Hughes VSAT Outdoor Unit (ODU)

Hughes VSAT Outdoor Unit (ODU)
Part No.1502122-0221
The HN transceiver is used in the HN® system, which consists of an indoor unit (IDU) connected
with an outdoor unit comprising of 2W transmitter and and Hughes receiver (LNB part No.15018820-002).
The HN transceiver system provides the uplink and downlink capability for the HN VSAT broadband IDU.
The transmitter output and the receiver input are connected to the antenna feedhorn via the TRIA.
Two separate IFL cables are used. The first is the TX IFL that carries DC power, the TX signal, and
the TX control signals from the IDU to the transmitter. The second is the RX IFL that carries the Rx
signals from the receiver to the IDU.
Technical Specifications
Part # HNS 1502122-0221
Operating Frequency:
13.75 to 14.5 GHz
Voltage Requirement:
11V to 19Vdc (1.85 A for 2 watt output power)
Operating Frequency:
10.95 to 12.75 GHz
Voltage Requirement:
10 to 21Vdc (150 mA)
Antenna and IDU Specifications
74cm, 89cm, 98cm, 120cm, 180cm
HN7000S, HN7700S, HN7740S, HN9200
HN9400, HX50, HX200, HX260
Frequency Range:
Ku Band
Operating Temperature:
-30º C to +55º C
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For additional information, please contact us at
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