Task 4: Consider the following sentences that might appear

Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC)
5 Task 4: Consider the following sentences that might appear in a Brief. Which of
them represent TEAC’s preferred style of writing? Check precise if the sentence seems
sufficiently precise. Check not precise if the sentence is seriously imprecise. Check ? if you
are not sure or if the statements could be made more precise in subsequent text.
Note: an answer key for Task 5 appears at the end of this section.
Not precise
1. Our students leave the program with a caring attitude
toward children.
2. In leading a class discussion, our students exhibit knowledge of and a disposition to practice “wait time” in appropriate amounts.
3. Graduates of our program are, overall, competent to take
on the role of classroom teacher.
4. Students in our program are proficient in the use of the
tools of instruction, including PowerPoint, WebQuests, and
word processing.
5. Students in our program are taught “how to learn” in six
different required courses.
6. Our students receive a liberal education in our institution
because of the distributional requirements set by the Faculty Senate for all students in the university.
7. Students will graduate with passing scores on the state’s
sub-test entitled, “Knowledge of Diversity.”
8. There is no difference in knowledge of subject matter between our graduates in mathematics education and their
counterparts who are pure mathematics majors.
9. Our students will score at the 50th percentile or above on
the Minnesota Teacher Attitude Inventory administered after the completion of the student teaching course.
10. Our graduates are committed to the Judeo-Christian
principles that made our nation great.
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