EdgeMedia SynEdge`s EdgeMedia platform allows you to increase

SynEdge’s EdgeMedia platform allows you to increase engagement with your
audiences by utilizing its global next generation platform. EdgeMedia leverages
SynEdge’s global infrastructure and services to allow seamless delivery to every corner
of the globe. From the smallest broadcaster to the largest of movie studios, EdgeMedia
allows you to harness your existing audience and grow new ROI opportunities.
With the advances in telecommunications during the early 90’s came the ability to
transmit more data and from that, larger files. These advances, especially over the last
mile introduced streaming media’s formats and protocols. This has allowed publishers
to utilize video as an integral part of their online strategy and further revenue
We understand the ever evolving landscapes of devices, platforms and operating
systems. EdgeMedia ensures that your content is delivered to the right person on
the right device. Our lightweight multi functional player for both Flash and HTML5
playback helps you deliver to the fragmented device world.
Utilise our EdgeMedia solution with our EdgeAnalytics service to complement your
media strategy with industry standard reporting metrics in real-time. Understand the
demographic and audience that consume your media and plan new and innovative
strategies based on this data.
SynEdge’s EdgeMedia service provides the following features:
o Ensure you adhere to licensing restrictions by geo-blocking your content via a whitelisting or blacklisting service (Continent/Region/Country/City/Postal Code)
File Support
o All industry standard file types and codecs supported for both image and video delivery
EdgeMedia Player
o Flash and HTML5 compatible player for your video content
Advanced Audience Analytics
o EdgeMedia and our Advanced Audience Analytics service combine to give you a full OVP solution. Understand your audience and use your content more efficiently and gain further improvements on your ROI
Media Management
o SynEdge provides you with a fully interactive media management portal. Create rules and encoding profiles on the fly, leverage your content to the maximum.
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Service Benefits
Global Availability
SynEdge has built and designed next generation architecture in key global positions
according to traffic patterns allowing your content to reach your audiences faster.
Global Reliability
SynEdge’s global infrastructure allows seamless transitions of viewer’s dependent on network
Global Scalability
SynEdge developed its architecture to scale with the highest volume traffic spikes, ensuring
your content reaches its end user.
Advanced Audience Analytics
SynEdge has developed an analytics platform that allows you in-depth insights to audiences
and their behavior therefore granting your business the opportunity to grow with the latest
trends in viewership.
100% Control
SynEdge’s user friendly control portal allows businesses to configure content flows and
deliveries in an autonomous fashion
Media Support
SynEdge’s EdgeMedia solution allows you to deliver your video assets in all web friendly
SynEdge’s EdgeMedia product is compatible with all of the industry’s leading players.