Collect, sketch, classify, categorize and assemble a display of 20

Collect, sketch, classify,
categorize and assemble a
display of 20 unfamiliar
plants, animals, critters,
feathers, bones, rocks and
minerals. Describe their
physical characteristics,
natural habitat, phylum name,
and their common name.
Press, mount and/ or draw
each specimen for display.
Make a comparison with the
Lewis and Clark drawings
that you will investigate
through RESOURCE books
and internet sites.
(Science / Visual/ Naturalist)
Pretend you are a news
reporter doing interviews with
the Lewis and Clark Explorers
and Corp. Write the script
and use the class microphone
to re-enact it to the class.
Include information about the
events and new experiences
the explorers had along the
trail. Investigate on the
internet their supplies for a
two year tour, and their new
associations with First
Americans. Identify the
important contributions this
Expedition gave to American.
(History / Verbal / Linguistic)
Investigate and research the
economic resources discovered by
Lewis and Clark on their
Expedition of 1803 – 1805. Draw
a map or Design a RESOURCE
Power Point depicting the location
of the resources during 18031805. Make a comparison study
and map of the resources found in
that area today.
(Economics – Visual/ Spatial/
Picture Smart)
Write lyrics to a song, rap, poetry
or dance that include the people,
land, location, and all
contributions to America from the
Expedition of Lewis and Clark.
Chronologically express the main
events of the expedition on a Time
Line and present it through music
or poetry.
(History, Economics, Civics /
Musical/ Rhythmic)
Identify the economic
resources of the Louisiana
Territory today and put
together a GRAPH using
Excel program or hand drawn
graphs. Construct the graphs
to show the product growth or
decline from 1900 to the
present. Put the graphs in a
booklet and decorate it with
downloaded graphics about
the land and location.
(Economics – Math /
Logistics – Logic / Number
Design a mural, power point
or mind map of the trails of
the Lewis and Clark
Expedition. Show the land,
products and First American
tribes along the trail. Design
other murals, power points or
mind maps that depict the
development of overland
routes that moved the U.S.
frontier to the Pacific Ocean
during the later parts of the
19th Century.
(History/ Visual/ Spatial)