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Order No.: 25.2770
EUR 299,00
Multifrequency receiver unit,
with UHF PLL technology.
TXS-871: 15 selectable UHF frequencies (863-865 MHz), TXS-872: 193 selectable UHF
frequencies (740-764 MHz), TXS-875: 193 selectable UHF frequencies (518-542 MHz)
True diversity system with removable antennas (BNC connection)
Pilot tone squelch, noise mute
Selectable lock mode
LCD for indicating frequency, antenna A/B, RF receiving level, AF audio level, battery status of the
XLR output and 6.3 mm output
Supplied with PSU
Supplies operating voltage to TXS-870B
The frequency range 790-862 MHz is going to be made available for mobile Internet use (digital dividend).
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With a parallel operation of wireless microphones/Internet, interference may occur. Problems are also
possible in rural areas. Alternatively, we offer wireless microphone systems with the new frequency range
740-764 MHz. This new frequency range requires a licence in the EU!
tastenwelt 02/2011
"Well-approved technology with a future-proof frequency range and a good price-performance ratio. The unit
provided a pleasant sound during the test, the microphone was not susceptible to acoustic feedback."
General information
multifrequency receiver
Carrier frequency range
740-764 MHz
Audio frequency range
40-18,000 Hz
< 0.6 %
Dynamic range
> 105 dB
RF S/N ratio
Operating time
Admiss. ambient temp.
0-40 °C
Power supply
Total weight
Specifications transmitter
Transmitting power
Operating range
Power supply transmitter
Dimensions transmitter
Width transmitter
Height transmitter
Depth transmitter
Weight transmitter
Connections transmitter
Specifications receiver
Audio signal receiver
900 mV/1 kΩ (jack)
150 mV/150 Ω (XLR, bal.)
Contact: +49 421 4865-0
TXS-872 - Page: 3
Power supply receiver
via suppl. PSU
Dimensions receiver
211x40x130 mm
Width receiver
211 mm
Height receiver
40 mm
Depth receiver
130 mm
Weight receiver
1,100 g
Connections receiver
1 x XLR, bal.,
1 x 6.3 mm jack, unbal.
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