Terrarium comes from the Latin word terra, meaning “earth” and

Terrarium comes from the Latin word terra,
meaning “earth” and arium meaning “a place to
relate to something”
Caring for your Hanging Succulent Terrarium
Thank you for purchasing a “Nature Scape” Hanging Terrarium.
When you purchase a “Nature Scape” Terrarium you are getting a
mindful, creatively designed locally grown and made product. In
order to keep your Hanging Terrarium happy, follow these few
basic tips.
As the glass globe is fairly shallow you should water it about every
two weeks. The best way to water it is with a turkey baster using
lukewarm tap water. Water it through the front opening and tip it
back slightly to let the water soak in. Always hold your hanging
terrarium by the top knot or in the palm of your hand. Never hold it
by the opening as these are hand-blown and very thin, the weight
of the damp soil, plants and rock make them heavy. When you do
water always water thoroughly until you see the soil on the bottom
become darker this means it is wet. Try not to squirt the water
forcefully from the baster as it will disrupt the top gravel and bring
the soil to the top. Hang it in bright indirect light, no full sun.
This little eco-system will thrive with little care. Always
remember, succulents store water in their leaves and do best with
less water than more.