Shopping center Centrál in Bratislava, Slovakia

Sika at work
Shopping center centrál
in Bratislava, slovakia
roofing: Sikaplan®-15G, Sikaplan®- SGmA
waterproofing: Sikaplan®-1100 15HL, Sika Dilatec®, SikaSwell®
flooring: Sikafloor® SynTop-2, Sikafloor® ProSeal-W, System Sika CarDeck, Elastic I,
Sikafloor® PurCem-20, Sikafloor®-264, Sikafloor®-156
Centrál – building of the year
Project description
The Multifunctional building Centrál in Bratislava is a unique
complex connecting a shopping center with offices, hotel,
medicine center, spa and a spacious green roof park all in one
place. This perfect connection and functional organization
of the space interested the jury of the national competition
building of the year 2013 and the building was announced as
the winner.
The 4-storey building houses a shopping center with a 3-storey underground car park, and 2 other high-rise buildings.
Business offices are located on the higher floors and a 4*
hotel in the lower one. A large green public park is on the roof
of the complex. The site was previously the location for a spa
and swimming pool and the architect and investor wanted to
remember this in the new structure by including a new swimming pool with a relaxing zone.
Depending on the final usage, there were a number of different roofing systems installed. Above the shopping center are
terraces with vegetation where a premium quality membrane
was used – Sikaplan® SGmA with an inlay of non-woven glass,
resistant to root penetration. The highest roofs were waterproofed with the mechnically fastened Sikaplan®-15G system
designed for exposed roofs. The other non-accessible roofs
are protected with a Sikaplan®-SGmA membrane covered
with gravel.
In the gastronomic part of the building on the 4th floor an
extraction system was placed to extract the fat vapours from
the kitchen. A Sarnafil® TG 76-18 FPO membrane was installed
using Sarnacol® T 660 adhesive to waterproof and protect this
part of the roof.
sika system solution
The waterproofing of the underground car park is assured with
a Sikaplan®-1100 15HL membrane, which includes a signal layer
on the top to protect the building against ground water and radon. Stability in construction and movement joints is provided
by Sika® Dilatec® strips and SikaSwell®-P swelling strips.
Sika at work
Shopping center centrál in Bratislava, slovakia
Underground parking starts on the basement slab, where a Sikafloor®
SynTop®-2 flooring system was installed with top layer of Sikafloor®
ProSeal – W to protect the concrete. Sika® CarDeck® Elastic I ensures
mechanical and chemical resistance of the parking area on two intermediate underground floor decks. The system consists of a base layer
­Sikafloor®-81 EpoCem, flexible waterproofing layer Sikafloor®-350 N
Elastic broadcast with silicate sand and sealed with Sikafloor®-358.
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In the kitchen of the hotel the floor is coated with hygienic and durable
Sikafloor®-20 N PurCem® and in other food storage areas a coloured coat
of ­Sikafloor®-264 with primer Sikafloor®-156 has been used.
Project Participants:
Architect: Ing. arch. I.Kubík a kol., Ing.arch. J.Foglová,
Ing.arch. M.Németh, Ing.arch. R.Vlkovič
Building company: IMOS Brno a.s.
Building company: Immocap Group, a.s.
Term of realization: 01/2010–04/2013
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Shopping center centrál
in ­Bratislava, slovakia