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Safety Concerns with Morning Drop Off
Attention All Stevenson Drivers…
Morning drivers around Stevenson are well aware of the traffic congestion in the student drop off area and along Six Mile.
It’s worse on bad weather days. I’ve experienced it for several years as a Stevenson parent. The problem has escalated
due to the elimination of some bus service. We have been contacted many times regarding this issue. Needless to say,
we are very concerned about the situation.
I would like to make two points regarding this issue:
1. This has been a problem for a long time. Many attempts have been made to deal with the situation, but the issue still remains that
there are too many vehicles in a condensed area in a short time period to make any effective changes without total reconstruction.
We have had the problem checked out by authorities and have complied with all suggestions, including a traffic study. We will
review that study in the near future.
2. The school officials have absolutely no power or jurisdiction over adult drivers, whether they are on the public roads or
school property.
So it boils down to this. In order to make the area safe for everyone, all drivers (students, staff, and parents) in the
Stevenson school zone need to be alert, courteous, and cautious before and after school. The situation is what it is. In
the short term, we don’t have any other options. In the long term, we have, once again, asked that traffic flow experts
review the situation.
In the meantime, please refer to area #1 on the “Recommended Drop Off Routes for Vehicular Traffic” diagram,
which is attached to this email. Here are some thoughts to make the process safer for all, improve the flow, and ease
some of the congestion:
Arrive earlier. The traffic is much lighter before 7:05 a.m. The library is now open at 7:00 a.m.
All drivers should be vigilant in watching for pedestrians in the drop off areas and parking lots.
Pull in to the drive farther before you let your student out. Stopping near the entrance of the drive causes
backups on Six Mile.
Do not drop off your student on Six Mile. It is very dangerous.
Have your student ready to get out of the car.
If your student has a project or supplies that require more time to get out of the car, consider pulling into a visitor
parking spot to unload.
Keep moving along after your student exits the car.
Drop your student off in the lane closest to the sidewalk.
If you are heading west as you exit the driveway, please be conscious of the cars trying to enter the staff/student
Please avoid using your cell phone while driving.
Do not use the bus loop for drop off until after 7:15 a.m. (refer to #2 area on the attached diagram).
We have asked the Livonia Police to have a presence in the morning.
A couple of other driving/parking issues:
Parents: Please do not drop off your student in the west side parking lot area (see #3 area on the attached
diagram). That is a student and staff lot, so there are pedestrians walking all around the lot.
Students: Please do not cut the line when exiting the student lot. Proper driving etiquette calls for allowing cars
into the line in an alternating manner. By the way, the speed limit in the lot is 10 MPH.
Once again, the most effective remedy is alert, courteous, and cautious driving. Thank you for your cooperation.
James M. Gibbons
Over for SHS Parking Diagram