GP-Pro EX Quick Start Guides Text Message Display

GP-Pro EX Quick Start Guides
Text Message Display
Text Message Display
¾ Overview:
– This module explains how to use Message Displays or
Data Displays to show Alpha Numeric data or Text Files in
GP-Pro EX.
¾ Objective:
– At the end of this module you can:
Identify how data is stored in registers
Setup a Data Display for text display
Setup a Data Display for text input
Setup a Data Display to display text files
Create Text Files
Manage registered Text files
Message Display - Basic
¾ A Message Display used in Direct Input mode can
display up to *16 messages based on a bit or word
¾ Each message can have its own background and
foreground color.
*Note: For up to 256 Messages use a 256 state Lamp
Message Display – Message Setup
¾ Select a state and enter the message that should be
displayed in that state.
¾ Text Table (Multi Language) can be used to select
each message.
Text (File) Registration
¾ Registered Text Files are text files stored on
the AGP.
¾ Each text file has a number
and title.
¾ Multi Language tables can
be used to enter
Managing Text Files
¾ To Preview, Rename or Delete Text Files use
the Common Settings workspace.
¾ Text files are listed under “Text Registration”
Message Display (Text File) – File & Line Number
¾ Text Files are displayed in the Message Display
set to Text Display mode.
¾ The text file number to display can be set as
constant or an address can be used to
dynamically load a text file during runtime.
¾ Specify the line number as
a constant or enter an
address to change the line
number during runtime.
¾ Up to 512 single line
messages can be displayed
Message Display (Text File) - Layout
¾ Set the Font and the text width along with number of
lines to display.
¾ The display will start at the line number specified as
constant or entered in an address
¾ Note that the Text Display does not have its own
Up/Down buttons.
¾ To scroll a text file use the
address option for the line
number and add Word
switches to in/decrement.
Storing ASCII Characters
¾ The Data Display can be used to display and enter
Alphanumeric data.
¾ Characters will be stored as ASCII data, 2
characters will be stored in each 16 bit register, 4 in
each 32 bit variable. (1 per byte).
¾ If an uneven number of characters is configured the
remaining byte will be filled with 0 (NULL).
¾ If not all characters are entered the remaining
(empty) configured bytes will be filled with ASCII
SPACE character (32 decimal, 20 hex).
Data Display - Addresses
¾ In the Data Display select text Display to display or
enter ASCII data stored in registers.
¾ Note that n number of registers starting at the
selected address will
be used depending on
the string length.
¾ Select “Allow Input” to
enable a Alphanumeric
popup keypad.
Data Display - Length
¾ Setting the “Display Characters” determines how
many consecutive registers will be used to read
ASCII data from (or write to)
Please refer to the Reference Manual that is installed along with GPPRO-EX.
Manuals are also available on-line at:
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Or call: +1 734 429-4971