Macksville north facing ramps


Other considerations

In all options there are other considerations such as traffic volumes and movements, impacts on nearby residents (noise vibration, visual, street lighting and headlight impacts), impacts on native plants and animals and construction impacts (amount of material required, traffic staging and program delivery). Many of these considerations are similar across all options. Refinements to the preferred Option 2 are being investigated to reduce these potential impacts.

These improvements will be assessed in the environmental assessment.

Ongoing community involvement

Roads and Maritime values your input. The project team will be available at a community drop-in session to answer questions and receive input. There will be no formal presentation provided so community members can visit at any time during the session.

Next steps

All stakeholder and community input will be considered during the preparation of the environmental assessment for the preferred option. This feedback and any proposed mitigation measures will be included in the environmental assessment on the ramps which will be submitted to the

Department of Planning and Environment for approval. If approved the ramps are proposed to be built as part of the project.

For more information

Please contact the Community Relations Team on the phone and email listed below or drop by the Community Display

Centre to speak to them directly.

The Community Display Centre is located at 124 Albert

Drive, Macksville.

Have your say

Please send your comments by Monday

12 October 2015 and for further enquiries contact the Community Relations team:

Phone: 1800 074 588 (24 hours)



Post: Warrell Creek to Nambucca Heads

Pacific Highway upgrade

Community Relations Team

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If you need help understanding this information, please contact the Translating and Interpreting

Service on 131 450 and ask them to call us on

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Community drop-in session

You are invited to speak with the project team at

Macksville Senior Citizens Centre on:

Tuesday 6 October 2015 between

4pm to 7pm

If you are unable to attend but would like to meet with the project team phone 1800 074

588 to arrange a suitable time.


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September 2015

RMS 15.358

Artist impression of the bridge over the Nambucca River

Macksville north facing ramps

Warrell Creek to Nambucca Heads Pacific Highway upgrade - September 2015

The Australian and NSW governments are jointly funding the $830 million Warrell

Creek to Nambucca Heads Pacific Highway upgrade. As part of the project, Roads and

Maritime Services is seeking approval to build north facing ramps at North Macksville.

The proposed ramps would include a northbound on-ramp onto the highway, a southbound off-ramp from the highway and a median cross-over facility to enable emergency vehicles

(including ambulances stationed at North Macksville) to travel north and south on the highway.

As these ramps are not currently included in the approved

Warrell Creek to Nambucca Heads project, planning approval will need to be obtained before being built. An environmental assessment will be prepared on the preferred ramp option.

The assessment will describe the proposal, potential impacts and mitigation measures that will be put in place. The assessment will also include a detailed description of how the north facing ramps may be built and how they would function once built.

What are the benefits of building north facing ramps at Macksville?

Inclusion of additional ramps and a median cross-over will:

• Improve connectivity between Macksville and areas to the north, particularly between Macksville and

Nambucca Heads

• Allow both northbound and southbound traffic to stop at

Macksville with only a short diversion, in conjunction with the Bald Hill interchange

• Improve access and response times for emergency services

(including between north side of Nambucca River to south of the river and the Macksville District Hospital).

Preferred ramp option

A technical review has been carried out on three ramp options examining constructability, benefits and potential issues. Roads and Maritime are now seeking feedback on the preferred option.

As a result of the review, Option 2 has been identified as the preferred ramp option. See map inside page for details. An option assessment is also available in the Preferred Option

Report (September 2015) on the project website or by contacting the project team.

The preferred option

The preferred ramp option includes a realignment of Old Coast

Road, bridge over the upgraded highway, and north facing ramps that connect to the realigned Old Coast Road. Old Coast

Road, Letitia Close and the exit ramp would combine at a roundabout on the eastern side of the new highway.

Option 2

• Existing intersection of Pacific Highway and Old

Coast Road retained

• Improves travel time to and from Macksville

• Provides greater traffic efficiency and better caters for future growth than Options 1 or 3

• Roundabout at the junction of the southbound exit ramp, the realigned Old Coast Road and

Letitia Close. This provides a safer and more efficient design than Options 1 or 3

• Bridge over the upgraded highway for Old

Coast Road

• T-intersection at the junction of Old Coast Road with the northern entry ramp

• Provision of bus stop improves bus service usability and safety.

To Sydney

Overbridge Old Coast Road South

Northbound on-ramp

To existing highway

Bus stop for

Letitia Close

New Pacific Highway

Southbou nd off-ram p

Not to scale Letitia Close

Alternative options considered

Option 1

Option 1 is similar to the original design for the Project and includes a realignment of Old Coast Road over the upgraded highway and the north facing ramps to connect as simple T-intersections to the realigned Old

Coast Road. At the new intersections, priority is given to through traffic on Old Coast Road.

While there are benefits to this option, it is considered less suitable than Option 2 as:

• There are more safety risks within this design than

Option 2

• The road geometry and alignment is not as efficient as Option 2 and does not cater as well for future traffic growth.

To Sydney

Overbridge highw ay g

Letitia Close

Not to scale


Old Coast Road

Northbound on-ramp ound off-r amp

To Nambucca Heads

New Pacific Highway To Brisbane


Existing local roads

New Pacific Highway

Proposed roads

To Nambucca Heads

To Brisbane


Existing local roads

New Pacific Highway

Proposed roads

Option 3

Option 3 is quite different from Options 1 and 2.

This option removes the requirement for a bridge over the upgraded highway.

Instead, a new connection for Old Coast Road is provided on the west side of the main carriageways and a section of Old Coast Road to the east is maintained to provide access to the southbound off ramp and to

Letitia Close.

While there are benefits to this option, it is considered less suitable than Option 2 as:

• There are more safety risks with this design than

Options 1 and 2

• The road geometry and alignment is not as efficient as Options 1 or 2 and does not cater as well for future traffic growth.

• Requires land acquisition from an adjacent property

• Requires a longer route for the school bus to service

Letitia Close.

New intersection with existing highway

Pac ific H ighw ay


Existing local roads

New Pacific Highway

Proposed roads

Old Coast Road acific Highway



To Nambucca Heads

To Brisbane

Existing P

Not to scale

Letitia Close

Southb ound o ff-ramp