Use the same one you use to sign in for the school computer so you don’t forget your password.

After your first time, just type in your id and your password.

On the student home page, go to Social Studies, scroll down to Intermediate American

History and click on GO.

Click on Short Answer Review.

Click on the date of the assignment you need to complete.

Take the quiz, clicking on what you think is the right answer.

If you get the correct answer – way to go! Go onto the next question.

If you got the question wrong, look at the hint provided by the computer and take another shot at answering the question. Hopefully you get it right but if you don’t, look at the reason why provided by the computer.

At the end of the test you can print out a vocabulary list of terms that were important for the questions you got wrong. These terms would be a great thing to study.

Other Options


Go to the Sessions That You Create Yourself section and create a new short answer test for you to complete to help you get better at any topic.

You can go to the vocabulary review to find definitions of terms you are struggling with.

The Flash Cards section is a great way to review vocabulary. Pick terms your teacher said that you need to know and study them.

What is cool about these options is that I can see what you have been studying and possibly give you credit for your effort.