Energy Services
Service Sheet - Branches East Germany / Assembly Department
Technical service:
Advantages at a glance
Central contact partner for all
the customer requirements
Complex and competent installation and commissioning
With fast reactions on the spot
Repair of hoisting devices, cranes and electric
motors by specialists and authorised experts
Safeguarding and optimising of
High demands on our own performances in the field of technical
service are made. Therefore quality assurance and our customers’
satisfaction are always the supreme
maxim to us. That is the only way to
identify ourselves with any service we
Our activities in the special field of
cranes and motors concern not only
the testing but fault clearance also.
This is safeguarded by a continuous
training of the personnel as well as by
investing in high-quality equipment
of measurement and testing technology in order to keep pace with the
rapid technical development.
Competence in Energy:
Solutions made by BEA
BEA is in the position to action quickest possible access times for the
purpose of fault clearance. We offer
a stand-by service for 24 hours if support by our specialist staff is needed
beyond the regular working hours.
The personnel’s expertise and the
central organisation are the strengths
of this special field. With it the
coordination of the personnel for
an optimal assignment is possible.
Furthermore our ‘Betriebsstätten’
(‘Branches’) have appropriate vehicles
available in order to meet with our
customers’ requirements referring to
local and technical aspects.
Energy Services
Service Sheet - Branches East Germany / Assembly Department
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Individuelle Lösungskonzepte
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Geringe Projektschnittstellen
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Technische from
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BEA – A tradition of quality
More than a century of
Always at the leading edge
Innovative and
Integrated approach
Comprehensive service
BEA Elektrotechnik und Automation
Technische Dienste Lausitz GmbH
An der Heide
OT Schwarze Pumpe
03130 Spremberg/Germany
Contact: Heiko Schinke
BU Technical Service
T +49 (3564) 377-7800
F +49 (3564) 377-7801
E [email protected]
Competence in Energy:
Our products and services
Technical realisation
The activity profile of our specialists
and authorized experts covers the
inspection for crane equipments according to BGV D6.
The load pick up equipment / lifting
platforms are inspected according to
BGR 500. Winches, devices for hoisting
and tension are inspected according
to BGV D 8. The ground conveyors are
inspected according to BGV D 27.
The lift systems are inspected according to the regulation for lift systems.
The inspection of windows, doors and
gates is executed according to BGR 232.
Safety and rescue equipment is inspected according to BGR 198.
Electric motors of most different power sizes are adjusted laser-optically by
our specialist staff.
Record keeping of operation documents and system documentations
as well as documentary proof and
certificates on servicing and maintenance are carried out according to the
customers’ requirements.
Furthermore we guarantee the observance of the approved technical rules
and regulations for the prevention of
industrial accidents during inspection/
testing, maintenance and fault clearance of electrical engineering systems.
BEA carries out a quality management
system and observes (German industrial
standards) DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 requirements as well as the safety system
SCC**: 2007.
Technical key data
Conveying systems and energy systems
Cable and line systems
Overhead line systems
Communication technology and network engineering
Measurement and testing technology
Automation and process measuring and
control technology
Cranes and motors, expert-testing