the ivoclar vivadent picture book of exemplary all

case book
the ivoclar vivadent
picture book
of exemplary
clinical cases
volume 1
Nature never ceases to amaze us with its vibrant colours and fascinating shapes, which constantly change
in different light conditions and surroundings. The
resulting overall picture of aesthetic harmony captivates our minds with its diversity and individuality.
All-ceramics give us the creative freedom to imitate
the uniqueness of nature and imbue restorations with
life. We can capture the interplay of light, create lifelike shapes and textures and impart colours with the
necessary brilliance and depth.
Coordinated components featuring leading edge technology enable dental professionals with a flair for the
exceptional to create precision works of art that blend
in smoothly with their natural environment.
IPS Empress and IPS e.max restorative materials were used for all cases
case 4
shigeo kataoka
«what matters in life is the ability
to dream and the faith that your dreams
will come true. You should carefully plan
dr galip gürel
your future, how to live your life and how
to be a dental technician.»
case 4
case 4