Acid Spill Kit - School of Physics

UNSW School of Physics
Acid Spill Kit
Use on all acids including:
• Hydrofluoric acid
• Acetic acid
• Nitric acid
• Sulphuric acid
Avoid inhaling toxic fumes.
If a spill is large, involving litre volumes of concentrated
acid, then call emergency services 56666.
How to deal with an acid spill
• Wear gloves and safety goggles. Open doors and
• For hydrofluoric acid keep calcium gluconate gel handy.
• Use cat litter to surround the spill.
• Pour excess sodium bicarbonate on and around the acid
until after bubbling stops, to neutralise.
• Use the plastic dustpan to scoop the acid-damp material
into a plastic bucket.
• Re-sprinkle more sodium bicarbonate on the spill area to
ensure neutralising, and scoop up.
• Wash the affected area with excess water.
• Clean up and leave area dry.
• Dispose of neutralised liquid down the drain.
• Dispose of neutralised damp solid as chemical waste.
• Report to supervisor.
Standard Operating Procedure – Acid Spill
version 4, September 2004