In this project, I am going to investigate how by us

Grant Search Terms Worksheet
Let’s build a one-sentence summary of your project:
In this project, I am going to investigate how __________________
by using _______________________________________________
to find out _____________________________________________
Circle all of the words or phrases in this one-sentence summary except for introductory and
connector words like how, why, with, and, for, of, in, and so on. Each word or technical
phrase (words that must go together like “high school”) gets its own circle. These words
and phrases are the start of your list of terms to search by.
Grant Search Terms Worksheet
Start with your grant idea worksheet, to fill in
the left column.
What is your area of study?
Then add more words according to the
instructions in the right column.
What are other names for your field of study?
What is your specific area of interest?
What are other names for the area of interest?
What is your Research Question?
List the key technical terms and nouns:
What is your method(ology) of research?
What are other words for that method?
Are you using a particular protocol or model?
If so, name it and any alternate terms for it:
What will the short-term gain to science be?
What long-term benefits may this lead to?
What key technical terms does that include?
How will the long-term benefits help us?
What is your “Who cares” factor, in technical
How would you describe the “who cares”
factor to a lay-person?
In the table above, circle core concepts. That includes technical words as well as high-impact
phrases that carry key meaning to the reader. Add these to your terms to start searching by.