Business Rates
Timeline of Events:
2016 – 2017
Preparations for the 2017 rating revaluation are well under way.
The important milestones between now and the publication of the
new rating list on the 1st April 2017 are set out below.
The 2017 rating revaluation will see some
significant rateable value changes across the
country although this will depend on property
sector and location. It will also herald a
completely different appeal system - Check,
Challenge, Appeal. This is likely to place a
greater burden on the ratepayer to provide
accurate and detailed information to support
a case for a lower rateable value.
In the interim the Valuation Office Agency (VOA)
will be dealing with any ‘current’ appeals (2010
rating list). The system is undoubtedly slow but
strives to be equitable.
Bilfinger GVA is at the cutting edge of the
Business Rates profession and we pride
ourselves on always looking for innovative
approaches to business rates mitigation.
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January – June 2016
Statutory questionnaires seeking
rental, cost and income data to
assist the valuation of 1.8 million
business properties are already
in circulation.
VOA completes the 2017
Rateable Values for nondomestic properties across
England and Wales.
These documents are critical to
determining the levels of assessment
to be applied and should be
completed with care. The VOA
is approaching some ratepayers
direct particularly for building cost
information or trade details for
specialist property.
If you are approached, please
contact Bilfinger GVA before
responding to the VOA.
30 September 2016
Draft 2017 rateable values are
published. These provide the basis for
budgeting and decisions on appeal.
Representations can be made to the
VOA in order to influence their approach,
especially for non-bulk properties.
June – September 2016
Department for Community
and Local Government reviews
the Rateable Value data and
undertakes statistical analysis.
This will help determine the likely
2017 Uniform Business Rates
(UBR) and whether transitional
arrangements will be introduced.
October 2016 –
March 2017
Autumn/Winter 2016
Announcement of the UBR multiplier
for 2017/18 and transitional
adjustment arrangements.
At this stage accurate budget estimates
for 2017/18 business rate liability can
be provided.
Revised Draft RV’s published
Check Rateable Values and inform
VOA of any clear factual errors.
Revised draft RVs published.
1 April 2017
The new rating list is
published. Appeals can
be lodged.
Appeals can be submitted
after 1 April 2017.
31 December 2016
The government’s much
anticipated review of the
rating system should be in
the public domain.
This could have a far reaching
impact on future liability for all
ratepayers in England and Wales.
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January 2016