Inspection Fees: Services and Feeders AMPERAGE FEES 100

Inspection Fees: Services and Feeders
For new servies or feeders, changes of services, temporary services, additions, alteractions, or
repairs on either primary or secondary services, the fees are as follows
100 amps or less
101 amps to 200 amps
Greater than 200 amps
$35, plus $20 for each additional 100 amps or
fraction thereof above
Branch Circuit and Feeders
Each new branch circuit or feeder
Inspections Requested
Each Inspection
To request an Inspection Not Required By Law
Each Inspection
Each branch circuit or feeder
Field Irrigation System
To Request A Fire or Accident Investigation
The fees for fire and accident inspections are based upon the number of hours, mileage and other
expenses. The initial cost of the permit is $47.00 per hour for a minimum of 1 hour. Additional hours,
mileage, or other expenses will be billed to the person purchasing the inspection, after the inspection
is conducted.