The design is perfectly suited for the interior decor. Ideal

The design is perfectly suited for the interior decor.
Ideal compact printer for personal use
12 ppm
4,800 dpi *
5 pl
(Monochrome Text)
9 ppm
Ink Droplets
Design Blends in with
The Home Interior
Ultra Compact – Fits easily into even small spaces
195 mm
A gray and white colour scheme. A cube design with
gentle, rounded corners. Top-flight performance in a
compact enclosure. Canon designed the shape of this
advanced technology printer so it could be enjoyed not
only for its utility but also as an attractive design element
Prescribed ink
droplet volume
Ink droplets are ejected
with accurate placement
and minimising the effects
of air resistance.
of any home. The striking, distinct visual appeal and highperformance of the i255 evokes impressions of a
futuristic device.
Photo-Printer Performance
Conceptual diagram
The i255 incorporates Canon's New "MicroFine Droplet
Technology." Precise placement of ultra-small 5 pl ink
droplets *2 provides uniform density dot coverage and
ensures consistent photo quality. High-resolution 4,800 *1
Nozzle layout conceptual diagram
x 1,200 dpi printing gives photo output smooth tonal
High-Speed Printer Performance
600 dpi
The i255 features a high-density multi-nozzle head for
high-speed printing — 12 ppm for monochrome and 9
384 colour nozzles
(128 nozzles x 3 colours)
ppm for colour. Print times for photo prints as large as 8" x
10" size are approximately 100 seconds. *3
600 dpi
320 black nozzles
*1 Ink droplets can be placed with a pitch of 1/4800 inch at minimum.
*2 Prints with 5 pl ink droplets in all colour printing modes.
*4 Using plain paper
385 mm