Osa Conservation - Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

Southern Wings Program
Partner Overview - Osa
Goal: Conserve State Fish and
Wildlife Agencies priority
species throughout their
Objective: Provide a mechanism
to support and facilitate State
Fish and Wildlife Agency
participation in conservation
projects that support their goals
of conserving priority species.
Staff: Governed by a 4member Executive Board and
President – Dr. Adrian
Forsyth. Over 15 staff with
offices are in Washington D.C.
and on the Osa Peninsula of
Costa Rica.
Founded in 2003, the Osa Conservation, once known as
Friends of the Osa, supports and conserves wildlife on
the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica. The organization
consists of Costa Rican and international biologists
conducting scientific research, environmental education
and land conservation management. They are the only
conservation organization with on-the-ground presence
in the Corcovado-Matapalo Biological Corridor. The
primary focus of their work is in the National Osa
Wildlife Refuge, a 6000 acre private reserve of primary
lowland forest. They have worked with partners such as
The Nature Conservancy, the Wildlife Conservation
Society, American Bird Conservancy, Wisconsin
Department of Natural Resources, the Costa Rican
government and others.
Mission: To conserve the globally significant biodiversity of the
Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica.
Sample Projects of Osa Conservation
The Wisconsin Bird Initiative International
Program - works with the Wisconsin Department of
Natural Resource to establish a protected area network
from neotropical migratory birds
Actively managing 4,200 acres of Costa Rican
The Avian Conservation Program - monitors
migratory and endangered bird species of the Osa
Peninsula and protects their habitats
The Osa Biodiversity Center - supports visiting
researchers and student groups to study tropical ecology
and rainforest biodiversity