Specialty Transformer Manufacturing

Press Release – Simark Controls Ltd – August 15, 2011 Simark Controls Ltd has signed an exclusive Distributor Agreement with Southwest Electric to distribute Southwest Electric’s Specialty Transformers in Western Canada. Simark Controls Limited is a 100% Canadian owned, service oriented, “Value Added Distributing
Company” specializing in the Sales and Service of high quality instrumentation, automation and power
Simark Controls specializes in the development and assembly of engineered Variable Frequency Drive
systems. Additionally, we are providers of state of the art Gas and Fire Detection products, Measurement
and Instrumentation Products, Flow Metering equipment, Level Monitoring equipment and a series of
compact Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and Gas Flow Computers that provide Remote Terminal
Unit (RTU) functions for use in Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems.
Southwest Electric is one of the foremost remanufacturing and service companies for electrical
equipment in the central United States. Providing repair, maintenance, testing, redesign,
manufacturing, remanufacturing and replacement services for rotating equipment, switchgear,
transformers and associated apparatus. Southwest Electric has several facilities in the United States
staffed to meet the customer’s needs along with certified, experienced service technicians to perform
work at the customer’s site. Specialty Transformers are manufactured under a variety of patents held
by the Company. From our engineers, assemblers and service technicians to our patented designs,
our service and our support, you will not find a more skilled solution provider.
Specialty Transformer Manufacturing
Custom Designs for your application
Multi-Tap Transformers
Designed for surface pumps, submersible pumps, and variable speed drive
Phase Shifting Transformers
Reduce the need for expensive harmonic filters with use of these transformers.
Polygon autotransformer designed to supply a twelve-pulse motor drive.
A polygon transformer with selectable phase displacement. When two or more ZTFact transformers are used on the same system, the phase displacement of the
transformers can be switch selected in 15-degree increments to provide harmonic
Specialty Transformer Division Manufacturer
FACT Transformers
Single phase transformers with full amp capacity across a wide, externally selectable,
secondary tapping range. The FACT transformer is available with a dual primary
Soft Starter
Voltage dropping reactor designed for the starting of large motors. The SOFT
STARTER incorporates a vacuum contactor and timing circuits for auto bypass of the
reactor after the motor achieves full speed. The reactor has a tap switch to match the
reactance to the application.
Skid Mounted Transformers
The skid packages are designed for the quick set-up or relocation of the transformer
and equipment package. The package can include a protective enclosure, a
conditioned control room, switchgear, metering, reactors, lightning, and other desired
For more information please contact:
Simark Controls Ltd @ 1-800-565-7431
Jason Thain – Power Products Manager
Perry Jamart – VP Business Development