Limited Lifetime Warranty

Lodge Porcelain Enamel on Cast Iron is warranted to the purchaser by Lodge Manufacturing
Company, Inc. to be free from defects in material and workmanship at the time of purchase.
Small cosmetic blemishes inherent to sand casting and hand finishing which do not affect the
performance of the cookware are not covered. This warranty extends from the date of
purchase, for the lifetime of the original owner. This limited lifetime warranty is exclusive of all
other warranties expressed or implied, and is limited to the lifetime of the original purchaser.
This warranty is made by Lodge Manufacturing Company, Inc., and no other person or entity.
For this warranty to apply, the owner must follow use and care instructions provided with the
product. Warranty covers normal household use, but does not include damage from use in
commercial establishments, abuse, neglect, abnormal wear, overheating, or any use not
consistent with the directions included with the cookware.
Defective cookware will be repaired or replaced at Lodge’s option, free of charge, with a
similar product or one of equal value if the defective product is no longer in production.
Replacement with the same color cookware cannot be guaranteed. Please include your proof
of purchase, mailing address and a brief note explaining the defect of the returned cookware.
Lodge Manufacturing Co.
204 E. 5th Street
South Pittsburg, TN 37380
Attn: Customer Service