pHet simulation -- Circuit Construction Kit – DC only This is a very

pHet simulation -- Circuit Construction Kit – DC only
This is a very easy lab. Although we will learn about conductors and insulators, it is also
about reading and following instructions and learning how to use this pHet simulation. Please
check off the skills as you master them. Do them in order.
I can launch the pHet simulation
I can find the pHet website.
Google ‘pHet’. Chose the first ‘hit’ that comes up. Choose the
main page.
I can find the simulations.
Choose ‘play with sims’ on the home page.
I can find Electricity sims
Under ‘simulations’ on left, click on ‘physics’. Then click on
Launch the right sim
Choose ‘Circuit Construction Kit (DC only). Choose ‘run now’
I can properly use the simulation
Lengthen/shorten wires
Click and drag a wire onto the ‘table’. Click on a circle at the
end and lengthen and shorten the wire. This helps when trying
to connect them!
Connect wires
Drag on another wire and overlap the ends. They should
Disconnect wires
Click on the circle between 2 wires. Right click and ‘split
Remove wire
Right click on a wire and choose ‘remove wire’.
Build a circuit (rectangular in
Add a switch
Join 8 wires together and shape them into a rectangle. No wierd
Drag in a switch and add to your circuit.
Rotate a switch
Click on switch end and move to rotate the switch and change
Turn switch on & off
Click on the moveable part of switch and learn to close it (turn
on) and close it (turn off)
Add a bulb to the circuit.
Add a light bulb
Add a battery
Add a battery to the circuit. You should still have a large
1. Hopefully by now you have a rectangular circuit which includes a battery, a switch and a lightbulb. Close the
circuit and turn it on. You should see the blue balls move.
Is the light bulb on or off when the blue balls move? _____________
What are these blue balls? ___________________________
What happens to the lightbulb when you open the switch (turn it off)? _______________
2. Now open the circuit and create a gap. Open the Grab Bag (in upper right corner and
hypothesize which of these items are conductors that will allow electrons to keep flowing. Now test!
I think these will conduct
Actual conductors
Did any of your results surprise you? Explain.