Romaniţa Jumanca Timisoara, Romania

Romaniţa Jumanca
Timisoara, Romania
projects funded by European Social Fund
scale regional project involving several major towns
in the western part of Romania.
•Underdeveloped region (it used to be an industrial region)
– high on unemployment rate.
•Partners: Timişoara Town Hall , West University
Timişoara, Eftimie Murgu University Reşiţa, Timiş County
Agency for Labour Market Employment
•Period – 03.2011 -31.10.2012
•Funds – 5.351.091.55 lei
viable model of social inclusion of Roma women who are
inactive professionally in three subregions of the region
through institutionalized support structures, individualized
monitoring, awareness–raising campaigns
•Solid partnership among local authorities research centers
and NGOs
•BARRABARRIPEN - an interregional model of inclusion
aimed at Roma women - as a real chance for Roma women
and their families to a better life.
an inclusive society able to facilitate access to
labour the market and social integration for Roma women
•Developing and implementation of an inter – regional
inclusive model of qualification-requalification, employment
and social support for Roma women inactive professionally
•Raising the number of Roma women who obtain certification
through an inclusive qualification –requalification model for
accessing the labour market
•Employment of 200 Roma women through the introduction of
incentive schemes for employing bodies which offer full-time
48 Roma persons, social mediators
860 Roma women
200 company managers
project which aims at creating a professional profile for
the European Manager of Intelligent and Responsible Territories,
including new territorial management skills in local/regional area.
•Partners: IREA, Romanian Institute for Adult Education;
Bulgarian Development Agency; DIMITRA, Institute of training
development, Folkuniversitetet
•Period:01.2011 – 11.2012
•Funds: 405.120 euro
search for solutions for contemporary demands in the
European labor market as well as in the local sector (where
outdated trainings and skills have been used for the last 15 years)
through the curriculum and professional training design and test
of the new European profile labelled European Mangers of
Intelligent and Responsible Territories
•Define, test and validate at EU level, both the professional profile
and competences of GETIR
•Develop an innovative pedagogical process with previous tools
and with a focus on cooperative learning, social/organizational
learning , learning territories and knowledge regions
•Implement a continuous evaluation process as permanent
learning and active dialogue process among the partners
Technicians from organizations involved
experts in local development, training centers
political bodies responsible for education and
employment policies, at the European Union
24 transnational compulsory mobilities
Cultural, education and age diversity
Cooperation among different organizations whose main
focus is on adult education
Constant monitoring and evaluation of transnational
activities interconnected with local communities
Partners: ACG, Bordeaux France; AAC, Timişoara
Romania; Instituto Rosa Luxemburg, Italy; Elpida, Greece;
Centro de Educacion de Adulto de la Junta de Castila y
Leon, Spain
Period: 01.08.2011 – 31.07.2013
Funds: 20.000 for Romanian partners
Linguistic preparation for the persons involved in the
project, so that they can acquire linguistic abilities
necessary to communicate in the languages used by the
people involved in the project
Evaluation according to the Common European
Framework of Reference
Personnel exchanges
A variety of people:
-How is always much more useful,
long-lasting and efficient in combating
poverty than giving charity
thinking materializes in well
designed and well implemented European
funded projects