Dear Potential Employer: I am writing to express my sincere interest

Dear Potential Employer:
I am writing to express my sincere interest in and enthusiasm for employment in your organization. I
have over 10 years of management experience at the director-level with a focus in the healthcare
industry. I am experienced as a key member of several management teams (facilities and purchasing)
– supporting and driving operational initiatives for the organization. I look forward to securing a new
and challenging career opportunity, which will allow me to fully utilize my extensive professional
experience. I am seeking a position where talent is recognized and rewarded with potential growth
and greater opportunity.
I am an accomplished professional with a career of stable and progressive experience. I thrive in a
challenging and fast-paced position where my performance directly impacts the organization.
Additionally, as a seasoned manager with wide ranging expertise in facility operations, procurement,
project management, training (OSHA), and staff management, I am driven to succeed as demonstrated
by my expertise to administer programs using less capital than is traditionally dedicated to operational
resources. As a result, my skills will allow me to make a significant impact to your organization.
I am seeking a position where I can continue to utilize my previous and extensive management
experience in a new opportunity. I would be an excellent fit for organizations seeking an experienced
management professional who can work independently and efficiently while driving organizational
excellence. As a member of your team, I am confident that my results-focused approach will make an
immediate contribution to your organization.
My resume is enclosed for your review and consideration. I welcome the opportunity to speak with
you regarding positions in your organization. Please call me at your earliest convenience to further
discuss my qualifications. I will also follow-up with you directly in the next few days in regards to
career opportunities.
Chris Mullinex
Enclosure: Résumé
Chris Mullinex
1712 28th Street Court East || Palmetto, FL 34221
[email protected]
(941)-737-8446 | (941)-723-1795
A proven performer with over 10 years of professional experience and the ability to deliver mission-critical results via an
extensive background in healthcare administration operations. Proven ability to plan, organize, and manage facilities with a
unique blend of purchasing and construction management. An experienced management professional specializing in
Facilities Management and Purchasing Operations. High-performing executive who is experienced in HIPPA rules and
regulations. In-depth knowledge of healthcare operations (JACHO) as a visionary operations executive with solid
experience managing all levels of multiple projects, including budgeting and project managements. Demonstrated
proficiency in staffing, employee training and development, budgeting, and strategic procurement. An outstanding
reputation as a results-oriented leader who is accountable for consistently managing facilities that are efficient and wellmaintained.
Certified OSHA Trainer/Instructor
Facility Management
Staff Development
Contract Negotiation
JACHO Experienced
Healthcare Administration
Manatee County Rural Health Service
Bradenton, FL
Director of Facilities/Purchasing Operations
October 1998 – Present
 Defines strategy and business plan for standardized equipment and design for new construction for new centers.
Handles corporate key control/ security access for all sites; responsible for 28 sites in 3 counties.
Serves as project manager for all new construction; managed and supervised a team of 48 professionals.
Manages control and security system, which includes: schedules, priorities, and creation of user cards.
Conducts monthly safety training (OSHA), and fully responsible for monthly, yearly, and capital budgets.
Monitors, directs, and reviews all related contractual services to include: scheduling, specifications, and
competitive bidding. Reviews prints, schedules, and directs construction build-outs and improvements.
Experience in electrical single and three phase services, all phases of HVAC, package units, split units, chiller
systems, DX systems, and plumbing; able to understand and identify proper service for needs.
 Consistently maintains JACHO accreditation with over 10 years of experience in passing inspections.
 Proven ability in all HIPPA rules and regulations and a trainer/officer for all EOC Environment of Care.
Purchasing Operations
 Responsible and accountable for all purchasing process, including: overall staff and patient satisfaction.
 Leads with management responsibilities for purchasing, procurement, bid packages, RFP's/RFQ's, etc.
 Routinely builds strategic alliances with clinical and purchasing that results in efficient ordering processes.
 Consults with suppliers to develop agreements that clearly define specifications for solicitation of quotes.
Keiser University
MBA – Master of Business Administration
Bachelors Degree – Business/Healthcare Administration
 Facilities Management
 Purchasing Management
Sarasota, FL
New Construction For Medical Centers
Certified OSHA Trainer/Instructor
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), Microsoft Windows, MAC, CAD Design, and Blueprint Designs
Ray Fusco
Chief Operations Officer
Manatee County Rural Health Services
Joe Walsh, MD
Medical Doctor
John Fitzgerald
Chief Operations Officer (ret)
Samida Johnson
Corporate Compliance Officer
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