Federal Community Service Work Study Program Student

Federal Community Service Work Study Program
Student Acknowledgement Form - SUMMER
This form is to be completed in conjunction with the Student Information Form to participate in the Federal Community Work Study (FCSWS)
program. Please read, sign and return this acknowledgment to the Office of Financial Aid, Hamburg Hall, 1101. Note: This form must be
completed along with a Student Information Form each and every academic year and/or summer term, even if you remain in the same position.
Name: _______________________________________________________________
Andrew ID: _______________________________________________________
Organization: _______________________________________________________
Position: __________________________________________________________
The Federal Community Service Work Study (FCSWS) program is administered by Heinz College’s Office of Financial Aid. Heinz College makes
employment under the FWS/FCSWS program reasonably accessible for all eligible students to the extent of available funds.
As a participant of the FCSWS program I understand the following: (Please read and initial each statement)
______ I am required to submit my FCSWS employer forms along with my FCSWS student forms two weeks prior to my start date. I cannot begin
employment through the FCSWS program until I have received email notification of approval from Heinz College, Office of Financial Aid. If I begin
employment before I have been approved, I understand that I cannot be back-paid for hours prior to approval.
______ I am required to complete my employment paperwork when notified by the CMUWorks Service Center (CSC) to update my details in
Workday. The CSC will notify me when I must update my employment eligibility (I-9) form at the CMUWorks Service Center located at 4516 Henry
Street. Note: You only need to complete the I-9 one time; disregard if you have already completed this step.
___________ My wage rate for participating in the FCSWS program is $12.00 per hour and I am not receiving any other compensation from my
______ I will be compensated by the institution (CMU) on an hourly basis for work performed and paid bi-weekly, which will not include any holiday,
vacation, sick pay or fringe benefits. If also paid monthly, the hours worked will be paid monthly (i.e. receiving a stipend) as noted on the bi-weekly pay
schedule. I can view and print pay statements and tax documents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the Workday system. If I have pay statements
and tax documents dated 12/31/14 or before, I will have a period of up to three years to view that information in ADP.
______ I am aware that my supervisor is responsible for approving accurate bi-weekly time records on my behalf. In order to meet payroll deadlines and
to comply with federal regulations, I must:
1. Submit my hours in Workday, entering “FCSWS – [EMPLOYER NAME]” in the comments section (e.g. FCSWS – Warhol Museum);
2. Use the e-mail template provided to me to ask my supervisor to approve my hours worked in each pay period. It is required that I attach 2
screen shots (1 for each week within the specific pay period) to the message from the Workday system after I have entered my hours for
both weeks of the pay period.
3. Email my supervisor with my approval request no later than 4 PM on each Student Entry date listed in the FCSWS Workday Calendar.
4. Ensure that my employer has reviewed the body of the message to verify the reported hours, approved the hours worked, and forwarded
the message (including the attachments) to the financial aid office ([email protected]) no later than 4 PM on the following
day. Failure to do so will result in my submitted hours not being processed or paid until the next regular bi-weekly pay period. Students and
supervisors should keep a copy of all submitted hours.
______ I understand my work study award (per my award letter) is a fixed amount and for a defined period of time. I understand that I am not permitted
to work over my award amount and/or outside of the employment period for the academic year (mid-August to mid-May) or the summer term (midMay to mid-August). It is my responsibility to monitor my hours and earnings.
______ I am not permitted to work more than 37.5 hours per week (overtime) through the FCSWS program.
______ I will inform the Office of Financial Aid of any changes in my employment (i.e. quit job, accept an on-campus work study position, supervisor
changes, etc.).
______ I am aware that my employment under the FCSWS program terminates without notice on whichever comes first:
The last day of the employment term in which the I have been approved to work; or
The date I earn the full amount of my work study award.
By signing below I acknowledge that I have read and understand my responsibilities as a participant in the FCSWS program.
Signature _____________________________________________________________________________
Date ___________________
Office of Financial Aid
5000 Forbes Avenue, 1101 Hamburg Hall, Pittsburgh, PA 15213 412-268-2164 (office) 412-268-7036 (fax)
Updated 08.19.2016