VII. Safety Precautions Following precautions should be observed in

VII. Safety Precautions
Following precautions should be observed in carrying out work on the distribution transformer:
(1) Before starting any work, permit to work must be obtained from Competitive Authority.
(2) Before changing or replenishing oil, painting, cleaning of bushings etc. all exposed live parts of the
transformer should be disconnected.
(3) While working on poles, which have Lightening Arrestors installed on them the workmen should avoid
touching the Lightening Arrestors and the Lightening Arrestors grounding wire.
(4) Open flames should not be brought near an open transformer.
(5) Make use of hand gloves for operations of G.O. switches.
(6) Do not climb up without making sure that the supply on HT and LT side is switched off.
(7) Do not touch any connections before discharging and earthing the same.
The work should be done with appropriate and reliable tools.
The oil level should be checked.
It should be checked that the insulators are clean.
The earthing should be checked with the help of Bell Battery Set. Earthing may be re-activated, if
necessary.Colour of silica gel should be checked. Colour should be blue and if it is pink, silica gel should
be reactivated by heating or silica gel should be changed.
H.T. fuses of drop-out fuse or Horn Gap fuse should be of proper capacity.
Dist. Boxes should be checked up thoroughly and it should be ensured that the fuses in the switch and
on the outgoing circuit are of proper capacity and are properly graded.
Di-electric strength of oil should be checked.
The Megger test of the transformer should be taken.
The operation of drop-out fuses or A.B. switch (together with H.G. fuses) should be checked up for smooth
operation. While checking this, it should be ensured that it is not connected with the main supply i.e. A.B.
switch on the tapping point should be in OFF position.
Bolts and nuts of the structure should be checked for tightness and should be tightened wherever
Guy insulators should be provided and it should be checked that stays are not loose.
It should be seen that the jumpers are of correct length and should be away from the structure
or stay wire.
L. Tap position should be checked and its proper position should be adjusted.
M. It should be ensured that locking arrangement of distribution box is reliable.