GE by the Numbers Exhibit Overview

Exhibit Overview
GE by the Numbers
Set at the historic Andrew W. Mellon
Auditorium, the exhibit’s four distinct
areas enable attendees to discover how
GE supports American Competitiveness
through the stories of our most valuable
assets: people, products, a history of
innovation and commitment to global
131,000 GE workers in the U.S.
GE at Work presents stories about
60% of GE’s sales revenue outside
employees like Seth Stump, a former Air Force
pilot who now builds jet engines at Aviation’s
Durham, NC facility, and the group of cancer
survivors that met GE Healthcare employees
that helped cure them.
Products at Work features interactive
experiences of nine leading GE products
that are made in America and used around
the world. You may be in the conductor seat
with support from GE Transportation’s Trip
Optimizer software solution or exploring
GE Aviation’s revolutionary GEnx jet engine.
Innovation at Work allows for a look
$18 Billion in GE exports in 2011
Threefold increase in exports over
the last decade, supporting tens of
thousands of U.S. jobs
the U.S.
13,000 New GE jobs announced in the
U.S. since 2009
400 Jobs added at Appliance Park in
the last year
1,700 U.S. veterans were hired by GE
over the last 3 years
85% of the 2,095 GE Aviation engines
behind 130 years of GE’s groundbreaking
solutions in an interactive timeline featuring
pictures of pivotal moments from the first
incandescent lamp in 1879 through the 2011
WattStation release and GEOSpring Hybrid
Water Heater.
made in the U.S. were exported in 2011
Trade at Work brings to life the value
of Saudi Arabia’s electricity
4,800 GE Evolution Series locomotives
operate around the world
400+ GE gas turbines power over half
of GE as a key domestic employer and global
company. From exporting gas turbines to
appliances, GE is employing Americans
making products with a global impact.
300,000+ People being moved by GE
or CFM-powered aircraft
at any given point
imagination at work
GE works on things that matter. The best
people and the best technologies taking on
the toughest challenges. Finding solutions
in energy, health and home, transportation
and finance. Building, powering, moving
and curing the world. Not just imagining.
Doing. GE works.
American Jobs
With worldwide demand for products like aircraft engines and gas
turbines growing, GE has announced plans to create over 13,000
jobs in the U.S. since 2009.
Check out our map for all the details.
From quieter and more efficient jet engines
to turbines that can run on a number of
energy sources including ethanol and
natural gas, GE employees work every
day to make products that improve lives
all over the world and increase America’s
competitiveness in a global marketplace.
GE is an American company with a global
reach whose success depends on buying
from and selling to the 95% of the world’s
population that lives outside the U.S. In
2011, 60% of our sales were outside the U.S.
and our exports were $18 billion, helping
to support our 131,000 U.S. workers and
thousands of suppliers across the country.
For more information, visit the company’s
website at