iWireless 4G LTE High Speed Data Is Here!

La Motte & Andrew
Telephone Company
January 2016
iWireless 4G LTE High
Speed Data Is Here!
 Including
the Areas of La Motte, St. Donatus, and Bellevue
With the new 4G LTE high speed data network from iWireless, you get faster connections,
increased data speeds, and the ultimate in reliability. Plus, you’ll get nationwide 4G LTE coverage
through the T-Mobile network.
To take full advantage of iWireless 4G LTE High Speed Data:
1. You must have an LTE capable iWireless device.
2. You must have a new LTE capable SIM card in your iwireless phone.
3. You must be on an iWireless LTE Service Plan
4. You must be in an LTE coverage area.
Contact one of the following for assistance in meeting these requirements:
La Motte Telephone Company—563.773.2213, 400 Pine Street, La Motte
Lampe’s True Value—563.872.4459, 220 South Riverview, Bellevue
iWireless Customer Service—888.684.0500 or 611 from your iWireless phone
iWireless Website for Coverage and to view current Compatible LTE devices—www.iwireless.com
What is 4G LTE? The letter “G” is short for “generation.” LTE is short for “long-term
evolution.” The primary difference between the 2G, 3G, 4G, and LTE network standards is speed,
with LTE being the fastest and strongest. The 4G LTE network provides higher speed—allowing
you to do more on all of your LTE-compatible devices!
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La Motte & Andrew Telephone Company
January 2016
Keep Your Devices Safe with SecureIT Plus
Get the ultimate in online protection without being a
tech expert!
Offered by Security Coverage, Inc., in Cedar Rapids,
SecureIT Plus has taken the guesswork and risk out of
enjoying the Internet by safeguarding your computer.
How to Subscribe
Call the telephone company business office at 773.2213
or 672.3277 to subscribe for just $5.95 per month and
enjoy one-bill convenience.
One SecureIT Plus license is needed for each computer.
If you get a new computer, it’s easy to transfer the
license—just call Security Coverage (877-373-3320) and
a tech will help you. To see more information, visit
Customer Service
La Motte and Andrew Telephone Companies are
committed to providing quality service. We are here to
answer any questions you may have regarding the services
we provide. In addition, we hope that you’ll bring any
concerns or issues to our attention so that we may find
solutions. If we do not resolve the complaint, the service
may be subject to state regulation. You may request
assistance from the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB):
Iowa Utilities Board
1375 E. Court Avenue
Room 69
Des Moines, Iowa 50319
You can also contact the IUB by calling 515.725.7321 or
toll free 877.565.4450. E-mail contact:
[email protected] Please ensure that you place
“Customer Service” in the subject line.
400 Pine Street
La Motte, IA 52054
Phone: 563.773.2213
Fax: 563.773.2345
16 W. Benton Street
Andrew, IA 52030
Phone: 563.672.3277
Fax: 563.672.9511
SecureIT Plus Features
24/7 Technical Support
Hands-Free Updates
Personal Firewall
Online Reporting
Hard Drive Defrag
Parental Controls
If you need help installing the software, a Security
Coverage tech can install it remotely for just $14.95.
Federal Do Not Call Lists
The National Do Not Call Registry gives you an
opportunity to limit the telemarketing calls you receive.
Once you register your phone number, telemarketers have
up to 31 days from the date you register to stop calling you.
To register, visit
or call toll free 888.382.1222. You must call from the phone
number you wish to register.
The federal list contains exemptions that allow political and
survey calls. In addition, charitable organizations, and long
distance phone, airline, and insurance companies have the
“right” to place telemarketing calls. One final exception
will allow any company you have received shipment from,
made a purchase from, or have made a payment to in the
last 18 months, to call and solicit you.
General Manager: JoAnne Gregorich
Service Technicians: Rod Engler, TJ Haislet,
Larry Bartels, Blake Martin
Customer Service: Carla Ehlers, Marilee Aschenbrenner,
Cindy Woollums
Internet Tech Support and After-Hours Video
Support 800.205.1110