Ibrahim Al`Abri

Ibrahim Al’Abri
513 Marjorie Mae St, State College, PA 16803
C: (814)777-7124 Email: [email protected]
Major: Chemical Engineering
- Flexible and adaptable Home Health Aide experienced in first aid.
- Detail-oriented student with strong technical skills and the ability to learn concepts quickly.
- Enthusiastic engineering major with excellent communication skills and strong motivation to
Teaching, tutoring and counseling.
Active participation in [groups, plans, events.]
Collaborative team member.
Educate people about HIV.
Animal shelter volunteer.
Languages: English and Arabic.
- Served as student mentor and counselor for students in high school when academic
problems and personal adjustments arose, meeting with guardians to reach solutions.
Fall 2010- Spring 2013
- Served as a student-teacher in last year in high school for students who struggle with
science courses. 2010-2012
- Unicef Organization certified to counsel students in high schools in my region. 2011
Education and Training
High School Diploma, Science 2012
Majid School - Alhamra, Oman
Graduated from high school with 3.9 GPA.
Certifications of a medical assistant, training in Uincef courses. December 2011
Certification of ministry of education for top students in high school. May 2012
Member of Global Medical Brigades Club. Since Spring 2014.