Producing a hardware product is difficult, expensive and


Baseboard specification:
99 x 99mm (~3.9x3.9 inches)
duinoPRO is designed to work with
7 available solderable module spaces
the easy, user-friendly ArduinoTM
Micro USB programming input
IDE, making it extremely simple to
Supports 5 - 15V input via DC barrel
write software to satisfy your
product needs.
Supports 3 - 15V input from battery
through-hole connector support
Module spaces feature snap-out sections for
Using surface-mount modules
instead of stackable shields makes
Two baseboard versions:
it easy to produce customized
duinoPRO UNO
versions of the duinoPRO
based on Atmel® ATMega328P processor
specifically tailored to your product.
duinoPRO DUE
Using our easy-to-use web
based on Atmel® ATSAM4L
interface you can order your
(low-power ARM® processor)
chosen quantity of duinoPRO’s
customized for your product and
ready to commercialize.
duinoPRO is designed to enable
you to create low-power, batteryoperated products. It operates on a
wide range of input voltages from
3 to 15V, and comes in two
versions - the UNO, based on the
ATMega328P processor (as
used in the Arduino Uno); and the
DUE, based on the
ATSAM4L ARM® processor.
Producing a hardware product is difficult, expensive
Module specification:
and time-consuming, especially for those new to the
business. Open-source hardware platforms like
1x SPI
Arduino™ have made prototyping a hardware product
I2C (UNO 1x, DUE 2x)
easier than ever with its easy-to-use software
USART (supported by some module spaces
environment and stackable hardware peripherals.
only; UNO 1x, DUE 4x)
From prototype to product however, there is still a large
gap. Engineering effort is required to design, produce
and test custom printed circuit boards for each new
product, an expensive and time-consuming exercise
requiring very different skills to the initial prototyping
duinoPRO changes all of that…
duinoPRO is an Arduino™-compatible* platform in a flat
form factor with surface-mount, solderable modules. It
Physical specification:
Module dimensions: 29.27 x 28.54mm (~1.15 x
1.12 inches)
Modules are surface-mount; both hand and
machine solderable
0.1” spaced mounting holes in baseboard and
modules allow for alternative through-hole
is designed with commercialization of real products in
mind. With a superior IO setup to the current Arduino™
shield system, low-power design, potential for
upgrading firmware in the field, a simple path to gaining
the necessary approvals for selling into various world
markets, and the ability to machine solder the surfacemount modules for reliable production in volume,
duinoPRO is made for taking your project to production.
— Preliminary information - 15 Jan. 2015 —
* We have designed duinoPRO to be compatible with the Arduino™ IDE. This does not imply that duinoPRO is certified, tested or endorsed by ArduinoTM in any way.
An Online Ordering and Customization Service
For more information, visit:
A critical part of the duinoPRO eco-system is an online service providing customers with access to ordering
customized versions of duinoPRO, and additional services required to create a real product.
And follow us:
Using a simple web interface customers have the opportunity to choose how they customize duinoPRO to suit their
project or product. Choose the modules required for your application, and where on the board they should be
placed. duinoPRO has been carefully designed to allow placement of more than one of the same module, a feature
that isn’t available with the original Arduino™ IO setup. When larger production quantities are required choose our
“sinking service” to have your module layout “sunk” onto a single printed circuit board, for lower unit cost and
greater reliability. As part of this service, choose the colour of the printed circuit board, place your product logo on
the silkscreen or choose not to fit some more expensive and unnecessary components.
duinoPRO vs. the ArduinoTM shield-based system
Shield-based system
Arduino™ IDE compatible
Low-power design !
(long battery life)
Not easily
Coin cell battery compatible
Not easily
(with coin cell module)
Remote firmware upgrade support
Not supported
Hardware support included
Multiple modules of same type possible
Not easily
(shield IO clashes)
(for most module-baseboard combinations)
Suitable for automated production
Manufacture with your branding
(through our web-based customization service)
Suitable for formal product approvals !
(for FCC, CE etc)
Suitable for mounting in enclosure
Not always
(eg. connectors, buttons, LEDs etc are not aligned to
be accessed through an enclosure panel)
— Preliminary information - 9 Feb. 2015 —