Piedmont Route-Chimney Canyon Addition, Route #12

PIEDMONT RTE PIEDMONT CHIMNEY CANYON ADDITION ROUTE # 12 Bus # 126 – Call # B‐126 Bob Hegr – cell 490‐9483 AM Route 6:40 am 6:52 am 6:55 am 6:57 am 7:03 am 7:04 am 7:09 am 7:10 am 7:19 am 7:40 am 7:42 am 7:47 am 7:55 am PM Route 2:50 pm 3:15 pm 3:25‐3:30 pm 3:45 pm 3:50 pm 4:00 pm 4:05 pm 4:30 pm Leave Sturgis Shop Exit 40 Tillford sub division – turn left – cross over I‐90 – p/u on State St. – turn around Leave ‐ cross over I‐90 – turn left on Sturgis Road P/u at Lincoln Tarken Lane P/u on Elk Horn Turn right into Chimney Canyon Subdivision – p/u at 11052 Chimney Canyon‐ turn left Elk Creek Village – stop at Eldorado Court and stop at Elk Bull Road. Turn left to Chimney Canyon P/u at Rotunda Ct. ‐ then on to Piedmont Valley Elementary Arrive Piedmont Valley Elementary School, drop PVE, p/u SWMS Leave Piedmont Valley Elementary School or after all buses have dropped at PVE Drop Sturgis Williams Middle School Leave for Sturgis Brown High School Drop at Sturgis Brown High School Return Sturgis shop Leave Sturgis Shop Leave Sturgis Brown High School Load SWMS Piedmont students, leave Sturgis Williams Middle School Tillford sub division ‐ cross over interstate to Sturgis Road Lincoln Tarken Lane Chimney Canyon sub division Piedmont Valley Elementary School – Crossover I‐90 at Valley Market – drop at W. Valley View – go up to Sun Valley Loop and turn around in loop Return Sturgis shop