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Alliance Partners
Alliance Partner
Solutions you can trust
The GS1 Australia Alliance Partner Program is a diverse network
of over 80 technology and solution providers that support you
Strategic Alliance Partners
on your GS1 standards implementation journey.
There are three levels within the program: Strategic, Business
and Associate.
The Solution Provider Directory is a digital service provided by GS1 Australia and
a valuable resource to help you roll-out GS1 standards across your business.
You can access an extensive range of ICT products and services including:
• Printers and labels
• Software and applications
• IT hardware and mobility products
• Data management and warehousing
• eCommerce enablement
• Systems integration
• Training and consulting
• Industry specific solutions
• Warehouse, transport and logistics
GS1 Australia works in collaboration with ICT industry associations including the Australian Information
Industry Association (AIIA). On the GS1 Australia Council two seats are allocated to the ICT Industry to
reaffirm our commitment to this important industry sector.
Online Solution Partner Directory -
Business Benefits
The GS1 system is a common foundation for your business
that enables you to uniquely identify, accurately capture
and automatically share vital information about products,
locations, assets and more.
Alliance partners provide the tools to help you deploy GS1
standards and offer products and services tailored to your
business objectives.
Partners provide:
For more information about the
Alliance Partner Program, contact:
Joseli C. Munive
National Manager, Alliance and ICT industry
T +61 (0) 2 9695 2217
• Expertise, knowledge and innovative data solutions
• The latest technology to improve supply chain efficiency
“The Alliance Partner Program helped us find
• Ongoing support for seamless implementation of the GS1 system
a service provider to introduce a stock control
• Software and hardware solutions
Solution Partner Directory
solution for our manufacturing process, while
also bringing us in line with new global labelling
Find supply chain solutions from our Alliance Partners.
Greg Feldman
Le Serge Leather Goods
GS1 Australia
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